Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Court Records

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Abraham Daniels of Randolph Twp.:  widow Christina Daniels (/s with her mark); requests William R. Daniels; Meadville 26 June 1847; witness Goold McCord[?]; filed 26 June 1847.   Reg. Dk. 1:363

Saml. Daniels of Randolph Twp.:  widow /s Rebecca Daniels (her mark); desires John P Daniels & Saml. J Daniels; April 1844; witness Jesse Daniels; filed 4 May 1844.   Reg. Dk. 1:242

Samuel Daniels of Mead/Richmond Twp.:  executor James Daniels; 8 Feb. 1897; Register's stationery; typed; filed 8 Feb./May 1897.   Reg. Dk. 7:149; Will Bk. H:580

Hawley Dauchy of Spring Twp.:  widow Mary Ann Dauchy (/s Mary A. Dauchy), executrix, "on account of my poor health and not having any thing to do as the property is to remain as it is, during my life time and the property to be in the hands of A. R. Dauchy until my death, who is to support me until then. Consequently there is no necessity of my acting"; Spring 29 Jan. 1865; filed 31 Jan. 1865.   Reg. Dk. 2:563; Will Bk. C:534

Levi D Davenport of Riceville:  widow /s Mrs. C. M. Davenport; requests Mat Merchant; witness Miss Jennie Davenport; filed 7 May 1890.   Reg. Dk. 6:60

Manning S. Davenport of Sparta Twp.:  widow /s M. E. Davenport; requests Walter R. Lindsay; 8 Jan. 1875; witness John W. Rhodes; filed 5 March 1875.   Reg. Dk. 3:540 (M. S. Davenport)

Georgia Davis of Meadville:  mother and sister /s Emily A Davis, Mary F. Crow; request Wilmer Crow; 8 April 1896; witness W. A. Wagner, J. W. Filling; filed 6 April 1896.   Reg. Dk. 7:123

James Davis of Cussewago Twp.:  executor and son Hiram Davis; 29 Jan. 1887; witness Chas. A. Boush, H. B. Macdonell; filed 1 Feb. 1887.   Reg. Dk. 5:317; Will Bk. F:400

James Davis of Mead Twp.:  /s Jos. H. Davis, Mrs Jemima J Powell; wish Frank H. Powell; 11 May 1894; filed 11 May 1894.   Reg. Dk. 6:518

Mary E. Davis of East Fallowfield Twp.:  executor /s Wm McAdoo; 19 Feb. 1894; filed 19 May 1894. [Separate paper:] /s Andrew T. Davis; recommends W.A.T. Andrews of East Fallowship Twp.; 19 Feb. 1894; filed 19 May 1894.   Reg. Dk. 6:520; Will Bk. H:215

Wm. Davis of Fairfield Twp.:  widow Phebe Davis; requests and desires John M Foot of Wayne Twp.; Meadville 22 Oct. 1839; witness George Seitler; filed 22 Oct. 1839.   Reg. Dk. 1:141

William Davis Jr of Meadville:  widow /s Mary Davis; requests our[?] sons James J Davis & Dr J C Cotton; Meadville 14 July 1881; witness Emma E. Davis; filed 15 July 1881.   Reg. Dk. 4:382

Fanney Eliza Davison [Fanny E. Davison on cover] of Randolph Twp.:  husband Nathaniel Davison; requests Ezra Carpenter; 9 Sept. 1878; witness B. B. Pickett; filed 9 Sept. 1878.   Reg. Dk. 4:164

Mary E Davison of Warren Co.:  executor /s Seth Waid; 28 Feb. 1895; filed 28 March 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:13; Will Bk. H:338

Harrison Dean of East Fairfield Twp.:  executor /s Hugh Smith, "for the reason that I am getting to[o] old to take any more c--[?] uppon myself and I also have all the bussiness that I can attend to. Had Mr Dean consulted me in his life time I should have declined then but he did not"; Cochranton, Pa., 12 Dec. 1887; filed 15 Dec. 1887. [Separate paper:] widow /s Mary Dean (her mark), "as Hugh Smith of Wayne township has refused, ... But on acount of Age and infirmities I am unable to act"; requests Sarah Mumford and A. W. Mumford; East Fairfield 14 Dec. 1887; witness O A Stainbrook, George Faringer; filed 15 Dec. 1887.   Reg. Dk. 5:390; Will Bk. F:503

Abraham Decker of Richmond Twp.: widow /s Catherine Decker [Catharine Decker on cover]; agrees to my son James V[or N?]. Decker; 12 August 1843; witness V B Powers[?]; filed 15 Aug. 1843.   Reg. Dk. 1:226

Robert Dee of Randolph Twp.:  widow /s Deadama Dee; requests J. A. Neyland, Esq., of Guys Mills, Crawford Co.; Randolph Twp., Pa., 12 March 1891; filed 12 March 1891.   Reg. Dk. 6:142; Will Bk. G:319

C. G. Dempsey of Springboro:  widow Rhoda A Dempsey; asks for Harry Dempsey and T. Benton Dempsey; Springboro, Pa., 16 [sic] March 1899; typed; filed 15 March 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:450

Jessie Dennis [Jesse Dennis on cover] of Sadsbury Twp.:  eldest son /s Wm Dennis; [asks for] S. H. Wilson; Sadsbury 7 June 1877; filed 12 June 1877.   Reg. Dk. 4:83

William Dennis of Conneaut Lake:  widow and eldest son /s Martha Dennis, V. H. Dennis; recommend H J Dennis; 7 June 1895; filed 3 Aug. 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:51

Geo. W. Deppen of Mead Twp.:  widow Barbara Ann Deppen (/s with her mark); requests Joseph Armstrong; 21 Sept. 1885; witness John B. Compton [prothonotary], Jacob Kiser; Register's stationery; filed 29 Sept. 1885.   Reg. Dk. 5:205

Susan DeRoss of Hayfield Twp.:  executor /s Wm McArthur; Meadville 9 Feb. 1885; witness [none]; filed 9 Feb. 1885.   Reg. Dk. 5:150; Will Bk. F:152

Samuel Devenport of Rome Twp.:  widow Arvilla Devenport (/s Arvilla Davenport); requests Hiram Southworth, Esqr., of Rome Twp.; 7 Oct. 1853; witness J. H. Culbertson; filed 7 Oct. 1853.   Reg. Dk. 2:39

H. J. Dewey of Meadville:  widow /s Martha J. Dewey; recommends Schuyler Sackett; Meadville, Pa., 3 Aug. 1895; filed 3 Aug. 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:51

R Dewey of Conneaut Twp.:  widow /s Sally Dewey per Ira Winch; requests my brother Eli Platt; Penn Line 19 Aug. 1859; filed 22 Aug. 1859.   Reg. Dk. 2:277 (Roldolphus Dewey)

Stillman Dewey of Mead Twp.:  [widow per cover] /s Susan Dewey; wishes my son Henry; Mead Corners 16 May 1870; L.A. issued 7 May 1870.   Reg. Dk. 3:222

Sturges T Dick of Meadville:  widow Mrs. Adelade K. Dick; asks for George S. Cullum; Meadville, Pa., 19 July 1893; witness J Ford Dorrance; filed 20 July 1893.   Reg. Dk. 6:416

James Dickson of Woodcock Twp.:  executors George Dickson & John Dickson (/s J H Dickson) of said twp.; desire "such person or persons as may be entitled [to estate assets]"; 10 Aug. 1863; filed 25 Nov. 1863.   Reg. Dk. 1:453; Will Bk. B:370

William Dickson [of Woodcock Twp. per cover]:  widow /s Sarah Dickson; desires J. H. Culbertson and Robert Clark; Woodcock 22 May 1848; filed 22 May 1848.   Reg. Dk. 1:393

William Dickson of Woodcock Twp.:  widow /s Isabella S Dickson; Dec.[?] 1871; witness O H P Dickson; L.A. issued 28 Dec. 1871.   Reg. Dk. 3:322

John Deihl [Diehl on cover] of Woodcock Twp.:  widow Amelia Deihl (/s with her mark) of Woodcock Twp., Crawford Co., Pa., "and that i have no further Claim against him or his Heirs"; 4 April 1895; witness Fred Wenzel, Annie Diehl; ack. before J. J. Long, J.P.; filed 16 Dec. 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:94

Susannah Dike:  sons Jonathan Dike (/s with his mark) and Calvin W. S. Dike (/s CCaallvv SS WW DDyykkee); grant power of attorney to F. F. A. Wilson to recover "all such sum or sums of money due us or coming to us from our father Benjamin Dike or our Mother Susannah Dikes pension and bounty land or back pay that may be due and from our brother James Dike what may be due him for service in the U.S. in money or bounty land"; 18 Sept. 1855; witness M H Codding; ack. Bradford Co. 18 Sept. 1855 before M H Codding, J.P.; filed 20 May 1856. [Separate paper:] Mrs. Susannah Dike of Hayfield Twp., "who was the widow of Benjamin Dike late of the town of Groten[,] Thompkins County New York decd":  child and heir Hannah Beardslee, "as the only heir residing in the said county where the said Susannah Dike had her last domicle"; authorizes F. F. A. Wilson of Meadville; 20 Feb. 1856; witness Thos J Lowry; filed 20 July 1856.   Reg. Dk. 2:115

John Michael Dill of Muskingham Co., Ohio:  executor /s John Elson; Meadville 27 Aug. 1859; witness A S Davis; filed 27 Aug. 1859.   Will Bk. C:172 (/s Jan Migell Dill), 489 [exemplification]

J. R. Donnally of Mead Twp.:  son Charles R. Donnally and daughter Mrs Ella J. Fox (/s Mrs. Ella J. Fox nee Ella J. Donnally); favor and desire Francis Fox; Meadville 16 March 1893; filed 17 March 1893.   Reg. Dk. 6:341 (John R. Donnally); Will Bk. G:622

Mary Carey Doran of Titusville:  Mary Lee; requests Roger Sherman Esquire; Titusville, Pa., 25 July 1887; filed 25 July 1887.   Reg. Dk. 5:363; Will Bk. F:452

James W Douglass [Douglas on cover] of Meadville:  widow /s Eliza Douglas; requests Mame Douglas; Meadville, Pa., 28 March 1895; witness Archie D. Davenport; Glens Falls Ins. Co. stationery; filed 28 March 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:13

Joshua Douglass of Meadville:  widow and one of the executors /s Martha Douglass; desires my son, the other executor named in the will; Meadville, Pa., 14 Sept. 1858; witness D W. Harroun; filed 14 Sept. 1858.   Reg. Dk. 2:244; Will Bk. C:213

Isaac Dowding of Titusville who "died intestate on [10 July 1890] at one oclock p. m. or thereabouts in the said city of Titusville which was then his domicile and place of abode":  widow Melinda Dowding; requests Charles S. Barrett; 21 May 1891; witness J. C. Baker, M M Baker, Otto Schanzenbach, E. W. Reardon; filed 27 May 1891.   Reg. Dk. 6:165

Denis Drake of Hayfield Twp.:  only children /s Mary L Johnson, Allie. M. Satterlee; request Samuel B Adams of said twp.; 3 Nov. 1897; filed 3 Nov. 1897.   Reg. Dk. 7:295

Wm W Duncan of Meadville:  mother /s Maggie Newbold; desires my nephew Fred D Duncan of Mead-ville City, Pa.; 30 Dec. 1891; witness Amanda Ross, B Newbold; filed 4 Jan. 1892.   Reg. Dk. 6:234

Morris Dundon of Cussewago Twp.:  widow /s Ellen Dundon; requests Michael Dundon; Edinboro, Pa., 14 June 1878; [same paper:] eldest son Edward Dundon; requests Michael Dundon; Erie, Pa., 15 June 1898; filed 16 July 1898.   Reg. Dk. 7:314; Will Bk. I:98

Alex M Dunham of Meadville:  widow Mary E Dunham (/s G W Hecker as atty for Mrs Mary E. Dunham); Meadville 14 July 1869; filed 16 Aug. 1869.   Reg. Dk. 3:174 (A. M. Dunham)