Crawford County, Pennsylvania

1880 U.S. CENSUS - Mortality Schedules
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 KEY:   1 Family # on Schedule 1.   2 Name of deceased.   3 Age.   4 Sex.   5 Color.   6, 7, 8 Single, Married, Widowed/Divorced.   9 Place of birth.   10 Birthplace of father.   11 Birthplace of mother.   12 Profession, trade, or occupation.   13 Month of death.   14 Disease or cause of death.   15 Length of residence in the county.   16 Where disease contracted.   17 Attending physician.
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S.D. 10, E.D. 118
Enumerator:  Geo. A. McKinley
1. 11 Elizabeth Blair 69 F W single PA Ireland SC Keeping house May Consumption [written over:] Anemia 69   Grier J. W.
Cause of Death­Immediate: Anemia; signed: J W Grier
2. 35 William Rodgers 78 M W married Ireland Ireland Ireland Farmer Jan. Old Age [written over:] Tympaneitus 55   Grier J W
Cause of Death­Primary: Old age; Immediate: Tympanetis; signed: J W Grier
3. 39 Fredric Arlman 2/12 M W single PA PA PA   July Cholera Infanim 2/12   Blair Wm.
     Note:  "Artman" Family was renumbered from 39 to 40.
Cause of Death­Primary: Cholera Infantun; Immediate: " [Tympanetis?]; signed: Wm. H Blair
4. 46 John Fletcher 70 M W widower PA Ireland PA Farmer June Dropsy 70   Grier J W
Cause of Death­Primary: Heart Disase; Immediate: Dropsey; signed: J W Grier
5. 57 Eliza McFate 30 F W single Ireland Ireland Ireland   Sept. Congestion of the Brain 29   Snodgrass R A
Cause of Death­Primary: Cong of Brain; Immediate: Same; signed: R. A. Snodgrass
6. 57 Letticea McFate 28 F W single PA Ireland Ireland   Aug. Consumption 28   Snodgrass R. A.
Cause of Death­Primary: Consumption; Immediate: " [Same?], signed: R. A. Snodgrass
7. 61 James Gamble 36 M W married PA Ireland PA Carpenter Dec. Consumption   Illinois Snodgrass R. A.
Cause of Death­Primary: " [Consumption]; Immediate: " [Same]; signed: R. A. Snodgrass
8. 68 -- Ellison 4/30 M W single PA PA PA   Feb. Premature Birth     Snodgrass R A
Cause of Death­Primary: Premature Birth; signed: R. A. Snodgrass
9. 112 Norton D Gleason 68 M W widower OH CT CT Farmer Jan. Pneumonia 42   Clark Patrick
Cause of Death­Primary: Pneumonia; Immediate: Same; signed: P Clark
10. 122 David Marshall 77 M W married PA PA Ireland Farmer July Heart Disease 77   (no aux[?])
Cause of Death­Primary: Heart Disease; Immediate: Same
11.   Mary -- 78 F W widow OH Ireland Ireland Keeping house Dec. Consumption     Clark Patrick
Cause of Death­Primary: Consumption; signed: P Clark
12. 129 James Marshall 40 M W single PA PA PA Teaching Oct. Consumption 40   Gibson Wm.
Cause of Death­Primary: Consumption; Immediate: Same; signed: Wm. Gibson
13. 161 Bimire[?] Campbell 5/12 F W single PA PA PA   June Cong of Brain 5/12   Kent J O
Cause of Death­Primary: Cong of Brain; Immediate: Same
West Shenango Township
1. 15 Rolla Cook 1/30 M W single PA NJ OH   April Prem birth [written over:] undue exercise premature Birth     Blair Wm.
Cause of Death­Primary: Undue Exercise; Immediate: Premature Birth; signed: Wm. H Blair
2. 57 Sarah Moreland 43 F W single PA PA PA   July Epileptic 43   Mitchell Thos.
     Note:  Family of Leonard Hatton, aged 75.
Cause of Death­Primary: Ueterine; Immediate: Epilepsy; signed: T. H. Mitchell
3. 14 infant Durham ­ F W single PA PA PA   Feb. fall by mother/ Still Born     Blair Wm.
Cause of Death­Primary: Fall by Mother; Immediate: Misscarriage; signed: Wm. H Blair
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