Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

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same date in 1868, showing a reduction during the year of a little over 200,000 barrels.  The foregoing applies to oil produced in Pennsylvania, and does not include a stock of about 50,000 barrels on hand in West Virginia and Ohio on January 1st, 1868, and one of about 10,000 or 15,000 barrels in the same States on the 1st of January, 1869.


    Among the recent improvements is the erection of Gas Works, by which the public buildings, principal streets and private dwellings are supplied with gas of a first rate quality.  The main streets have lately been graded, and new and substantial side-walks have been laid.  Many costly and elegant residences, churches, &c., have been built during the past year, or are now in process of construction, which will add much to the architectural beauty of the city.

    The Fire Department is one of the most complete in the country, and the addition of a steam fire engine now affords ample protection against fire.

    The Hotel accommodations here are not surpassed by those of any inland town in the State.  Prominent among them is the American, kept by Major Mills, and situated on Spring street, The proprietor of this House spares no pains to make his house popular.  The Atlantic, (formerly Pendleton,) and the Crittenden House are both situated on Spring street, and are favorite resorts for the traveling public.  There are many other hotels, situated in different parts of the city and are well kept.

    There are two Daily and three Weekly Newspapers published here.  The Morning Herald has the largest and most complete printing establishment in this section, and their daily newspaper, which was the first enterprise of the kind in the oil country, has attained a wide-spread circulation.  The same company also publish a weekly paper called the Titusville Weekly Herald, the combined circulation of the two reaching nearly 3,000 copies.  The Oil Reports of the Herald render it invaluable to all who are in any manner interested in Petroleum, whether as shippers or producers, and the Herald is circulated in nearly every country on the globe, Germany, Aus- next page