Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

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citizens of Meadville, and is devoted to the manufacture of Agricultural Implements.  The capital invested is $100,000.  It employs about 70 hands—the last monthly pay-roll exceeding $2,600.  

    The business during the present year is the manufacture of the “ Atlantic” and “ Kniffen ” Mower and Reaper, of which five are turned out daily.  This Company are the sole manufacturers of the “ Atlantic ” Mower, which is considered one of the best machines made.  As a reaper of side delivery it is acknowledged to have no superior.  During the coming year the Company expect to make a Hay-loader, Rake, and other implements, in addition to their Mowers and Reapers.  The short time the Works have been in operation makes it impossible to give the exact yearly production, but we are pleased to record the fact that their business has been steadily on the increase since going into operation, and it is confidently expected to double or treble during the coming year.  

    The present officers are :  President, Evans W. Shippen, Meadville; Clerk and Secretary, Edgar Huidekoper, Meadville ; Directors, E. W. Shippen, S. B. Dick, G. B. Delamater, J. S. Fisk, John Porter, D. Geo. Shryock, Meadville, and A. J. Dull, Pittsburgh, Pa. Superintendent of Works, Charles Stratton.  


Were established in 1864 by the present firm of Dick, Fisk & Co., (D. Dick, J. S. Fisk and B. Bassett,) and is located near the south end of Water street on the railroad.  From 30 to 40 hands are here employed.  The capacity is 5 tons daily, and 600 tons of metal are consumed annually.  Castings of all kinds are manufactured, including railroad, rolling-mill and coal bank castings, and nearly every description of machinery, such as steam engines and mill works, shafting and pulleys of all sizes, torpedo cases for exploding in oil wells, and machinery for oil wells of every description.  The capital invested is $30,000.  

    This is one of the most substantial establishments in the city, and the business is constantly increasing.  The senior member of this firm, David Dick, Esq., has a reputation as an

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