Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Court Records

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E. J. Acuff of Meadville:  widow /s Harriet B. Acuff; requests Amos Carlile [sic] and Frank L Wallace; 23 Oct. 1865; filed 23 Oct. 1865.   Reg. Dk. 2:616

George W Adams of Meadville:  /s Catharine Adams; recommends Rufus C. Adams; 13 Aug. 1894; typed; filed 13 Aug. 1894.   Reg. Dk. 6:546

Hiram Adams of Hayfield Twp.:  widow /s Mary J Adams; requests Samuel P Adams; Hayfield 20 Jan. 1865; witness Joseph Royer; filed 28/30 Jan. 1865.   Reg. Dk. 2:560

Jacob Adams of Beaver Twp.:  children and heirs /s Thomas Adams, Sarah Kegnise[?], John W Adams; "their said father died on the 10 day of August A D 1874 at about 8 oclock A M. at Beaver Pa. since which time their mother Hannah Adams Deceased, to wit on the 9th day of Sept A D 1883 @ 4 oclock P M at Mineral Ridge O. That their said father died possessed of about twenty acres of land in said county of Crawford ..."; ask for E A Whitford Esq of Beaver Twp.; 2 Feb. 1884; witness W B[or V?] Metcalf; filed 8 March 1884.   Reg. Dk. 5:75

B. D. Akens of North Shenango Twp.:  father W. H. Akens; requests my wife Roselle C. Akens; Linesville, Pa., 6 May 1899; filed 8 May 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:468

Daniel W Aikin [Akin on cover] of Sparta Twp.:  widow /s Sarah M. Akin; requests Aaron Bates of Sparta Twp.; Spartansburg, Pa., 23 Nov. 1892; witness L. M. Bloomfield; filed 29 Nov. 1892.   Reg. Dk. 6:344

Aaron Akin of Sparta Twp.:  widow /s Clarissa Akin; 31 April 1844; filed 21 June 1844; [address written on cover:  "Mr. Andrew Akin, Sparta Township, Crawford Co., Penna."].   Reg. Dk. 1:248

Oliver H. Alford of Rockdale Twp.:  widow /s Lovina C Alford; wishes my son Melvin Alford; Rockdale 2 Jan. 1877; witness John Shearer; filed 8 Jan. 1877.   Reg. Dk. 4:58

Parker T. Allee of Hayfield Twp.:  widow Catherine Allee (/s Catharine Allee); requests Joseph R. Head; 31 Dec. 1879; filed 26 Dec. 1879.   Reg. Dk. 4:258

Camp Allen of Pine Twp.:  brother /s John Allen; requests Chancellor St John; Meadville 14 April 1857; filed 14 April 1857.   Reg. Dk. 2:190

Edmund R. Allen of Meadville:  son /s Joseph Allen; desires W. N. Ellis and Chas S Allen; Meadville 10 March 1899; witness Mrs Joseph Allen; filed 14 March 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:449

George Allen of Titusville:  widow Ruth Allen; 11 April 1861; filed 13 April 1861.   Reg. Dk. 2:343

Henry Allen of Cambridge Twp.:  widow Mary Allen (/s with her mark); asks for Mr I. B. Gerow; 9 March 1888; filed 12 March 1888.   Reg. Dk. 5:416; Will Bk. F:547

Hugh Allen of Conneaut Twp.:  widow /s Harriet Allen; filed 18 Nov. 1842.   Reg. Dk. 1:205

Hugh Allen of Sparta Twp.:  widow /s Sarah Allen; requests H. E. Rossell; witness Rose Allen; filed 16 Feb. 1895.   Reg. Dk. 6:595

Stephen Allen of Conneaut Twp.:  father /s Moses Allen; requests John Wintermuth and R. P. Miller; 24 Sept. 1866; witness Lucinda C Allen; filed 28 Sept. 1866.   Reg. Dk. 3:17 (Stephen Allen, Jr.)

Emma Alsdurf [Emma S. Alsdurf on cover] of Sparta Twp.:  /s H A Alsdorf; recommends P. P. Fisher; 2 May 1894; filed 3 May 1894.   Reg. Dk. 6:516 (Emma Smith Alsdurf)

George W. Altenburg of Troy Twp.:  widow Mary Altenburg and oldest son Floyd G. Altenburg; desire Bert L. Altenburg, the second son; filed 21 April 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:463

Charles H. Ames of Titusville:  Mary Ellen Ames, Thomas N. Ames, the only child residing in Craw-ford Co.; request Julius Byles Esq. of Titusville; 25 Nov. 1891; filed 3 Dec. 1891.   Reg. Dk. 6:224

Polly Ames of Cambridge Twp.:  heirs /s A L Ames, Amanda McDaniels; request John Shearer; 21 April 1865; filed 1 May 1865. [Separate paper:] heirs /s Charles Woodward, Hannora Woodward; wish John Shearer; 21 April 1865; filed 1 May 1865.   Reg. Dk. 2:583

George P Amey [Amy on cover] of Rockdale Twp.:  executor /s Abram Amy, "as I think his wife is competent"; Rockdale, Crawford Co., 5 June 1884; filed 6 June 1884.   Reg. Dk. 5:100; Will Bk. F:65

Geo K. Anderson of Titusville:  widow Pauline Anderson (/s M. Pauline Anderson); requests A. C. Hawkins; 5 Oct. 1891; witness Wm Peet[?]; filed 13 Oct. 1891.   Reg. Dk. 6:207

Sarah Anderson of Cochranton:  widower Francis Anderson (/s Anderson[?]); authorizes J. H. Spear; filed [blank] 6 Oct. 1891.   Reg. Dk. 6:201

Wm H. Anderson of Bloomfield Twp.:  widow /s Mrs Etta Anderson; requests Wm Rossell of Bloomfield Twp.; 28 March 1888; witness H E Rossell; filed 9 April 1888.   Reg. Dk. 5:426

Harris Andrews of Steuben Twp. "but more recently of Austin, North Dacota":  mother Arietta Andrews; requests T. J. Patten [Patton on cover] of Centreville, Pa.; Centreville, Pa., 25 Jan. 1899; witness H. S. Sturgis; [note at bottom:] "Died May 8-1898, 6 A.M. at Austin North Dakota"; typed; renunciation of "widow" filed 20 Feb. 1898.   Reg. Dk. 7:441

James Andrews of East Fallowfield Twp.:  executor /s Joseph A. Calvin; witness B. B. Pickett; filed 17 Aug. 1871.   Reg. Dk. 3:303; Will Bk. D:271

Wm. L. Apple of Saegertown (intestate):  widow Barbary A Apple [Barbara A Apple on cover]; requests my friend B G David of Saegertown; 15 Aug. 1865; filed 15 Aug. 1865.   Reg. Dk. 2:604

John Armstrong of Hayfield Twp.:  widow Mary Armstrong (/s with her mark); requests David Hicke[torn; L.A. issued to David Hickernell]; Hayfield 24 Jan. 1849; witness Jonas Neuhard (/s in German); filed 24 Jan. 1849.   Reg. Dk. 1:420

John Armstrong of Troy Twp. who "died on the 24th day of November 1889 at or near one oclock PM" (intestate); widow /s Jane Armstrong; desires and requests Wink Gilliland of Sunvill, Pa.; Troy Twp., Crawford Co., Pa., 26 Dec. 1889; witness E. G. Foster; filed 31 Dec. 1889.   Reg. Dk. 6:24

Albert Artlip of Wayne Twp.:  widow /s Mrs Maggie E Artlip; requests Robert M. Pringle; Wayne Twp. 24 Jan. 1879; witness Henry[?] Sweetwood; filed 25 Jan. 1879.   Reg. Dk. 4:192

Gad Austin of Woodcock Twp.:  Samuel Humes of Venango Twp., an executor; 29 Nov. 1842; filed 29 Nov. 1842.   Reg. Dk. 1:208; Will Bk. B:132