Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

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    Six handsome and commodious Churches have been erected, and the stranger cannot fail to be attracted by the magnificence displayed both in their architecture and general finish.
    St. James Memorial Church, Episcopal—Is located on the south-west corner of Franklin and Main streets.  It is built in the gothic style, finished in chestnut, and handsomely furnished.  It was erected in 1864, at a cost of about $12,000 dollars.  It was the first church built after the beginning of the oil development, although the Society was organized by its present Rector in June, 1862.  The parish has, in addition, a brick school building, parsonage and three lots.  The entire value of the property will exceed $35,000.  Rev. Henry Purdon, rector.
    First Presbyterian Church—corner of Walnut and Franklin streets, was first organized in 1815.  The present building was erected in 1864–5 at a cost of $15,000, and contains the largest organ in the city.  The building will seat over five hundred persons.
    Methodist Episcopal Church—corner of Pine and Perry streets, is a fine looking structure, finished in the highest style of art, with fresco work, &c.  Rev. Wm. P. Bignell, pastor.
    Baptist Church.—This church has been but recently finished.  It is a brick structure, located on the south-east corner of Perry and Walnut sts.  It cost $20,000, is finished throughout in good style, frescoed, furnished with gas, and has sitting room for 500 persons.
    Catholic Churchon Spring street, is a large brick building, and contains the only chime of bells in the city.  Rev. Napoleon Mignault, priest.
    Universalist Church—corner of Main and Perry streets, is one of the oldest established churches in the city.  It is a brick building, and was erected in 1865.

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