Crawford County, Pennsylvania

1880 U.S. CENSUS - Mortality Schedules
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 KEY:   1 Family # on Schedule 1.   2 Name of deceased.   3 Age.   4 Sex.   5 Color.   6, 7, 8 Single, Married, Widowed/Divorced.   9 Place of birth.   10 Birthplace of father.   11 Birthplace of mother.   12 Profession, trade, or occupation.   13 Month of death.   14 Disease or cause of death.   15 Length of residence in the county.   16 Where disease contracted.   17 Attending physician.
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S.D. 10, E.D. 123
Enumerator:  Chas. S. Ryder
TITUSVILLE, [Second Ward]
1. 1 Anna Carlson 22 F W married Sweden Sweden Sweden   March Brights Disease 7   Dr. G. W. Barr
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: Geo W Barr
2. 5 -- Nelson 2/30 M W single PA Sweden Sweden   March Malformation 2/30   Dr. W. Varian
3. 39 Lizzie King 25 F W married PA Ireland Ireland   May Abortion 2   Dr. T. J. Young
     Note:  Family of Mead Johnson; family #38 is Catherine Brody,, aged 50, born Ireland, with granddaughters Ettie King, aged 4, and Kate King, aged 2
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: Theo. J. Young
4. 87 James Mulvihill 5 M W single PA Ireland Ireland   Oct. Diptheria 5   Dr. M.C. Dunigan
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: M. C. Dunigan
5. 95 Norman Brennan 2/30 M W single PA Ireland PA   March Debility 2/30   Dr. J. L. Proper
     Note:  Family of Abraham L. Davis, with four Brennan grandchildren, aged 1, 3, 5, and 6.
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: J L Proper
6. 97 Michael Reardon 5 M W single PA Ireland Ireland   Dec. Convulsions 5   Dr. M. C. Dunigan
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: M. C. Dunigan
7. 145 Lilly Kane 8/12 F W single PA NY NY   March Croup 8/12   Dr. M. C. Dunigan
8. 188 Thomas Weaver 33 M W married PA PA PA Oil Producer June Consumption 15   Dr. J. L. Dunn
     Note:  Family of Abram Smith, with boarder Elizabeth Weaver, aged 30, widow.
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: J L Dunn
9. 234 Bridget Moran 34 F W married Ireland Ireland Ireland   April Child BirthHD. 8   Dr. M. C. Dunigan
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: M. C. Dunigan
10. 236 Henry Lang 3 M W single PA Wurtemberg PA   July Diphtheria 3    
11. 321 Claud Ticknor 6 M W single PA NY NY   Oct. Diphtheria 6   Dr. G. W. Barr
     Note:  Family of Clarence E. Lafford, with boarder Wing[?] H. Ticknor and family.
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: Geo W Barr
12. 326 Wm. E. Birchum 1 M W single PA NY England   Aug. Cholera Infantum 1   Dr. J. L. Proper
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: J L Proper
13. 338 John E. Wallen 10/12 M W single PA Sweden Sweden   March Congestion of Brain 10/12   Dr. G. W. Barr
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: Geo W Barr
14. 369 Elizabeth Lawrence 24 F W married NY NY NY   Jan. Inflam. of Bowels 13   Dr. G. O. Moody
     Note:  Family of Sylvester Hill, aged 74, born NY.
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: Geo. O. Moody
15. 402 Thomas J. Squires 46 M W married NY NY NY Engineer on Oil Well April Pneumonia 17 N.Y. Dr. G. W. Barr
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: Geo W Barr
16. 430 George Hill 11 M W single PA England England   April Diphtheretic Croup 11   Dr. G. O. Moody
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: Geo. O. Moody
17. 462 Mary Wentworth 22 F W single MA MA VT   Jan. Consumption 10   Dr. G. W. B[arr?]
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: Geo W Barr
18. 481 Catherine Bushnell 47 F W married PA Ireland Ireland   May Pyaemia 2   Dr. G. W. [Barr?­torn]
Cause of Death­Primary: " [Correct]; signed: Geo W Barr
19. 659 Peter Rowen 16 M W single Scotland Scotland Scotland   July Struck and Killed by Cars 12   --
20. 31 Sarah Sawyer 87 F W widow VT VT VT   April Mirassnus[?] 8   Dr. G. W. B[arr?­torn]
     Note:  Family of Russell C. Darling, with wife Lydia, aged 52 (parents born VT).
21. 332 Mary A. Holt 36 F W married NY NY NY   Jan. Typhoid Pneumonia 11   Barr & Dunn
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: J L Dunn
22. 628 Eva Wilson 9 F W single PA PA NY   March Brights Disease 9   Dr. G. W. Barr
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: Geo. W. Barr
24.   Geo. W. Bishop 51 M W married         Jan. General Paralysis 7/1[12?]   Wm. Varian
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: Wm. Varian
25.   Otis B Stephenson 1 M W single NY       Feb. Lung Fever 7/12   Mrs. C. T. Canfield
26. 382 Amanda Peterson 2 F W single PA Sweden Sweden   Jan. Pneumonia      
27.   Bridget Quinn 52 F W married Ireland Ireland Ireland   May Heart Disease 3   Dunigan & Proper
28. 566 -- Swanson 2/30 M W   PA Sweden Sweden   Sept. Debility      
29. 516 Henry Jennings 29 M W single NY CT CT   Aug. Abscess of Liver     Mrs. C. T. Canfield
30. 305 Jane Neill 75 F W widow PA PA PA   March Pneumonia     Dr. G. O. Moody
Cause of Death­Primary: Correctly Stated; signed: Geo. O. Moody
31. 337 Elina Broas 57 F W married NY NY NY   Aug. Softening of brain     Dr. J. L. Dunn
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: J L Dunn
32.   Peter Leon Duplanti 70 M W widower Canada       March Dropsy     Dr. J. L. Proper 
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: J L Proper
Remark: The Family of Peter L. Duplanti lived in 123rd. Dist. at date of his death.  It has since then moved to another District.
33.   [blank] Brannon 13/30 M W single PA       March   13/30   Dr. J. L. Proper
34.   Louisa Phillips 80 F W widow Ireland Ireland Ireland   March Typhoid Fever 7   Dr. M. C. Dunigan
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: M. C. Dunigan
35.   Belle R. Snyder 30 F W married PA PA PA   Nov. Heart Disease     Dr. J. L. Dunn
Cause of Death­Primary: Correct; signed: J L Dunn
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