Crawford County, Pennsylvania

1880 U.S. CENSUS - Mortality Schedules
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 KEY:   1 Family # on Schedule 1.   2 Name of deceased.   3 Age.   4 Sex.   5 Color.   6, 7, 8 Single, Married, Widowed/Divorced.   9 Place of birth.   10 Birthplace of father.   11 Birthplace of mother.   12 Profession, trade, or occupation.   13 Month of death.   14 Disease or cause of death.   15 Length of residence in the county.   16 Where disease contracted.   17 Attending physician.
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S.D. 10, E.D. 108
Enumerator:  S S Spaulding
Oil Creek Boro & Township
1. 4 Emily P Stetson 48 F W married NY MA NY   Aug. General Paralysis 32   Baker
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: W A Baker M.D.
2. 6 (not named) Burnett ­ M W single PA PA NY   Dec. Still birth (A)     Baker
Remark: (Note A)  Strangulation caused by breech presentation
Cause of Death­Primary: " [Correctly Stated]; signed: W A Baker M.D.
3. 58 (not named) Lang ­ F W single PA OH PA   March Still birth (B)     Cobb
Remark: (Note B)  6 1/2 months foetus.  Premature birth caused by a fall
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: C. R. Cobb
4. 91 Electa Grant 60 F W married NY NY NY   June Chronic Bronchitis 13   Baker
Cause of Death­Primary: " [Correctly Stated]; signed: W A Baker, M.D.
5. 130 Silas Whitford 72 M W married NY NY NY Farmer Oct. Hernia [written over:] Enlarged prostrate Glands 24   Barr
Cause of Death­Primary: Enlarged Prostate G.; Immediate: Uremia; signed: Geo. W. Barr
6. 178 Katie Lamonski 7 F W single Poland Poland Poland   March Diptheria 6   Dunnigun
Cause of Death­Primary: Diphthertic Croup; signed: M. C. Dunigan
7. 179 Annie Yorky 16 F W single Poland Poland Poland   Oct. Diptheria     Dunnigun
Cause of Death­Primary: Scarlatena Maligna; signed: M. C. Dunigan
8. 225 Allie Barrett 15/30 F W single PA PA PA   Dec. Premature birth     Moody
     Note:  see second of two families numbered 225.
Cause of Death: Unable to obtain Physicians Certificate
9. 229 Vera Zalninzer 31 F W single PA PA PA Dressmaker Oct. Malarial Fever 31 Bradford Pa Barr
Cause of Death­Primary: Typho Malarial fever; signed: Geo. W. Barr
10. 233 (not named) Millner ­ F B   PA PA PA   May Still birth (cause unknown     No Physician called
Cause of Death: No Physician Called
11. 280 Freddie Walker 3/12 M W single PA DE NY   Sept. Rupture     Dunnigun
Cause of Death: No Physician Called; signed: M. C. Dunigan
12. 301 Glenroy Oakes 5 M W single PA PA PA   Aug Scrofula     Bailey
Cause of Death­Primary:  Scrofula; signed: M Bailey
13. 321 Johanna Heartz 27 M W married Wurtemburg Wurtemburg Wurtemburg   May Consumption 8   Barr
     Note:  Family of William Hopenroh[?], with wife Minnie, uncle Theodore Heartz, aged 40, widower.
Cause of Death­Primary:  Correctly Stated; signed: Geo. W. Barr
14. 333 Margaret Demill 41 F W married PA PA PA   June Paralysis of brain 20   Baker
Cause of Death­Primary:  " [Correctly Stated]; signed: W A Baker M.D.
15. 382 Ralph Mack 2 M W single PA PA PA   Jan. Diptheria 2   Barr
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: Geo. W. Barr
16. 382 Milicent Mack 5 F W single PA PA PA   Jan. Diptheria 5   Barr
Cause of Death­Primary:  " [Correctly Stated]; signed: " [Geo. W. Barr]
17. 389 John McLaughlin 70 M W married PA Ireland Ireland Farmer July Epilepsy 70   Proper
Cause of Death: Unable to obtain Physicians Certificate
Additions from Physicians Returns
22.   Jas McIntyre 70 M W married US Ireland Ireland Farmer Feb. Apoplexy     G. W. Barr
23.   Jno Tubbt ­ M W single PA US US Farmer Feb. Pneumonia     G. W. Barr
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