Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

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Limber road, from North Main east.
Linden street, from Water street east to Liberty.
Main Avenue, from Poplar street south,
Mercer street, from Water street to Kerrtown.
Mill street, from Washington to North.
Morris street, from State to North.
North street, from Water street easterly to city limits, south of Walnut.
North Main street, from Public Square northerly.
Oak street, from Raldwin [sic; Baldwin] to Terrace,
Park Avenue, from Poplar street south to Linden, between Main and Water.
Pine street, from French Creek to Grove street, between Poplar and Arch.
Poplar street, from French Creek to South Main, south of Pine.
Prospect street, from Baldwin street easterly.
Plum street, from North street south to the canal.
Race street, from Baldwin street west to city limits.
Randolph street, from Water street to Greendale Cemetery, north of North street
Ravine street, from Baldwin to Terrace.
River street, from Dock to Poplar.
Second street, from Randolph south to Poplar, between Walnut and Main.
South Main street, from Public Square to city limits.
State street, from North street to State road.
State road, from Washington street north.
Stuart street, from State to Randolph.
Terrace street, from Water north toward Bemustown.
Walnut street, from the old Channel easterly to Grove street, between Centre street and Steers Alley.
Washington street, from State street easterly.
Water street, from the Red Mill south to Linden, between Centre street and railroad.
West street, from Poplar to Mercer.
West College street, from Baldwin street to College Lawn.
Willow street, from Water eastward, between Linden and Poplar.
West Chestnut street, from old Channel to Cullum’s Barrel Factory.
Beech Alley, from North Main to High streets.
Buttonwood Alley, from Dock to Mercer streets.
Clover Alley, from Hickory Alley to Henry street.
Chancery Lane, from Poplar to North streets, between Liberty and Main.
Cherry Alley, from the old Channel to East Alley, between Walnut and Centre streets.
Chestnut Alley, from North Main to High streets.
Crab Alley, from Poplar to Randolph streets, between Second street and Plum Alley,
East Alley, from Pine to North streets, south of Liberty street.
Hickory Alloy, from North Main to High streets.
Lutton Alloy, from Randolph street north.
Laurel Alley, from River to Water streets.
Mill Alley, from North Main.
Mulberry Alley, from North to Poplar streets, between Water and Second.
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