Crawford County, Pennsylvania

1880 U.S. CENSUS - Mortality Schedules
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 KEY:   1 Family # on Schedule 1.   2 Name of deceased.   3 Age.   4 Sex.   5 Color.   6, 7, 8 Single, Married, Widowed/Divorced.   9 Place of birth.   10 Birthplace of father.   11 Birthplace of mother.   12 Profession, trade, or occupation.   13 Month of death.   14 Disease or cause of death.   15 Length of residence in the county.   16 Where disease contracted.   17 Attending physician.
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S.D. 10, E.D. 115
Enumerator:  Frank D. Gray
Sparta [Township], Spartansburg
1. 17 Sam'l Goldstein 3 M W single PA Russia Russia   Nov. Membranous Croup 3   A. P. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: A. P. Waid
2.   Elizabeth Green (25) F W married PA PA PA Keeping house Feb. Child birth [written over:] Extra Uterine pregnancy     Jas P. White
On 1 June 1880 family resided at Town: Hydetown; County: Crawford; State: Penna
3. 24 Clyde Bammer 1 M W single PA PA PA   Sept. Diptheria 1   J. T. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated [unsigned]
4. 47 Leonard E. Post 7 M W single PA PA England   March Typhoid Fever 7   A. P. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Typho Malarial Fev.; Immediate: Cong of Brain; signed: A P Waid
5.   no name Olds ­ (M) W single PA PA PA   Feb. Still birth     J. T. Waid
On 1 June 1880 family resided at Town: Corry; County: Erie; State: Pa
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: J. T. Waid
6. 94 Katie Golden 5 F W single PA Ireland Ireland   Jan. Diphtheria 5   J. T. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: J. T.Waid
7. 94 John -- [Golden?] 2 M W single PA Ireland Ireland   Jan. Diptheria 2   DeRoss
8. 94 Michael -- [Golden?] 8/12 M W single PA Ireland Ireland   Jan. Diptheria 8/12   DeRoss
9.   no name Mead ­ M W single PA PA PA   April Still birth     J. T. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: J. T. Waid
10. 35 -- Hill ­ F W single PA NY PA   Jan. Still birth     A. P. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: A. P. Waid
11.   Hannah Taylor 59 F W widow PA NY NY Keeping house Oct. Cancer of mouth 3/12 Turkey City, ClarionCo Pa J. T. Waid
On 1 June 1880 family resided at Town: Naugatuck; County: New Haven; State: Conn.
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: J. T. Waid
12. 118 Lydia Blakeslee 61 F W married NY Canada NY Keeping house Feb. Paralysis 37   J. T. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Apoplexy; Immediate: same; signed: J. T. Waid
13. 148 Lorrin Bates 55 M W married PA (MA) MA Farmer Sept. Broken neck (accident) 29   A. P. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: A. P. Waid
14. 182 Flora Fuller 23 F W single PA NY MA Keeping house Aug. Diphtheria 23   A. P. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly stated; signed: A. P. Waid
15. 240 Lorenzo Washburn 82 M W married VT     Farmer May Peritonitis 27   A. P. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: A. P. Waid
16. 231 Madaline Scott 49 F W married PA NY NY Keeping house April Pneumonia 49   F. L. Ma[rkham--torn]
Death occurred out of district at Town: Rome Tp.; County: Crawford; State: Pa.
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: F. L. Markham
17. 237 Margret Blakeslee 33 F W married PA   NY Keeping house Sept. Peritonitis 33   A. P. [Waid?­torn]
Cause of Death­Primary: Puerperal Peritonitis; Immediate: same; signed: A P Waid
18. 237 -- --[Blakeslee?] 1/12 F W single PA PA PA   Sept. Peritonitis 1/12   J. [torn]
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly stated; signed: J. T. Waid
19. 241 Jennie Southwick 11 F W single PA PA PA At home Jan. Diphtheria 11   A. P. [Waid?­torn]
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly stated; signed: A. P. Waid
20. 241 Nellie -- 5 F W single PA PA PA   Jan. Diphtheria 5   A.P. Wai[torn]
Cause of Death­Primary: Membranous Croup; signed: F. L. Markham
21. 254 -- King -- M W single PA PA PA   March Still birth     J. T. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly stated; signed: J. T. Waid
22.   Ida Crosby 2 F W single PA (PA) PA   April Bronchitis [over:] Measles 2   J. T. Waid
On 1 June 1880 family resided at Town: Bradford; County: McKean; State: Pa
Cause of Death­Primary: Measles; Immediate: Acute Bronchitis; signed: J. T. Waid
23. 340 Josiah Webb 54 M W married MA MA (MA) Carpenter March Pneumonia 22   A. P. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly stated; signed: A P Waid
24. 366 Thomas Folan 46 M W married Ireland Ireland Ireland Farmer Aug. Brights disease     A. P. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: A. P. Waid
25. 136 Gladdie Stranahan 1 F W single PA       July Diphtheria     J. T. Waid
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly stated; signed: J. T. Waid
Additions from Physicians Returns
28.    E McGuire 24 F W single US US US Laborer Dec. Consumption     H. O. Mack--[?]
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