Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

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tria and South America, coming in for a fair share of subscribers, although the principal subscriptions outside the oil regions are in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and other great shipping points.
    The Titusville Morning Star is the name of the other daily and weekly.  It is edited and published by W. C. Plummer, Democratic in polities, is well edited, and enjoys an extensive circulation.  It is the only Democratic daily in the county.
    The Long Roll is the name of the third paper.  It is published weekly, and is devoted to the interests of the State Soldiers’ Orphan’ School located here.  It is edited by N. C. Allen.
    Titusville contains numerous Civic Associations, the following Societies being represented :  Masonic, Odd Fellows, Good Templars, Harugari, St. George’s Society, and others.
    The Union School House, located on the corner of Main and Washington streets, is one of the finest buildings in the city, and has a regular attendance of over 500 pupils.  Measures for enlarging the capacity of the building have been taken, and it will soon be the largest institution of the kind in the western portion of the State.

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