Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Court Records

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J. T. Backenstose of Evansburgh:  widow /s Mary Backenstose; consents to James R Finley; Evansburgh 26 Sept. 1842; filed 27 Sept. 1842.   Reg. Dk. 1:197 (John T. Backenstoe), 2:142 (John T. Backenstowe)

Spencer S. Bacon of Cussewago Twp. "who died leaving no widow or issue":  father /s J. S. Bacon; requests M. F. Bacon; 25 July 1873; filed 28 July 1873.   Reg. Dk. 3:440 (S. S. Bacon)

Eli Bailey of Greenwood Twp.:  [widow, per cover] Elizabeth Bailey (/s E Bailey); desires WmBrooks Esqr; Meadville 2 Sept. 1852; witness J. H. Culbertson; filed 2 Sept. 1852. [On back of will:] executors /s E Bailey, William Brooks; 2 Sept. 1852; witness J. H. Culbertson.   Reg. Dk. 2:6; Will Bk. B:455

Joseph Baird of Titusville:  father B. G. Baird and mother Lucinda Baird (/s with her mark); desire Eugene Mackey, Esq. of Titusville; Titusville, Pa., 10 Oct. 1892; witness Mrs Minerva Brown, Franny M'Laughlin; filed 28 Oct. 1892.   Reg. Dk. 6:336

Peter Bakeley of Sadsbury Twp.:  widow Nancy Bakeley; asks for John S Kean of Sadsbury Twp.; Sadsbury Twp., Pa., 23 June 1893; filed 24 June 1893. [Separate paper:] oldest son C. F. Bakeley (/s C. F. Bakley); asks for John S Kean; Sadsbury Twp., Pa., 23 June 1893; filed 24 June 1893.   Reg. Dk. 6:407

Alvah Baker of the armywidow Alvisa Baker of Summerhill Twp.; recommends Theron Beard; 5 Sept. 1864; filed 7 Sept. 1864.   Reg. Dk. 2:534 (Alvah R. Baker)

Amanda T Baker of Titusville:  administrator [executor per cover] /s Fred Bates; Titusville 2 [blank] 187[blank]; Western Union telegraph; filed 2 Sept. 1871.   Reg. Dk. 3:305

Jeremiah Baker of Sparta Twp.:  executor /s D. L. Baker; 29 Aug. 1894; witness Chas R. Brumhall, J. P. Bontwell [or Boutwell?]; filed 8 Sept. 1894.   Reg. Dk. 6:553; Will Bk. H:244

Henry Baldwin [Judge Baldwin of Mead Twp. on cover]:  widow Sarah E. Baldwin; requests Wm Reynolds of Meadville; Meadville 3 June 1844; filed 4 June 1844.   Reg. Dk. 1:245

Hiram Baldwin of Randolph Twp.:  widow /s Lucina N Baldwin; requests my son H. A. Baldwin; Meadville, Pa., 23 April 1895; filed 24 April 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:23

Joseph Balliet of Woodcock Twp.:  widow Mary Balliet (/s with her mark); requests Wm A Balliet; Woodcock 9 Dec. 1869; witness S B Long; filed 11 Dec. 1869.   Reg. Dk. 3:197

Polly Balliet of Woodcock Twp.:  executor /s J. J. Long; 11 May 1899; typed; filed 20 May 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:470; Will Bk. I:353

Joseph Balser of Sparta Twp.:  /s Andrew Balsar; requests Franklin Drake; Sparta 27 Nov. 1890; filed 1 Dec. 1890.   Reg. Dk. 6:112

A. H. Barber of Conneaut Twp.:  widow /s Rhoda Barber; asks for A. S[?]. Bates; Penn Line, Pa., 31 Jan. 1870; L.A. issued 3 Feb. 1870.   Reg. Dk. 3:206

Charles Barber of Rome Twp.:  widow Polly Barber of Rome Twp.; favors James Bramhall, "the bearer of this article"; 23 Dec. 1872; filed 24 Dec. 1872.   Reg. Dk. 3:331; Will Bk. D:301

E A Barber of Conneaut Twp.:  widow /s Amanda Barber; requests H E Barber and Lucus Thompson; 30 May 1866; filed 7 June 1866.   Reg. Dk. 2:659

Morgan Barber:  executor /s G H Barber; 24 Feb. 1890. [no   Reg. Dk. entry found]

Olive M Barber [Sylvester S. on cover, in error] of Spring Twp.:  eldest son /s Orlando B Barber; requests C. M. Sergeant Esq; 5 July 1892; witness A. J. Harper; filed 6 July 1892.   Will Bk. H:53

Rodah Barber of Conneaut Twp.:  eldest heir Sarah A. Bartles (/s Mrs Sarah A. Bortles); desires A. S. Bates; 15 Oct. 1880; filed 16 Oct. 1880.   Reg. Dk. 4:318

Sylvester S. Barber of Spring Twp.:  oldest brother /s Orlando B Barber; requests C. M Sergeant Esq. of Springboro; 5 July 1892; witness A. J. Harper; filed 6 July 1892.   Reg. Dk. 6:322

Elkany Barney of Randolph Twp.:  widow /s Minerva Barney; desires David Nelson of Mead Twp.; Randolph 30 March 1855; filed 30 March 1855.   Reg. Dk. 2:119

Nicholas Barney of Conneautville:  widow /s Lucinda R. Barney; recommends Jesse Smith and James Foster; Conneautville 24 March 1855; filed 26 March 1855.   Reg. Dk. 2:119

Henry Barnes [Barns on cover] of Cussewago Twp.:  widow /s Jennett Barns [Jennet Barns on cover]; recommends Job Potter & John Stebbins of Cussewago Twp.; Cussewago 8 [sic] Oct. 1844; filed 7 Oct. 1844.   Reg. Dk. 1:254

John Barnsdall of Titusville:  widow /s Emma Barnsdall; requests Asher D Atkinson; witness E H Chase; filed 27 April 1863.   Reg. Dk. 2:450

Jas Barrackman of North Shenango Twp.:  widow /s Rachel Barackman; requests Mr Jas. McNut & J. McCafferty; North Shenango, Pa., 1 March 1867; filed 19/20 March 1867.   Reg. Dk. 3:45

John Bartholomew of Cochranton:  executor /s William Storrn; Cochranton, Pa., 27 April 1889; witness Jas G. Fleming; filed 29 April 1889. [Separate paper:] widow /s Anna Bartholomew; requests John H. Adams; Cochranton, Pa., 29 April 1889; witness W. A Byam; filed 29 April 1889.   Reg. Dk. 5:522; Will Bk. F:713

Rufus Basset of Rome Twp.:  widow and heirs /s Catherine Bassett Widow of Deceased (her mark), Lucius Bassett, Amanda Birch, Sarah M Sybrandt; appoint Lucius Bassett oldest son of deceased; 3 Feb. 1857; filed 6 April 1857.   Reg. Dk. 2:189 (Rufus Bassett)

Henry S. Bates of Titusville:  widow Margaret H. Bates; requests A. B. Kelly of Tionesta, Forest Co., Pa.; Titusville, Pa., 8 Nov. 1890; filed 13 Nov. 1890.   Reg. Dk. 6:106

Zadoc Bates of Conneaut Twp.:  executor /s Isaac Paden; 18 Nov. 1834; [on back of will]; proved 28 Nov. 1834.   Reg. Dk. 1:63; Will Bk. A:351

Jacob S. Baugher of Cambridge Twp.:  widow Lucy A. Baugher; requests my son Warren L. Baugher; filed 8 Aug. 1896.   Reg. Dk. 7:148

John H Baugher of Venango Twp.:  former widow Cenia Felton (late Cenia Baugher) (/s acenath felton); desires James Felton present husband; Meadville 16 Aug. 1852; filed 16 Aug. 1852.   Reg. Dk. 1:366

Conrod Baughman of Woodcock Twp.:  widow Mary Baughman (/s with the mark of Mary Bauchman); requests my friends John Hartman and J H Culbertson; 14 Jan. 1851; witness Joseph H Benfield; filed 16 Jan. 1851.   Reg. Dk. 1:469

O. O. Beach of Cambridge Twp.:  widow /s Ruth C Beach; wishes John Shearer; Cambridge 31 Aug. 1860[?]; filed 1 Sept. 1860.   Reg. Dk. 2:317

Mary D. Bearce of Meadville:  Frank McNulty, one of the executors; desires Rev. Ken C. Hayes, the co-executor; 15 June 1899; filed 15 June 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:478; Will Bk. I:368

A P Beard of Summerhill Twp.:  widow Jane Beard (/s Mrs J P Beard) [Jane P Beard on cover]; requests T Beard; Meadville 8 Aug. 1864; filed 11 Aug. 1864.   Reg. Dk. 2:528

Theron Beard of Summerhill Twp.:  executor /s Wm Porter, "as it is impossible for me to attend to the business"; Meadville 25 Nov. 1887; witness [none]; filed 14 Dec. 1887.   Reg. Dk. 5:388; Will Bk. F:496

Wm D Beardsley of Athens Twp.:  widow /s Harriet Beardsley; requests P. B. Childs of the same twp.; March 1875; witness Eli Rice; filed 30 March 1875.   Reg. Dk. 3:545

Lewis Bearss of Summerhill Twp.:  widow Catharine Bearss (/s Catharine W Bearss); desires Wm. H Beatty[?­cut-off]; dated 8 June 1865; filed 9 June 1865.   Reg. Dk. 2:595

Samuel Beedy of Cambridge Boro:  executor /s Jno. J. Henderson; 23 April 1875; filed 23 April 1875Reg. Dk. 3:551; Will Bk. D:545

Asa Belknap of Beaver Twp.:  heirs [widow & heirs per cover] /s Betsey Belknap, A. J. Belknap; favor H W Hackett; Beaver 17 Dec. 1874; filed 21 Dec. 1874.   Reg. Dk. 3:526

Geo. Bement of Centreville Boro:  parties in interest /s Henry Bement, Julia Clark; request W. N. Bement; Centreville, Pa., 26 Feb. 1890; filed 3 March 1890.   Reg. Dk. 6:42

Margaret Bender of Venango burgh:  widower John Bender; 21 Sept. 1864; filed 21 Sept. 1864.  Reg. Dk. 2:536

George Benjamin:  widow /s Ilura[?] Benjamin; requests Ira Fetterman; Conneautville; witness N. Truesdale; ack. 15 Dec. 1897 before N. Truesdale, J.P.; filed 17 Dec. 1897   Reg. Dk. 7:311

G. W. Benner of Saegertown:  widow Rebecca Benner; requests E. A. Benner; Saegertown, Pa., 3 Sept. 1877; [witness] David McGill, Chas Saeger; filed 3 Sept. 1877.   Reg. Dk. 4:97 (George W. Benner)

Archibald P. Bennett of Titusville (will dated 2 March 1877):  executor "(together with Joshua Bennett then of Essex County New York)" /s Jno. D. Archibold; as "the two sons of said A. P. Bennett are now of age, and the said A. P. Bennett having died on the first day of July 1891"; favors the two sons or such person(s) as they may select; 9 July 1891; witness Fred Mohr Jr.; filed 13 July 1891. [Separate paper:] executor "(with John D. Archibold of New York City)" /s Joshua Bennett; favors the two sons or such person(s) as they may select; 17 July 1891; ack. Santa Cruz Co., Calif., 17 July 1891; filed 13 Aug. 1891.   Reg. Dk. 6:179 (A. P. Bennett), Will Bk. G:374

Benjamin Bennett of Meadville:  Elizabeth Harrison and Emma G. Bennett; Meadville 2 Nov. 1869; witness Carrie G. Harrison; filed 2 Nov. 1869.   Reg. Dk. 3:191

John C. Berly of Randolph Twp.:  widow Louise Berly (/s with her mark); requests Leon Berly of said twp.; witness George Démaison Jr[?], Edward A. Berly; stationery of Atty. Frank L. Armstrong, Meadville, Pa. [date left blank]; typed; filed 30 Jan. 1892.   Reg. Dk. 6:246 (John C. Berley)

Thos. Best of Cussewago Twp.:  executor C. R. Slocum; requests Geo. L. Best; Meadville, Pa., 14 Nov. 1895; filed 14 Nov. 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:82, Will Bk. H:479

Andrew Betts of South Shenango Twp.:  widow Jane Betts; chooses and consents to J. W. Chase of South Shenango; 18 May 1864; filed 19 May 1864.   Reg. Dk. 2:512

John Bevan of Titusville:  widow /s Catharine A. Bevan; chooses and recommends William M Henderson; Titusville, Pa., 6 Nov. 1869; witness M. P[?]. Henderson; filed 9 Nov. 1869.   Reg. Dk. 3:192 (John S. Bevan)

P. X. Bidaux of Titusville:  "widow and eldest sons of said decedent (the other children of said decedent residing in France)" /s Caroline Bidaux widow, L. C. Reimcke son, W. L. Reimcke, Louis Bidaux son, F X Bidaux son; 28 Nov. 1896; typed; filed 2 Jan. 1896/1897.   Reg. Dk. 7:198

Cyrus R Bidwell of Athens Twp.:  widow /s Betsey Elysabeth Bidwell; requests James Bidwell; Athens 9 Jan. 1883; filed 10 Jan. 1883.   Reg. Dk. 4:507

Cyrus R Bidwell and Elizabeth Bidwell of Athens Twp., "our father and mother":  heirs and representatives /s Benton Bidwell, Mary Ann Higby, Rebecca Bidwell, Albert Bidwell, Lewis Bidwell; ask for James W. Higby; Meadville, Pa., 6 Feb. 1892; Register's stationery; filed 8 Feb. 1892.   Reg. Dk. 6:250, 251, respectively

Peter Beighee [Biege on cover] of Saegertown:  widow and heirs /s Charlott Biege (her mark), Peter Biege Jr, James Biege; request Christian Yost of Woodcock Twp.; 28 Sept. 1864; filed 28 Sept. 1864.   Reg. Dk. 2:539

James K Birchard:  widow /s Malinda Birchard; wishes Cyrus Birchard; Wayne Twp., Crawford Co., Pa., 17 May 1847; witness Willaim C Smith, Perthenia Smith; filed 21 May 1844.   Reg. Dk. 1:243

[Abraham Bishop of Pine Twp. per cover]:  widow /s Mary Bishop; chooses and wishes Georg Irons; 22 Sept. 1846; filed 22 Sept. 1846.   Reg. Dk. 1:332

Ruben Bishop of Cambridge Twp.:  widow /s Celecty Bishop; requests Levi G. Bishop and William P. Biggers; Edinboro 26 April 1866; witness John M Burchfield; filed 27 April 1866.   Reg. Dk. 2:653

Andrew Blair of North Shenango Twp.:  widow /s Jane Blair; recommends Neal A. McKay and William Blair; 3 Feb. 1845; witness William McKay; filed 3 Feb. 1845.   Reg. Dk. 1:269

John Y Blair of Rockdale Twp.:  heirs /s David Phillips, John McKay, Samuel Hunter; have agreed to George Long, "and that we will be bound as bail for his performance"; 24 March 1823; filed 25 March 1823 [with administrator's bond].   Reg. Dk. A:9

Henry L. Blakeslee of Bloomfield Twp.:  widow and surviving executrix Lucy A. Blakeslee; requests S. R. Miller; witness Mark Shreve; filed 31 May 1898.   Reg. Dk. 7:355

Jacob B Blakeslee of Sparta Twp.:  widow Hannah Blakeslee (/s Hannah B[?] Blakeslee); requests Mark S White; 20 Sept. 1859; witness Lucinda E Heath; filed 20 Sept. 1859.   Reg. Dk. 2:280

F. R. Blanchard [Francis R. Blanchard on cover], "haveing died Oct 6 1899 at his house in Rockdale Tp":  widow /s Ruth Blanchard (her mark); Brownhill, Pa., 10 Oct. 1899; witness Cora I Amy, Abram Amy; filed 11 Oct. 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:513

G. W. Bloomfield of Riceville:  /s Millie Bloomfield Smith; recommends Pierce Bloomfield; 15 Aug. 1894; filed 15 Aug. 1894.   Reg. Dk. 6:547

Dr. J. Bloomfield of Bloomfield Twp.:  /s Elouisa J. Bloomfield; willing for his father; 15 Feb. 1843; witness Loron[?] Marsh; filed 14 March 1843.   Reg. Dk. 1:214 (Dr. Joseph Bloomfield)

Thomas Bloomfield of Mead Twp.:  widow /s Fanny Bloomfield (her mark); desires my son F G Bloomfield; 31 Dec. 1866; witness J. Shontz, Laban Smith; [on same paper:] sons /s E. O. Bloomfield, E A Bloomfield; desire F G Bloomfield; 31 Dec. 1866; filed 17 Jan. 1867.   Reg. Dk. 3:33

Isaac Blystone of Meadville:  widow /s Mrs. Emma Blystone; suggests Christian H. Blystone; filed 2 Dec. 1896.   Reg. Dk. 6:86; Will Bk. G:221

Bradley W. Bolard of Spring Twp. "who died at Conneautville Pa on the 14th day of May 1889": father /s R Bolard [or Balard?]; requests Jacob Bolard; 17 May 1889; witness A. J. Harper; filed 20 May 1889.   Reg. Dk. 5:527

Frederick Bolard of Spring Twp.:  widow Elisabeth Bolard (/s with her mark); authorizes David Bolard; 5 Sept. 1835; [filed with administrator's bond].   Reg. Dk. 1:136 (Fredk Bollard)

John D. Bole of Venangoboro:  widow Eva M. Bole; requests Henry W. Mead and Charles L. Townley; filed 31 July/2 Aug. 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:491; Will Bk. I:387

John E. Bollard of Conneaut Twp.:  widow /s Mrs. John E. Bollard; requests H. E. Bollard, brother of the deceased; Conneaut Twp. 23 Feb. 1892; [Proof of Death on same paper]; filed 24 Feb. 1892.  Reg. Dk. 6:257

Israel Bonnell of North Shenango Twp.:  executrix Elizabeth Jane Bonnell (/s Elisabeth Bunel) [Elisabeth Bunnel on cover]; 25 April 1843; witness Lucy Sherman (/s Lucy Ann Sherman]; filed 10 June 1843.   Reg. Dk. 1:220 (Israel Bonnel); Will Bk. B:153

Henry C. Bosler of Vernon Twp.:  widow Eliza Bosler; requests John Dick and Wm. Reynolds of Meadville; 6 Jan. 1845; filed 19 Feb. 1845.   Reg. Dk. 1:262

Sarah Bossard of Woodcock Twp.:  executor J. J. Long. [Separate paper:] son J. H. Bossard; requests some other person.   Reg. Dk. ___; [see "Unprobated Wills," CCG 1 (1978):48]

Mary E. Bouslough [Boslough on cover] of Meadville:  widower /s John Bouslough; requests Hugh Smith of Cochranton "as he is the choice of the principal creditor"; 15 Aug. 1872; witness H L Richmond Jr; filed 19 Aug. 1872.   Reg. Dk. 3:371

Harrison H. Boyle of Athens Twp.:  widow and heirs /s Sarah M. Boyle, Fayette J. Boyle, Bruce E Boyle, James Newton, Nellie Newton, W. H. Boyle; ask for T. J. Patten; "we estimate the value of the personal property of the said estate to be two thousand Dollars ($2000)"; filed 9/8 Sept. 1890.   Reg. Dk. 6:92

A. W. Boyanton [Boynton; Arthur W. Boyanton on cover] of Bloomfield Twp.:  widow /s Lucy J Boynton; requests my father F. W. Titus, Esq.; Bloomfield, Pa., 10 Dec. 1889; filed 16 Dec. 1889.   Reg. Dk. 6:21 (Arthur W. Boynton)

Elijah Bradley of Riceville:  /s T W White, executor, "as it is inconvenient for me"; Pit Hole, Venango Co., [Pa.,] 9 March 1870.   Reg. Dk. 3:209; Will Bk. D:163

John Brander of Hayfield Vernon Twp.:  son and heir John Brander (/s John M Brand[cut-off]) [J M Brander on cover]; requests Archibald Gibson; 28 Nov. 1863; filed 28 Nov. 1863.   Reg. Dk. 2:488

Francis Brannonof Rome Twp. widow Eleanor Brannon (/s with her mark), one of the executors; desires the other executor; Rome 25 Nov. 1870; [at bottom:] "have this signed and returned to the office"; witness Morgan Magee 13 Dec. 1870; filed 25 Nov. 1870.   Reg. Dk. 3:242; Will Bk. D:194

Hugh J Brawley [Hugh Jackson Brawley on cover] of Randolph Twp.:  /s J. Wilson; Meadville, Pa., 5 June 1884; Register's stationery; filed 5 June 1884.   Reg. Dk. 5:100; Will Bk. F:64

John F Breed of Mead Twp.:  executor Willis M. Hubbell Esq [written above "William H Hubble"]; asks for Mrs J. Breed, widow of said decedent, or some other responsible person(s); Meadville, Pa., 24 Feb. 1892; Register's stationery; filed 1 March 1892. [Separate paper:] John F. Breed:  widow /s Mrs[?] Jerusha P[?] Breed; requests William A. Balliet; 29 [changed from 26] Feb. 1892; witness M. H. Breed, J M. Breed; filed 1 March 1892.   Reg. Dk. 6:261; Will Bk. G:492

John Francis Brenot of Randolph Twp.:  executor /s Frederic Brenot [Frederic Brunot on cover]; asks for my nephew Joseph Brunot; Meadville, Pa., 9 Jan. 1893; witness Lewis Choffel; filed 21 Jan. 1893.   Reg. Dk. 6:362 (Jean Francis Brunot); Will Bk. G:249

Justin Brunot [Brenot] of Randolph Twp.:  widow Rose Brunot (/s Rose Brenot); asks for Jesse Brunot; 9 Oct. 1888; filed 9 Oct. 1888.   Reg. Dk. 5:340 (Justin Brunot); Will Bk. F:419

Michael Bresee of Richmond Twp.:  Benjamin Bresee, one of the heirs; desires Gold M. Lord and Oscar F Glidden; 19 Nov. 1839; witness Benjamin F Share[?]; filed 22 Nov. 1839.   Reg. Dk. 1:143

Simeon Q Brink of Wayne Twp.:  widow Catherine Brink (/s Catharine Brink) of Wayne Twp.; requests my son John N Brink; 21 Dec. 1896; filed 21 Dec. 1896.   Reg. Dk. 7:190

H. A. Brinker of Geneva, Ohio/of Conneautville, "who died intestate on 24th day of July AD 1888":  widow /s Olive V. Brinker; requests J. E. Rupert; 5 Jan. 1889; witness A. J. Harper; filed 20 April 1889.   Reg. Dk. 5:521

Relief Britain of Richmond Twp.:  only living son /s S. H. Britain; recommends and requests Washington L. Winton of Centerville; Wichita, Kan., 27 March 1880; ack. Sedgwick Co., Kan., 27 March 1880; filed 19 April 1880.   Reg. Dk. 4:283

James Bromley of Steuben Twp.:  /s A. E. Bromley; "the minor children of [decd.] ask that Reuben Waid be a[p]pointed administrator"; Steuben 20 Jan. 1888; filed 31 Jan. 1888.   Reg. Dk. 5:402

John Brooks of South Shenango:  widow Elizabeth Brooks; wishes J. G. McLean of South Shenango, Crawford Co., and R. P. Johnson of Green, Mercer Co., Pa.; South Shenango, Crawford Co., Pa., 9 June 1855; filed 12 June 1855.   Reg. Dk. 2:129; Will Bk. C:53

William Brooks of Vernon Twp.:  widow Euphama J. Brooks; asks for Edward A. Reynolds; Meadville, Pa., 19 June 1886; witness J W Heildebran; Register's stationery; filed 30 June 1886.   Reg. Dk. 5:268

Braddish Brown of Rockdale Twp.:  widow Elisa Brown (/s with her mark) and oldest son Joel Brown; 26 Jan. 1877; witness Chancy D Brown; filed 26 Jan.1877.   Reg. Dk. 4:61; Will Bk. D:654

David Brown of Beaver Twp.:  widow /s Margret Brown (her mark) [Margaret Brown on cover]; desires Perry Devore of Springfield Twp. [Erie Co., Pa.?]; 5 May 1874; witness A Harwood [or Haswood?]; filed 18 May 1874.   Reg. Dk. 3:484

Frank Brown of Titusville:  children and heirs Carrie Fleming of Titusville, Pa., Sophia Hanley of Eurek, W.Va., Emma Diem of Buffalo, N.Y., Ella Oliver of Corry, Pa. [all /s "Mrs."]; desire Cornelius J. McHirney[?] of Titusville; 23 Nov. 1896; filed 24 Nov. 1896.   Reg. Dk. 7:126

Frederick Brown Jr. of Vernon Twp.:  /s John B. Brown, executor; Meadville 18 [sic] Sept. 1858; filed 13 Sept. 1858.   Reg. Dk. 2:243 (Frederick Brown); Will Bk. C:214

Jirah S. Brown of Rockdale Twp.:  widow /s Jane E Brown, as "my health will not allow me to act"; his eldest son Lisarn[?] D Brown "is therefore entitled"; Meadville, Pa., 23 Jan. 1899; Register's stationery; filed 23 Jan. 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:429

John Brown of Sadsbury Twp.:  son John Brown Jr [executor per cover]; 14 April 1835; filed 15 April 1835. [Separate paper:] affidavit "that Jacob Brown, one of the executors named in the last will and testament of John Brown, late of Sadsbury township, deceased, removed out of this county and state some ten years since; and at the last accounts was residing in Fulton county, Illinois"; signed Peter Brown; ack. 22 April 1848 before Register; filed 22 April 1848.   Reg. Dk. 1:68 (John Brown Senr; "will filed but not proved")

John Brown of W. Shenango Twp. (intestate):  widow Sarah Brown (/s with her mark); recommends John Carr; 7 May 1867; witness J H Carr, J L Dennison[?]; filed 21 May 1867.   Reg. Dk. 3:57

John B Brown of Mead Twp.:  widow Sallie Brown (/s with her mark); recommends John T. Smith; 12 Nov. 1894; filed 12 Nov. 1894.   Reg. Dk. 6:571

Sarah A Brown [of Bloomfield Twp. per cover]:  widower /s S[?; J on cover] N. Brown; requests Jacob King, Esq.; Bloomfield, Pa., 29 Aug. 1889; filed 2 Sept. 1889.   Reg. Dk. 5:552

James Brush of East Fallowfield Twp.:  Lewis Rhodes; "as B[?] I[?] have been put in Executary executors"; Salem, Mercer Co., Pa., 31 Dec. 1875; filed 12 Jan. 1876. [Separate paper:] James M Brush:  executor J. D. Christ; [requests] some other person; Geneva, Pa., 28 Dec. 1875; filed 12 Jan. 1876.   Reg. Dk. 4:5; Will Bk. D:595

Roland Brush of Athens Twp.:  widow /s Emily Mellon (her mark); requests Robert Brush, the eldest son of said decedent; 11 April 1866; witness Edson Brush; filed 16 June 1866.   Reg. Dk. 3:3

Isac Bryan [Isaac Bryan on cover] of Cambridge Twp.:  widow Louise Bryan; assigns Ogden & Kingsley of Cambridge Twp.; Cambridge, Pa., 12 Oct. 1880; filed 13 Oct. 1880.   Reg. Dk. 4:316

R. O. Buck of Greenwood Twp. (intestate):  wife Hannah Buck; requests Isaac Hazen; Meadville 26 Sept. 1863; filed 26 Sept. 1863.   Reg. Dk. 2:475

Nelson S Buell of Rome Twp.:  widow /s Marian Buell; requests Richard Farington; Rome Twp. 8 June 1871; filed 12 June 1871.   Reg. Dk. 3:291

Edward S. Bunce of Randolph Twp. "who died Dec. 23rd 1886":  widow /s Mrs Harriet Bunce; requests H. M. Cutshall; filed 31 Jan. 1887.   Reg. Dk. 5:317

Horace M Bunce of Rockdale Twp.:  widow /s Mrs Phanna [or Pharena?] Bunce; requests Charles R Brown; filed 20 April 1896.   Reg. Dk. 7:126

William Bunce of Richmond Twp.:  widow Sally Bunce; chooses and requests my son W. H. Bunce; Richmond Twp., Crawford Co., Pa., 31 Oct. 1871; witness D H McCrillis; filed 31 Oct. 1871.   Reg. Dk. 3:315

[Samuel Bunnell per cover] of Linesville:  widow /s Rebecca Bunnell, as "My health will not permit me to act as Administrator"; asks for my two sons F. L. & D. L. Bunnell; Linesville, Pa., 23 March 1895; filed 1 April 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:16

Wm. W. Burdick of Spring Twp.:  widow Rebecca Burdick (/s with her mark); requests my friends A A Hollenback [Hollenbeak] and Geo W Kendall; Spring Borough 7 Jan. 1867; witness Hiram Cutter[?], W F Dick; filed 8 Jan. 1867.   Reg. Dk. 3:31; Will Bk. C:668

Daniel Burgess of Rockdale Twp.:  executor /s Judson P. Ames; [blank] May 1898; L.T.c.t.a.d.b.n. issued 21 Oct. 1898.   Reg. Dk. 5:275; Will Bk. F:346

Mary A Burgess of Mead Twp.:  Alfred S. Burgess; recommends Annie Burgess; 19 March 1894; filed 19 March 1894.   Reg. Dk. 6:498

George W. Burlingham of Conneaut Twp.:  widow Janette Burlingham (/s with her mark); requests H. E. Ballard; Linesville, Pa., 23 May 1898; witness A. M. Fenner; filed 25 May 1898.   Reg. Dk. 7:354

Davis Burnett of Oil Creek Twp. (intestate):  widow Elizabeth Burnett; 1 July 1853; filed 4 July 1853.   Reg. Dk. 2:34

Samuel B. Burt of Cambridge Twp.:  widow Mary Burt; requests Zenas H. Burt; 27 Sept. 1862; filed 27 Sept. 1862.   Reg. Dk. 2:413

David C. Butchart of Meadville:  widow /s Rhoa Butchart; requests Homer J Humes of Meadville, Crawford Co.; Meadville 23 Oct. 1876; filed 26 Oct. 1876.   Reg. Dk. 4:47

Edward Butman of Rome Twp.:  widow /s Mary Jane Butman; requests D. D. Walker of Riceville Borough, Crawford Co., Pa.; Rome Twp. 30 Sept. 1863; witness Hiram Southworth; [attached paper:] /s Mary J Butman; "request[s] Mr Hall to take Mr Walkers place"; filed 10 Nov. 1863.   Reg. Dk. 2:484

Charles Buxton of Meadville:  father Henry Buxton; requests my son Henry Buxton and Robert Hannah; Meadville 19 June 1854; witness [Atty.] S Newton Pettis; filed 19 June 1854.   Reg. Dk. 2:81; Will Bk. C:29

William E. Byers of Cochranton:  widow Sarah Byers; requests T[?]. K. Cochran Esq.; 13 Jan. 1863; filed 13 Jan. 1863.   Reg. Dk. 2:429

Chas. F. Byham of Randolph Twp.:  widow Myrtle M Byham; requests Jacob Wilson of Guys Mills; 30 Aug. 1898; witness [none]; filed 21 Oct. 1898.   Reg. Dk. 7:383; Will Bk. I:222