Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Court Records

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John Vance of S. Shenango Twp.:  widow /s Elizabeth (her mark); requests John B Laughery; witness Nancy J Herrick; Meadville, Pa., 5[?] July 1890; Law Office of E. W. McArthur stationery; filed 3 July 1890.   Reg. Dk. 6:76

J. I. Vanderworker of Titusville:  children W. L. Vanderworker, Clarinda Smith, and Cordelia H. Smith; desire Geo. W. Angier of Titusville, Crawford Co., Pa.; 29 April 1874; [at bottom of paper:] "The only heirs in your Baliwick GWA"; L.A. issued 30 April 1874.   Reg. Dk. 3:480 (John I. Vanderwarker)

John I Vanderworker of Titusville:  widow /s Mrs. Sarah H. Vanderwarker; wishes Mr F H Weed; Titusville 15 Jan. 1866; filed 16 Jan. 1866.   Reg. Dk. 2:633 (J. I. Vanderworker)

Sarah B. Van Horne of Union Twp.:  /s Mary R. Hickernell; L.T. issued 30 Jan. 1890.   Reg. Dk. 6:33; Will Bk. G:141

S. L. Vanmarter of Mead Twp.:  widow Cordelia Vanmarter; requests John D Vanmarter; witness G. W. Vanmarter; Meadville Randolph 26 Dec. 1853; filed 3 Jan. 1854.   Reg. Dk. 2:51 (S. L. VanMarter)

Joseph Van Vleck of Titusville:  widow Maria Van Vleck of Titusville; requests George H. Van Vleck, the oldest son of decd.; Titusville, Pa., 10 Feb. 1887; filed 16 Feb. 1887.   Reg. Dk. 5:321

Isaac Varnes of Beaver Twp.:  widow /s Hannah A[?] Varnes, and /s George A. Varnes; request Walter K. Varnes; Oil City, Pa., 9 Dec. 1886; J. Ford Dorrance stationery; filed 13 Dec. 1886.   Reg. Dk. 5:300

Francis Vautrot of Mead Twp.:  son-in-law /s James Hamilton; desires Edward Northam of Meadville; decedent "departed this life about one year since leaving property in real estate, and that he left no widow. He left five sons, none of whom reside in this state, and one daughter and the undersigned was intermarried with his daughter, who died since her father"; 6 July 1864; filed 6 July 1864.   Reg. Dk. 2:521

John Vickers of East Fallowfield Twp.:  executor /s James White; Meadville 2 Sept. 1861; filed 2 Sept. 1861; renunciation of Ann Maria Vickers filed 7 Sept. 1861 [not found].   Reg. Dk. 2:357; Will Bk. C:354

Mrs Lucinda VinCamp [elsewhere Vincamp] of Townville:  children /s Elizabeth R Smith, W J Vincamp, A. G. Vincamp, A Vincamp; decedent "(widow of the Late Elijah VinCamp late of the Township of Jackson County of Venango State of Penn) died, on the 7th day of July A D 1895 without making or leaving any will or any provision to settle her estate and we her Children being all of her hier [sic] and legal representatives"; request and ask for Wm K Gilliland of Sumill Twp. Borough, Venango Co., Pa.; 13 July 1895; filed 27 Aug. 1895.   Reg. Dk. 7:56