Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Court Records

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Jarod Taylor of Beaver Twp.:  widow Mary Taylor (/s with her mark); requests Orris J. Coats; witness C L Gates; 24 July 1858; filed 29 July 1858.   Reg. Dk. 2:237 (Jerrod Taylor)

Silas Taylor of Athens/Sparta Twp.:  heirs /s Silas Taylor, Lucy Ford [or Force?]; decedent "appointed his son Darwin exec[u]tor of the [will] and he is now dead"; request J. R Harington [Joseph R. Harrington appointed]; Sparta 15 April 1887; filed 18 April 1884.   Reg. Dk. 5:83

A. R. Teats of Summit Conneaut Twp.; widow and children that reside in Crawford Co. /s Magdalena Teat, Sarah C Denison, Lucretia E Dudley; request A. M. Fenner, Esq. of Linesville, Pa.; 29 April 1899; typed; filed 8 May 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:468

Hiram Teed of Wayne Twp.:  /s Mary J Teed; requests A E Daniel [sic; Daniels]; 12 Jan. 1891; [interlined at bottom:] Hirom Teed Died Monday Febwary 4th 18.89. Aged 65 Years 3 Months 9 days Died 7 oclock in the morning; [on front:] Hirom Teed Died Monday Morning 7 oclock Febwary th 4, 18.89, Aged 65 years 3 months 9 days; filed 12 Jan. 1891.   Reg. Dk. 6:124

R. S. B. Temple of Spring Twp.:  widow /s Jane D. Temple; request my son H. S. Temple; witness Lawson E. Phelps; Hickernell 27 Feb. 1895; filed 4 March 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:2

Robert Bruce Temple of Titusville:  widow Besse L. Temple; favors John Lammers Esq. of Titusville, Pa.; [attached to Proof of Death filed 15 Aug. 1900].   Reg. Dk. 8:9 (Robert B. Temple)

James A. Terrill of Summit Twp.:  father Ellis Terrill; requests Thomas B. Parker of said twp.; 24 June 1864; filed 24 June 1864.   Reg. Dk. 2:518

Elijah Thomas of Spring Twp.:  widow /s Mrs C. C. Thomas; requests John C. Sturtevant; witness L. K. Chapman; Spring, Pa., 4 Nov. 1873; filed 5 Nov. 1873.   Reg. Dk. 3:452

J J Thomas of Spartansburgh:  /s Mary M Thomas, widow; requests Silas Dibble; 16 Jan. 1867; filed 18 Jan. 1867.   Reg. Dk. 3:34

Sally Thomas of Venango Twp.:  heirs /s Darius Thomas, Jefferson C Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas; request William Kerr Esq. of Vernon Twp. and Zenus H Burt of Venango Twp.; 8 March 1848; filed 11 March 1848.   Reg. Dk. 1:385

William Thomas of Venango Twp.:  /s Eliza Thomas [widow per cover]; wishes Tunis[?] H Burt; 28 Jan. 1845; rec. 28 Jan. 1845.   Reg. Dk. 1:268

B. F. Thompson of Conneaut Twp.:  widow M. J. Thompson; requests S. E. Bunday; Conneaut 21 Feb. 1876; filed 21 Feb. 1876.   Reg. Dk. 4:10

Silas M Thompson of Cochranton:  widow /s Elisabeth Thompson; wishes Hugh Smith; Cochranton 24 Oct. 1855; filed 25 Oct. 1855.   Reg. Dk. 2:143

Peter M Thorn of Conneaut Twp.; executors /s W. D Hughes and Joseph Line; witness R. P. Miller; 18 Feb. 1865; filed 22 April 1865.   Reg. Dk. 2:264; Will Bk. C:243 (Peter M. Thorne)

Stephen Thornton of N. Shenango Twp.:  /s Milo Thornton, Dexter Thornton; "Whereas [decedent] on the 9th of August 1844 made his last will & testament which has been left with the Register for Probate & appointed Amos Line executor of said will and who has declined to act and whereas all the children of the said Stephen are resident out of the state except the undersigned"; favor Henry Kirkham; Meadville 1 July 1846; filed 1 July 1846.   Reg. Dk. 1:322; Will Bk. B:246

Israel Thurston of Mead Twp.:  widow /s Joanna Thurston (her mark); requests my son A. K. Thurston; 12 June 1873; filed 2 Aug. 1873.   Reg. Dk. 3:402; Will Bk. D:376

Daniel Tingley of Wayne Twp.:  widow Abigail Tingley (/s with her mark); requests Benjamin J. Tingley, Esq.; witness Silvester Tingley; 20 Nov. 1848; filed 21 Nov. 1848.   Reg. Dk. 1:415

Ebenezer Tingley of Wayne Twp.:  widow /s Fanney Tingley; desires my son B. J. Tingley witness Joseph B. Tingley; 15 Oct. 1857; filed 24 Nov. 1857.   Reg. Dk. 2:211

John M Titus of Titusville:  father Jonathan Titus; desires Joseph L Chase; Titusville 10 March 1851; filed 11 March 1851.   Reg. Dk. 1:476

Jonathan Titus (intestate) of Titusville:  widow Rebekah H Titus; desires my brother E. H. Chase or such person as may be entitled thereto; 5 Feb. 1857; filed 7 Feb. 1857.   Reg. Dk. 2:183

Solon W. Titus of Conneautville:  widow /s Rachel M Titus; requests Belden Titus of Kingsville, Ohio, and J. W. Brigden of Conneautville; Conneautville 30 Jan. 1847; filed 4 Feb. 1847.   Reg. Dk. 1:346

Jane W. Torbett of Meadville:  daughter Catharine K. Reynolds; "Mrs. Jane W. Torbett, a resident of Crawford County, Pa., died October 14, 1899, in Vernon township, said county, testate, and leaving to survive her, no husband and no sons, but two daughters, Catharine K. Reynolds, wife [of] Edward A. Reynolds, Jane Lashells, wife of Dr. T. B Lashells, Mrs. Catharine K. Reynolds being the elder daughter. By the last will and testament of the said Jane W. Torbett, deceased, her brother John W. Hays was appointed executor of said last will and testament which was executed April 23, 1891. The aforesaid John W. Hays is now deceased, having died more than one year ago, and no executor was appointed to act in his staed by the said Jane W. Hays [sic]. I, being the elder surviving daughter, and there being no husband or son"; asks for my husband, Edward A. Reynolds; filed 30/31 Oct. 1899.   Reg. Dk. 7:523; Will Bk. I:451

Harvey Townley of Richmond Twp.:  widow /s Betsy Townley [Betsey Townley on cover]; requests Cyrus Townley and Wm Shaw; witness M. E. Swift; Richmond Twp., Crawford Co., Pa., 4 Dec. 1875; filed 11 Dec. 1875.   Reg. Dk. 4:1

Walter D. Trace of Vernon Twp.:  /s H V Trace, H. W. Trace, Jesse Q. Trace, Homer D. Trace, A. O. Trace, B. E. Trace; request Lanslet C. Dunn of Vernon Twp.; 15 Nov. 1894; L.A.c.t.a.d.b.n. issued 19 Nov. 1894.   Reg. Dk. 6:473; Will Bk. H:133

James Trainer of Woodcock Twp.:  widow /s Mrs James Trainer; asks for Dean Cummings; Meadville, Pa., 15 Feb. 1892; Register of Will Bk. stationery; filed 15 Feb. 1892.   Reg. Dk. 6:253

John T Tubbs of Rome Twp.:  /s Viola Goodrich Tubbs [Viola Tubbs widow per cover]; recommends Silas Kerr; 11 Oct. 1858; filed 15 Oct. 1858.   Reg. Dk. 2:242

Ezra P. Tuck [Tucker of Meadville on cover]:  widow /s Sara G Tucker [Sarah on cover]; requests Edward Ellis; witness Thomas Proctor, T. L. Poe; 10 Aug. 1850; filed 12 Aug. 1850.   Reg. Dk. 1:459

Zebina Tucker:  widow /s Lucy Tucker; requests Elihue Butler, a friend & neighbor of my late husband; witness Lewis Cooper; Sadsbury Twp. 7 Dec. 1822; [filed with bond 9 Dec. 1822].   Reg. Dk. A:127 ##709, 722

Schuyler Tukesbury of Randolph Twp.:  daughter Amanda Maria Tukesbury; witness Mrs Mary L Hodge; Randolph Twp. 19 Oct. 1855; filed 22 Oct. 1855.   Reg. Dk. 2:142 (Schuyler Tewksbury)

John Turner of Steuben Twp.:  /s S. S. Turner; "artherize" [i.e., authorizes] Mr. Samuel Post; 23 July 1886 and 19 Aug. 1889; filed 11 Sept. 1889.   Reg. Dk. 5:557

Marrin Tuttle of Rockdale Twp.:  widow /s Louise Tuttle; requests Jesse W. Sabin; witness Samuel Smith; 3 March 1874; L.A. issued 3 March 1874.   Reg. Dk. 3:469