Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Court Records

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William R Rainey of Richmond Twp.:  widow Charlotte Rainey; asks for William W. Rainey; Meadville 29 June 1883; filed 30 June 1883.   Reg. Dk. 5:29; Will Bk. E:676

Nelson Ralston of West Shenango Twp.:  widow Nancy Ralston (/s Nancy M Ralston); requests W W Ralston; witness Leroy Chase; West Shenango Twp. 3 June 1865; filed 8 June 1865.   Reg. Dk. 2:593

William Rankin of North Shenango Twp. (testate):  /s Thomas Rankin Esqr "as my helth is such that I am unable to setle the estate"; petitions for Enoch D. Thomas and myself; filed 17 April 1845.   Reg. Dk. A:109 (#633), 1:66, 280; Will Bk. B:92

Cary Reed of Oil Creek Twp.:  widow /s Sarah Reed; [asks for] Anson Hills; Oil Creek 6 March 1856; filed March 1856.   Reg. Dk. 2:157

Henry Reed of Mead Twp.:  widow Sarah Reed; favors my son Orlando Reed; witness Robert[?] Rale[?]; 12 April 1856; filed 14 April 1856.   Reg. Dk. 2:162[½]

James L. Reed of Randolph Twp.widow /s Amelia C. Reed; favors L. Reed; Randolph 1 Dec. 1859; filed 1 Dec. 1859.   Reg. Dk. 2:285

Mrs. Pheoba Reed [Phebe Reed on cover] of Sparta Twp.:  executor /s Silas Taylor, "as my health is poor"; requests J. W. Bryant; Britton Run 28 Aug. 1896; filed 31 Aug. 1896.   Reg. Dk. 7:156; Will Bk. H:593 (Phebe Roeed)

Wm N Reed of Wayne Twp.:  /s Mary A Read, widow; requests Hugh Smith; 13 Nov. 1878; witness C. M. Cooper; filed 14 Nov. 1878.   Reg. Dk. 4:178

Jacob Reese of Wayne Twp.:  executor /s Thompson Beaty; Deckards 23 May [sic] 1879; filed 24 June 1879. [Separate paper, Jacob Reece per cover]:  /s Martha A Reese [widow per cover]; requests Stephen Reese; Meadville 24 June 1879; filed 24 June 1879.   Reg. Dk. 4:224; Will Bk. E:211 (Jacob Reese)

Mary Reeves/Reves [Weeds on cover] of Mead Twp.:  surviving heirs /s Elizabeth Weed, Fidelia Townley, Jemima Weed, Polly Smith; request Samuel Hobbs of Mead Twp., Crawford Co., Pa.; filed 16 Feb. 1884.   Reg. Dk. 5:70 (Mary Reeves)

Conrad Reitze of Union Twp.:  widow Kathrina Reitze (/s Catharine Reitze); requests John Reitze Sr. of Meadville, Pa.; witness Barbara Kebort, Katie S. Kahler; 14 Sept. 1899; filed 15 Sept. 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:504

W. N. Reno of Spartansburg:  executors Susie Reno Farrell and Winnie Reno Tryon; request Thomas Snodgrass; witness W. N. Clark and Mrs. Alice E. Stacy, respectively; 11 Dec. 1896; typed; filed 16 [sic] Dec. 1896.   Reg. Dk. 7:168; Will Bk. H:605

Jacob Ressinger [Resinger on cover] of Wayne Twp.:  widow /s Sarah A Resinger; requests decedant's son Hugh Ressinger; witness Hugh Smith; 21 July 1896; filed 22 July 1896.   Reg. Dk. 7:145 (Jacob Resinger)

Elizabeth Reynolds of Randolph Twp.:  widower Lewis Reynolds; desires William F McDill; Randolph 19 Feb. 1868; filed 20 Feb. 1868.   Reg. Dk. 3:96

George Rhodes of Hayfield Twp.:  widow Mary A. Rhodes (/s with her mark); selects and chooses H. J. Rhodes & Adam P. Rhodes; witness E. M. Rhodes; Hayfield 15 Dec. 1870; filed 17 Dec. 1870.   Reg. Dk. 3:255

James G Rhodes of Cambridge Springs:  widow Sally Rhodes; asks for Mr. H. B. Rhodes; 8 Feb. 1899; typed; filed 20 Feb. 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:442

John Rhodes of Cambridge Twp.:  widow Bertha Rhodes; requests Hiram B. Rhodes; witness M H Luse; 12 May 1895; ack. before M H Luse, J.P. [undated]; filed 12 June 1897.   Reg. Dk. 7:248

Mary Rhodes of Rockdale Twp.:  oldest son James G. Rhodes; requests Y. J. Rhodes; Cambridge, Pa., 21 Jan. 1880; filed 22 Jan. 1880.   Reg. Dk. 4:265

Z. Y. Rhodes of Rockdale Twp.:  widow /s Elizabeth Rhodes; requests my friend J L Waterhouse; witness Cyrus Kitchen; Rockdale 28 July 1870; filed 30 July 1870.   Reg. Dk. 3:235

Coonrod Rice [Conrad Rice on cover] of Mead Twp.:  widow (/s, in German script, Elisabet Reis) [Elizabeth Rice on cover]; witness G. --[torn] Delamater; 23 Jan. 1875; filed 25 Jan. 1875.   Reg. Dk. 3:531 (Conrad Rice)

Florian Rickert of Meadville:  widow /s Mary Rickert; favors Jacob Prenatt; witness Thomas Roddy[?]; Meadville, Pa., 28 June 1880; filed 30 June 1880.   Reg. Dk. 4:300

Jacob W Rider of Summit Twp., who "died last November":  widow /s Catharine Rider (her mark); "the affects though small cannot be reached without letters"; requests Charles Ferris of this place; witness David Bligh; Summit Twp., Crawford Co., Pa., 28 June 1847; filed 28 June 1847.   Reg. Dk. 1:364

Charles Ridgway of Oil Creek Twp.; heirs /s Peter Ridgway, John Ridgway, Charles Ridgway, Samuel Ridgway, Titus Ridgway; request William Barnsdall of Titusville; witness [none]; Titusville 28 Nov. 1854; filed 5 Dec. 1854.   Reg. Dk. 2:110

John Rishel of Troy Twp.:  brothers and sisters /s Joseph Rishel (his mark), Polly Proper (her mark), Catharine Rishel (her mark); request G. T. Churchill of Troy Twp.; witness Wm S [or P?] Welsh; 17 April 1862; filed 18 April 1862.   Reg. Dk. 2:391

Joseph Ritenour of Hayfield Twp.:  widow Mary Anna Ritenour (/s in German script Maria Rüdenauer); requests Charles Farnicorn of Meadville, CCo.; 16 Sept. 1890; filed 16 Sept. 1890.   Reg. Dk. 6:94

Alice Rittenhouse of Spartansburg:  widower and children /s Mary R. Perry, husband [sic], Thomas Fulley, Anneth[?] Rittenhouse, Jennie R. Mallory; request F. E. Malory [Mallory] of Venango Co., Pa.; 28 Dec. 1891; typed; filed 13 Jan. 1892.   Reg. Dk. 6:238

Enoch Roberts of Fairfield Twp.:  [widow, per cover] /s Mary Roberts; favors James D. Roberts, the oldest son; 17 Aug. 1894; filed 18 Aug. 1894.   Reg. Dk. 6:548

Samuel Roberts [Samuel H Roberts on cover] of Troy Twp.:  widow /s Mary L Roberts; requests S. E. Shorts G. W. Shorts; witness Maud. M. Roberts; Troy 25 March 1895; filed 27 March 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:12 (Samuel H Roberts)

Walter B. Roberts of Titusville:  widow Emily T. Roberts; desires Erastus T. Roberts, Esq., son of decd.; 29 Aug. 1889; ack. N.Y.C. 29 Aug. 1889; typed; filed 6 Sept. 1889.   Reg. Dk. 5:553

Robert Robinson of Summit Twp.:  widow Mary Anne Robinson, executor; desires Anne Robinson, the other executor; 7 Oct. 1897; L.A. issued 6 Oct. 1897.   Reg. Dk. 6:287; Will Bk. G:527

Joseph Robinson [Robison on cover] of Pine Twp.:  widow /s Abygil Robison [Abigail Robison on cover]; favours my son Nelson W Robinson; 23 Feb. 1875; L.A. issued 23 Feb. 1875.   Reg. Dk. 3:538 (Joseph Robison)

Hiram Rockafellow of Wayne Twp.:  widow /s Nancy Rockafellow; requests Adam Lubold; witness J H Adams; Cochranton, Pa., 18 Oct. 1895; John H. Adams, J.P., stationery; filed 25 Oct. 1895. [Separate paper:] heirs /s Mrs Hugh Ella Dupont, William Rockafellow, Mrs. Mary Hoffman; recommend Adam Lubold; 24 Oct. 1895; typed; filed 24 Oct. 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:75

Philip Rocker of Titusville:  William Rocker, only brother in this county; requests Charles Pfeiffer of Titusville; Meadville 13 Feb. 1866; filed 13 Feb. 1866.   Reg. Dk. 2:637; Will Bk. C:616

Zerah Rockwell of Cambridge Twp.:  /s Lucy Rockwell; filed 8 Feb. 1859.   Reg. Dk. 2:259

Bridget Rogers of Rome Twp.:  executor /s Morgan Magee, "as I cannot attend to it"; requests Peter Bellen; Rome Twp., Crawford Co., Pa., 28 July 1874; L.A. issued 4 Aug. 1874.   Reg. Dk. 3:500; Will Bk. D:475

Henry Rollmann [Rollman on cover] of Titusville:  widow Dorothea Rollman (/s with her mark) of Titusville, Pa.; suggets Fried. Wm Zervar; witness Simon Strouse, Z Jacob Geil[?]; 30 March 1869; filed 13 April 1869.   Reg. Dk. 3:160 (Henry Rollman)

Seth M Rood of Conneaut Twp.:  widow Emaline A. Rood (/s Emline[?] Rood); requests Philip Ott; 10 Nov. 1896; filed 6 Jan. 1897. [Separte paper:] S. M. Rood [Seth M. Rood on cover]: widow /s Mrs Emeline Rood; requests Philip Ott; Linesville, Pa., 16 Nov. 1896; filed 16 Jan. 1897.   Reg. Dk. 7:175

Elihu Root of Athens Twp.:  widow M. R. Root (/s Malvina Root); chooses Wm M. Darrow; L.A. issued 2 Feb. 1871.   Reg. Dk. 3:265

George O Rose of Sparta Twp.:  Carl Rose; asks for William Farley Esq. of Spartansburg, Pa.; Meadville, Pa., 23 May 1898; filed 23 May 1898.   Reg. Dk. 7:353

Philinda K. Rosenberg of Cussewago Twp.:  executor Josiah Morris (/s Josiah S. Morris); 13 Oct. 1900; typed; filed 16 Oct. 1900.   Reg. Dk. 7:177; Will Bk. H:620 [filed 25 Nov. 1896]

George A. Roshi of Meadville:  widow Catharina Roshi (/s with her mark) [Roschi on cover]; desires Josiah Peifer of Val[l]onia; witness C. M. Boush; Meadville 9 Nov. 1875; filed 9 Nov. 1875.   Reg. Dk. 3:589 (George Rochi)

Joseph Rotthan [Rothan on cover] of New York City:  /s Henry Cohn, executor; witness J. Zeiller; New York 19 Sept. 1879; [same page:] creditor /s Henry Cohn, executor; requests Abm [Abram] L Ackerman of Titusville; witness J. Zeiller; New York 19 Sept. 1879; filed 1 Oct. 1879.   Reg. Dk. 4:123; Will Bk. E:77 (Joseph Rothhan)

George Roudebush of Woodcock Twp.:  widow Anna Eliza Roudebush (/s Ann Eliza Roudebush); requests John Roudebush; Woodcock 20 Nov. 1865; filed 21 Nov. 1865.   Reg. Dk. 2:625

Benjamin Royer:  widow /s Nancy Royer (her mark); requests Jedediah K. Burnham; witness D Gamble; South Shenango 19 June 1862. [Separate paper:] Benjamin Royer of South Shenango Twp.:  widow Nancy Royer (/s with her mark) and son W L Royer (/s William Levi Royer); request John McMichael Esqr; 24 Oct. 1866; filed 25 Oct. 1866.   Reg. Dk. 3:19

Robt R. Royer of South Shenango Twp.:  widow /s Margaret E. Royer; suggests H. H. Snodgrass; 18 Sept. 1899; filed 28 Sept. 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:510

John R Russell of Sparta Twp.:  executor /s Ansel A. Higgins; Sparta 27 June 1870. [Separate paper:] executrix /s Mrs. Sarah Russell [widow of John per cover]; requests Paul Blackmer; Sparta 24 June 1870; L.A.c.t.a. issued 28 June 1869 [sic] to Paul Blackmer.   Reg. Dk. 3:167; Will Bk. D:123

George Rust of Venango Twp.:  widow Susanah Rust (/s with her mark); desires William Rust, oldest son, and Isaac W Cummings of said twp.; witness D A Finney; 17 May 1851; filed 26 May 1851.   Reg. Dk. 1:485

Brooks Rhynd [Rynd] of Wayne Twp.:  widow /s Sarah A Rynd; requests John Rhynd; Wayne 7 March 1866; filed 7 March 1866.   Reg. Dk. 2:644 (Brooks Rynd)