Crawford County, Pennsylvania



Case Reputed Father Residence Mother Residence Sex Outcome
#22 July Sessions 1801 James Knox Mead Twp. Elizabeth Burney Cussewago Twp. not prosecuted
#23 July Sessions 1801 Chambers Foster Mead Twp. Elizabeth Rager not prosecuted
April Sessions 1802 Daniel Matocks/Mattock Elizabeth Housman deft. discharged
July Sessions 1802 John A. Smylay/Smylie Margaret Farril stayed
Oct. Sessions 1802 William Smylay Sera Oldfield stayed
#20 Oct. Sessions 1802 John Mossman Salem Twp.,
Mercer Co.
Jennet Mitchell nolle prossed
#22 July Sessions 1803 Frederick Baum Mead Twp. Rhoda Taylor Sadsbury Twp. not prosecuted
#12 Jan. Sessions 1804 Robert Brownfield Shenango Twp. Margaret Wade indicted; nolle prossed
Jan. Sessions 1804,
#6 Nov. Sessions 1805
#2 Feb. Sessions 1806
Jacob Sarber/Sarver Mead Twp. Jane Anderson Fallowfield Twp. indicted; pleads guilty
May Sessions 1804 Elizabeth Chittister Sadsbury Twp.
#3 Aug. Sessions 1804 Hugh Allen Mary Ingram
#7 Aug. Sessions 1804 Hugh Brawley Mead Twp. Lucy Daniels M indicted; nolle prossed
#9 Nov. Sessions 1804,
#7 May Sessions 1805
John McGunnigle
Mead Twp. Susanna Brookhouser Venango Twp. M nolle prossed
#2 May Sessions 1805 [unknown] Elizabeth Whitman Sugar Creek Twp. F indicted
#5 May Sessions 1805 George McDowell Lydia Luse Beaver Twp. F indicted; nolle prossed
#9 May Sessions 1805,
#1 Nov. Sessions 1805
John McGunnegle/
Mead Twp. Isabella Graham Mead Twp.? F indicted; nolle prossed
#6 Aug. Sessions 1805 William Valentine Sugar Creek Twp. Elizabeth Whitman F
#10 Aug. Sessions 1805 [unknown] Margaret Shaw Venango Twp. not indicted
#4 Feb. Sessions 1806
#2 May Sessions 1806
William Thompson Nancy Barnaby indicted; guilty
#3 March Sessions 1807,
Dec. Sessions 1807
David McConachy Shenango Twp. Margaret Steen Beaver Co. [fornication only]
June Sessions 1807 Robert Cameron/Camron Mead Twp. Jean/Jane Anderson Mead Twp. nolle prossed
June Sessions 1807 John McGunnegle
Mead Twp. Isabella Graham Mead Twp. indicted
Sept. Sessions 1807 William McFaden
Mead Twp. Elizabeth Newenheizen indicted; discontinued
Sept. Sessions 1807
#53 Dec. Sessions 1807
Richard Durham Mary Dixon Beaver Twp. M indicted; guilty
Dec. Sessions 1807 Taylor F[itz]Randolph Mead Twp. Isabella/Elisabeth Lindsey
March Sessions 1808,
June Sessions 1808
James McDowell, Jr. Conneaut Twp. Margaret Douglass Cussewago Twp. M indicted; pleads guilty
Sept. Sessions 1808,
#6 March Sessions 1809
John Murray Mead Twp. Nancy Barnhill Mead Twp.? 2M indicted; obsconds
#6 Feb. Sessions 1810 Henry P. Bosler Mead Twp. Grace McCullough Mead Twp.? F? indicted; not guilty
#7 May Sessions 1810 [unknown] Sarah Torbett Mead Twp. M indicted
Feb. Sessions 1811 James Knox Mead Twp. Polly Custard Mead TWp.? M indicted; nolle prossed
Aug. Sessions 1815 William Mumford Fairfield Twp. Sally Taylor indicted
May Sessions 1816 Conner Clark indicted; guilty
May Sessions 1817 Lewis Mead Polly Falkenberg M indicted; pleads guilty
Aug. Sessions 1817 James Jones Catharine Camp indicted
Aug. Sessions 1818,
Nov. Sessions 1818
Jacob Steinbrook, Jr. Mary Steinbrook F indicted; pleads guilty
#2 Feb. Sessions 1820 Thomas McClure Silome/Salome Inglehaupt F indicted; obsconds
#1 May Sessions 1821 John G. Bradley Sarah Armstrong F indicted; guilty
#2 May Sessions 1821 John Patten Elizabeth Randle/Reindle M
#9 Feb. Sessions 1822 William McGill Rockdale Twp. Nancy Patterson Mead Twp. F indicted
#17 Feb. Sessions 1822 John McGill Rockdale Twp. Eve Hoffman Venango Twp. M indicted
#18 Feb. Sessions 1822 Robert McGill Rockdale Twp. Sally Hoffman Venango Twp. F indicted
#2 Feb. Sessions 1823 Sarah Wikoff Rockdale Twp. no indictment
#4 Feb. Sessions 1823 Gideon Grindle/Grinnel Sarah Williams M pleads not guilty
#2 Aug. Sessions 1823 William Shellito Sally Davis F pleads not guilty
Aug. Sessions 1824 John Wilson Fallowfield Twp. Agnes Gelvin M
#1 May Sessions 1825 Dr. Loren West Lydia Siverling Venango Twp. M indicted; pleads guilty
April Sessions 1827 John Grindle Sarah Myers
Feb. Sessions 1828 John McMurtry Suzan Lupfer F pleads not guilty
Feb. Sessions 1828 John Swartz Elisabeth Bebelheimer
Aug. Sessions 1828 Benjamin WF[itz]Randolph, Jr. Sarah Baker
Feb. Sessions 1829 Rufus Ashley Laura B. Sacket
April Sessions 1829 Jesse Burchfield Elizabeth Henry
Feb. Sessions 1830 Moreland Osbuon Martha Richard [deft.] bill not found
April Sessions 1830 Thomas Selders Meadville Mrs. (Selders) Lester 2M indicted; guilty
#5 Aug. Sessions 1830 John Dowler Woodcock Twp. Nancy Little Woodcock Twp. M indicted; settled
#8 Aug. Sessions 1830 Griffith Carr, Jr. Woodcock Twp. Nancy King Venango Twp. M
April Sessions 1831 Mary Ralya Vernon Twp. [Overseers’ petition]
Nov. Sessions 1831,
Feb. Sessions 1832
John Ross Sarah McKnight Mead Twp. M indicted; guilty
Nov. Sessions 1831 Lidia Tigrat and
Sally Rober
Sadsbury Twp. [constable’s return]
Feb. Sessions 1832
April Sessions 1832
Philip McGuire, Jr. Eliza Ford
Aug. Sessions 1832
Nov. Sessions 1832
Charles Sullivan Martha Richards/Rickard Mead Twp. M indicted; pleads guilty
Aug. Sessions 1832 Jacob Breaden/Bradin Mary Stowe, widow Woodcock Twp.
Aug. Sessions 1833 Nancy Gilliland Summerhill Twp. F [murder]
Feb. Sessions 1834
April Sessions 1834
John Williams Nancy Ann Loper F indicted; not guilty
April Sessions 1834 William Dickey Elizabeth McEloy Fallowfield Twp. indicted; guilty
April Sessions 1834 George Cole Catharina Staley Hayfield Twp. M indicted; guilty
Aug. Sessions 1835 Sally Sterling Randolph Twp. M indicted
Feb. Sessions 1836
Aug. Sessions 1836
Asa Forsyth Cynthia Potter Meadville F indicted; nolle prossed
Feb. Sessions 1836 John Fagen/Fagan, Jr. Millcreek Twp.,
Erie Co.
Margaret McBride F
April Sessions 1836 John Stewart Catharine Dipple Fallowfield Twp. M indicted; pleads guilty
April Sessions 1836 John C. H. Montgomery Diadema Haden Meadville M indicted; pleads guily
Aug. Sessions 1836 Sally Brown Sadsbury Twp. [constable’s return]
Feb. Sessions 1838
April Sessions 1838
Phillip Clakner/Kleckner Eliza Samels Mead Twp. M indicted; guilty
Feb. Sessions 1839 George Charman Rockdale Twp. Betsey Willis Rockdale Twp. M [does not appear]
April Sessions 1839 William Ely (Mrs.) Rachel Munn Venango Twp. M indicted; guilyy
Nov. Sessions 1839 L L Barton Mary Hunt Erie? indicted
Nov. Sessions 1839 Jacob Mushrush Sadsbury Twp. Maria Irwin indicted
Feb. Sessions 1840 Edmund F[itz]Randolph Vernon TWp. Rachel Close Sadsbury Twp. F indicted; guilty
Feb. Sessions 1841 William H. Benedict Melizena Walp Vernon Twp. M indicted
Feb. Sessions 1841 James McMath Meadville Sairah Wikoff
April Sessions 1841 Simon Bates/Betts Maria Birtch Vernon wp. M
Aug. Sessions 1841 Thomas Crockett Mary Ann Wiser indicted; deft. not found
Nov. Sessions 1841 David Anthony Greenwood Twp. Polly Lewis Greenwood Twp. 2F indicted; guilty
April Sessions 1842 Lewis Turner Catharine Hart Fairfield Twp. F indicted; guilty
Aug. Sessions 1842 James Hart F
Nov. Sessions 1842 Bartholomew Thatcher Harriet Wood F indicted
#7 Feb. Sessions 1843 James Martin Rebecca Robinson married
Feb. Sessions 1843 Alva Beeman Fanny Morehouse
April Sessions 1843
Aug. Sessions 1843
James McCracken Polly Peterson Greenwood Twp. M indicted; guilty
Feb. Sessions 1844
#15 Aug. Sessions 1844
John Fagan, Jr. Cussewago Twp.? Margaret (McBride) Beach F indictedl; guilty
#16 Feb. Sessions 1844
April Sessions 1844
John Miller Sparta Twp.? Electa Niles M indicted; guilty
#15 Feb. Sessions 1844 Thomas Wentworh Margaret Baker F indicted; nolle prossed
#7 Aug. Sessions 1844 Mark S Staley Meadville Anna Hall indicted; settled
#6 Nov. Sessions 1844 Wilmot Bartle Meadville? Elizabeth Leighty
#5 Feb. Sessions 1845 Robert Hannah Sarah Unger
#15 Feb. Sessions 1845 Merret Fletcher Meadville? Margaret Morgan
#16 Feb. Sessions 1845 Wellington Lee Priscilla Woodruff F indicted; not guilty
#9 Aug. Sessions 1845 Henry Allen 2nd Charlotte Wilson Venango Twp. F indicted; guilty
#19 Aug. Sessions 1845 John Seidler Berks Co.? Eliza Jones not arrested
Aug. Sessions 1845 Jacob W Walker Mary Broches
#6 Feb. Sessions 1846 John Coon Betsy Moore Rockdale Twp. F indicted; not guilty
#1 April Sessions 1846 Jacob Stull Mary Ann Rust Woodcock Twp. F indicted; guilty
#4 Nov. Sessions 1846 Asher Williams Rebecca Powell nolle prossed
#5 Nov. Sessions 1846 Royal Cook Sarah Phelps M indicted; settled
#6 Nov. Sessions 1846 John Wilson Beard W. Fallowfield Twp.? Sarah Ann Ralston S. Shenango Twp. F indicted; guilty
#16 Feb. Sessions 1847 Samuel C. Clark Woodcockboro Elizabeth Humes Woodcock Twp.
#15 Feb. Sessions 1847
#6 Aug. Sessions 1847
Henry Risley Sadsbury Twp. Nancy Davis E. Fallowfield Twp. M indicted; settled
#4 April Sessions 1848 Owell B. Spalding Beaver twp. Cordelia Armstrong Beaver Twp. F indicted; not guilty
#6 Feb. Sessions 1849 William Wright Randolph Twp. Polly Hyde nolle prossed (stillborn)
#31 Feb. Sessions 1849 Alexander R Barclay Catharine Coy Woodcock Twp. withdrawn/settled
#39 Feb. Sessions 1849 J. Milo Thornton Pine Twp. Caroline Pollock Sadsbury wp. M indicted
#9 April Sessions 1849 Huldah Southwick indicted
April Sessions 1849 Daniel Frude Oil Creek Twp. Margarett Gilson Oil Creek Twp.
#8 Aug. Sessions 1849 William H. Meddaugh Lucinda Ransom M acquited of murder
#10 April Sessions 1850 George Swift Woodcock Elizabeth Hunt Richmond Twp. M
#13 April Sessions 1850 Isaac Williams, Jr. Susan Robins M
#31 Aug. Sessions 1850 John Swift Sally Baugher M
#35 Aug. Sessions 1850 John McClenahan Helen M A McCloskey
#21 Nov. Sessions 1850 Robert Dickson, Jr. Barbara E. Andrews Hayfield Twp. M
#23 Nov. Sessions 1850 John W Anderson Sally Usher M indicted; guilty
#29 Nov. Sessions 1850 Chancey B. Smith Yeuty/Uty Foust Summit Twp.
#17 Feb. Sessions 1851 Jonathan Fitch Mary Ann Warner Richmond Twp.
#18 Feb. Sessions 1851 Guy G. Scholfield Margaret Griffin [conspiracy charge]
#11 April Sessions 1851 William Stewart Nancy Jane Stewart
#15 Aug. Sessions 1851 William DeRoss Elizabeth Birchfield
#23 Aug. Sessions 1851 S. A. Packard Greenville,
Mercer Co.
Lovina Overmire
#32 Aug. Sessions 1851 Lorenzo Wilcox Richmond Twp.? Maria H. Harvey
#1 Nov. Sessions 1851 James Whitney Venango Twp. Eveline P Thomas
#17 Nov. Sessions 1851 [unknown] Jane Jones M
#15 Nov. Sessions 1851 Joseph Dickson, Jr. Rhoda Leighty Mead Twp. F indicted; guilty
#8 April Sessions 1852 [unknown] Sarah Drake F
#8 Aug. Sessions 1852 Fredrick Shupert Barbara Ridenour F indicted
#28 Aug. Sessions 1852 Charles Johnson settled 7 Aug. 1852
#2 Nov. Sessions 1852 Thomas A Packard Elizabeth Jackson M
#10 Feb. Sessions 1853 Joseph Marshall Matilda Eleanor Reed F indicted; guilty
#15 Feb. Sessions 1852 John W. Baird Eliza Barrier F
#16 Feb. Sessions 1852 William Felton Sarah Curry M indicted
#35 Feb. Sessions 1852 [unknown] Eliza Linn E. Fallowfield Twp. F
#5 April Sessions 1853 John W Baird Sarah Ann Ralston M
#6 April Sessions 1853 Charles Chadwick Venangoboro Mary M Gibbs
#24 Aug. Sessions 1853 Jonathan Hamerton Greenwood Twp. Elizabeth Hawkes Meadville
#5 Feb. Sessions 1854 Hylas Billings Greenwood Twp.? Nancy Williams F
#6 Nov. Sessions 1854 Abbot Hawkes Vernon Twp. Mary Fidelia Smith M indicted; guilty
#77 Nov. Sessions 1854 David Stull Woodcock Twp. Catharine Bossard M
#17 Feb. Sessions 1855 Hiram Brown Lucy Ann Fleek F indicted; guilty
#24 Feb. Sessions 1855 Samuel Dearmont W. Fallowfield Twp.? Nancy Anne Calvin E. Fallowfield Twp.
#5 April Sessions 1855 Michael Uhl Meadville Margaret Eckhart M
#1 Nov. Sessions 1855 James Hay Meadville Sarah Foreman F indicted
#7 Nov. Sessions 1855
#24 Nov. Sessions 1855
Henry Schaffer/Shaffer Mary Jane Lantz
#8 Nov. Sessions 1855 Jacob Stainbrook, Jr. Meadville Harriet (Ford) Kitelinger F settled
#15 Nov. Sessions 1855 Abram Smock Greenwood Twp. Catharine Kebert Greenwood Twp.
#14 April Sessions 1856 Thomas Cussins Wayne Twp. Lydia Rough Wayne Twp. settled
#23 Aug. Sessions 1856 John E[mera] Mead Warren Co. Ruth Felton M settled
#6 Nov. Sessions 1856
#7 Nov. Sessions 1856
Louis Derne Margaret (Derne) Eymann Not indicted
#17 Nov. Sessions 1856 Henry Cutler Pauline Chase F
#21 Nov. Sessions 1856 A Morgan Guinniss Jane E. Kennedy M indicted; guilty
#10 April Sessions 1857
#26 Aug. Sessions 1857
Alexander McEntosh Susannah Dunn F indicted; guilty; settled
#32 Aug. Sessions 1857 James R Gage Cambridge Twp. Isabella Grieves Washington Twp.,
Erie Co.
F indicted; guilty
Nov. Sessions 1857 Eliza Quail Meadville [inquisition]
#18 April Sessions 1858 (Dr.) Henry Brooks Rachel F. Phillips Meadville M indicted
#29 Aug. Sessions 1858 Allured Humes Sarah Shaffer Woodcock Twp.
#33 Aug. Sessions 1858 Alexander Bright Sadsbury Twp.? Catharine Glancy M
#6 Feb. Sessions 1859 William Willey Ruth Ann Thompson M indicted
#7 Feb. Sessions 1859
#8 Feb. Sessions 1859
Samuel Williams Troy Twp. Ruth Ann Thompson M Not indicted
#25 Aug. Sessions 1859 Nicholas Steel Sally Wood Spring Twp. M indicted
#11 Feb. Sessions 1860 Lewis Warren Richmond Twp. Elizabeth Johnson
#31 Feb. Sessions 1860 Edward B Chase Janet Green M
#4 Aug. Sessions 1860 John Voorhes Elizabeth Hamilton F nolle prossed
#24 Aug. Sessions 1860 Nathaniel Kingsley Erie Co. Sarah Flasher
#14 Nov. Sessions 1860 Solon Hatch Athens Twp. Victoria Goldfinch Athens Twp. M
#28 Nov. Sessions 1860 Joseph Bakely Shermansville,
Sadsbury Twp.
Margaret Ann Bovee[?] F
#11 Feb. Sessions 1861 William Boslough Meadville Eliza Howard F
#14 Feb. Sessions 1861 Augustus Knerr Woodcock Sarah J. Greenlee Woodcock Twp. F
#26 Feb. Sessions 1861 Ephraim Oakes Meadville? Margaret Armberger M
#20 April Sessions 1861 Jacob Zimmerman Pamela Harvey M indicted; guilty
#12 Feb. Sessions 1862 George Henderson Jane Suvers
#1 April Sessions 1862 Joseph C Merriman Cochranton Angeline Randal F
#20 April Sessions 1862 Ernest W Everding Margaret Jane Mosier indicted; not guilty
#9 Aug. Sessions 1862 Andrew J Kerr Mercy Holdridge
#33 Aug. Sessions 1862 Peter Close Rose Curty M indicted
#35 Aug. Sessions 1862 John Grimes Ann Cashner Meadville? M indicted; pleads guilty
#7 Nov. Sessions 1862 Thomas K. Bosler Vernon Twp. Catharine Koehler F indicted
#2 Feb. Sessions 1863
#3 Feb. Sessions 1863
George Hartshorn Caroline Green
#61 Aug. Sessions 1863 Caroline (–) Peck Cambridge Twp. [for abortion; not guilty]
#7 Nov. Sessions 1863 Jonathan Close, Jr. Summit Twp.? Catharine C. Shirtliff
#17 Nov. Sessions 1863 Hugh Mumford Mary Doutt indicted; went to IL
#14 Feb. Sessions 1864 Frederick Greenwood Vernon Twp.? Josephine Porchie M
#6 April Sessions 1864 Edward McCaffry/McCafferty Ann Burns
#13 Nov. Sessions 1864 Jasper Hazen Rebecca Crawford S. Shenango Twp. F indicted
#27 Nov. Sessions 1864 Mathew A. McDowell Olive Frst F
#33 Aug. Sessions 1865 Dr. William M. Johnson Meadville? Mary Gleason M indicted
#47 Aug. Sessions 1865 James Driscall Mary E. Weber F
#88 Aug. Sessions 1865 Stephen Palmer [not given]
#110 Aug. Sessions 1865 David/Lafayette McFadden Delilah Ross
#175 Aug. Sessions 1865
#15 Nov. Sessions 1865
John Snyder Sarah Elizabeth Work F indicted
#24 Nov. Sessions 1865 William Steele, Jr. Summerhill Twp.? Betty Woods M
#24 Aug. Sessions 1866 John Hosmer Harriet/Clara Hosmer Vernon Twp.? M indicted; pleads guilty
#87 Aug. Sessions 1866 Francis P. McBride Mary McCarty F indicted
#11 Feb. Sessions 1867 Allen R. Curtis Mary J. Chase Townville? F guilty
#18 Feb. Sessions 1867 Michael Gardner/Gartner Madeline Fryer F settled
#6 Sept. Sessions 1867 Michael Mulvehill Sarah Canboy M indicted
#87 Sept. Sessions 1867 Daniel Maloney Mary Murphy Meadville F indicted
#4 Jan. Sessions 1868 R. C. Coulter Venango Borough Elizabeth Wood Cambridge Springs M
#10 Jan. Sessions 1868 William Bertram Cambridge Twp.? Cordelia Gerish settled
#16 Jan. Sessions 1868 Michael Gardner Leaner Trayer indicted
#71 Jan. Sessions 1868 Andrew T. Harvey Anna Wood Meadville
#3 April Sessions 1868 John Davis Ellen Davis M Not indicted
#5 April Sessions 1868 Liberty A. Harvey Martha/Pattie Lawrence M indicted; settled
#4 June Sessions 1868 Marcus S. Martin Hannah Jane Dewolf M indicted
#22 June Sessions 1868 Anthony Horn/Horan Mary Lehan M
#2 Sept. Sessions 1868 William Dickey Eliza Wentworth F indicted
#8 Sept. Sessions 1868 Samuel W. McDowell Mercer Co.? Mary Ann Drew Not indicted
#69 Sept. Sessions 1868 Cornelius Kiter Ann Eliza Shank F indicted
#23 April Sessions 1869 W. L. Gage Fanny Holcomb F indicted
#31 April Sessions 1869 William Kilpatrick Mary Elizabeth White F indicted
#54 April Sessions 1869 William McCray Martha Steel/Steele Not indicted
#12 June Sessions 1869 Eliot S. Rice Harriet Pattison M indicted
#30 June Sessions 1869 Horace B Hannum Jane Story S. Shenango Twp. M indicted
#10 Sept. Sessions 1869 Lewis Worden Polly Hall “child not born”
#16 Sept. Sessions 1869 George Daniels Rosanna Flickinger F indicted
#37 Sept. Sessions 1869 Dr. Alexander Thompson Frances E Parker F indicted
#48 Jan. Sessions 1870,
#12 April Sessions 1870
William H. Ralston Ada/Ida J. Royer S. Shenango Twp. indicted
#2 April Sessions 1870 Samuel McKee Ellen Halpin Titusville? indicted
#8 April Sessions 1870 Jerome McCuster Sarah Friedley M indicted
#13 April Sessions 1870 Jacob Schreck Rachel Messensha, a/k/a
Regina Mesengehl
F settled
#12 June Sessions 1870,
#13 June Sessions 1870
Henry H. Niles Bloomfield [Twp.?] Lucy Jane Kilburn Bloomield F indicted
#28 Sept. Sessions 1870 Mathew Luce nolle prossed
#54 Sept. Sessions 1870 Thomas Burns Meadville? Pauline Dupont F nolle prossed
#50 Jan. Sessions 1871 George Gilmore Harriet Smith Blooming Valley M indicted; sentenced
#1 Aug. Sessions 1871 Willard Joiner Margaret Wolford Beaver [Twp.]? pleads guilty; sentenced
#29 Aug. Sessions 1871 George Hershelman Lucinda Parker F case dismissed
#34 Aug. Sessions 1871 John R. Bishop Butler Co. Rosa Meise M guilty; settled; sentenced
#7 Nov. Sessions 1871 John McIntosh Maggie Cotton Vernon Twp. escaped
#17 Nov. Sessions 1871 Arthur Devoe Rebecca Cochran indicted; guilty; fled
#25 Nov. Sessions 1871 George Foreman Fannie Guy
#44 Nov. Sessions 1871 Lawrence Siggins/Seagans Mary Shade Rockdale Twp.? F
#14 Jan. Sessions 1872 James M. Lowe indicted; discharged
#1 April Sessions 1872 Ira L. Stevens Victoria L. Carter Summerhill [Twp.] F
#2 April Sessions 1872 James M. Lowe Susan Lackey Meadville F Not indicted
#20 April Sessions 1872 Sylvester Sutton Mary Ann McNamira M
#29 April Sessions 1872 George Hershelman Catharine Drayer F indicted
#30 April Sessions 1872 Carrie Guste Lorrison F [for murder]
#5 Nov. Sessions 1872 Jackariah Raydure Nancy A. Shellito Sadsbury Twp. (arrested; absconded)
#11 Nov. Sessions 1872 Frank Goodrich Addie Disbron Corry, Erie Co. M Not indictedl
#27 Nov. Sessions 1872 Louis Monnin Mary Gegon/Gigogne indicted
#28 Nov. Sessions 1872 Arthur Fuller Mead Twp. Josephine Finney
#33 Nov. Sessions 1872 John N. Waid Sarah Lyon M [Sarah did not appear]
#11 Jan. Sessions 1873 Kendrick Brannon Rome Twp. Lois Snapp
#12 Jan. Sessions 1873 George Johnson/Johnston Helen Williams M indicted
#29 Jan. Sessions 1873 William B. Quiggle Fanny McKibben Mead Twp. M indicted
#7 April Sessions 1873 Minerd Freeland Saken Twp.,
Mercer Co.
Rosanna Riley F indicted
#19 April Sessions 1873 Sprague Lee Mead Twp. or
Lydia Rust Cambridge Twp. M indicted; guilty
#50 April Sessions 1873 Henry Franey Hannah Davies M Not indicted
#51 April Sessions 1873 William Mosier M E Smith
#5 Aug. Sessions 1873 Dennis McCarty Mary Jane McBride F
#11 Aug. Sessions 1873 George W. Minium Helen A. Perkins M
#50 Aug. Sessions 1873 Ora W. Anderson Conneaut Twp. Edna Penfield F
#14 Nov. Sessions 1873 Thomas Jefferson Shreve Bloomfield Twp. Arvilla Warner Bloomfield Twp.
#27 April Sessions 1874 Thomas Smith Mary Becker M
#51 April Sessions 1874 John Jenkins Eva Proctor F indicted
#1 Aug. Sessions 1874 John Taylor Greenwood Twp. Elzana/Elizina Hall Greenwood TWp. M indicted
#2 Aug. Sessions 1874 Daniel M. Hotchkiss Evansburgh Rebecca Hitchock Sadsbury Twp.
#9 Aug. Sessions 1874 Jefferson W. Adams Meadville Lizzie Williams M indicted
#18 Jan. Sessions 1875 Henry Olson Sophia Nelson
#10 April Sessions 1875 John Scott Maggie Brundage
#2 Aug. Sessions 1875 Harrison Potter Cussewago Twp.? Margaret M. Shofstall M indicted
#10 Aug. Sessions 1875 Frederick Wright Maranda Shonts Blooming Valley F indicted; guilty
#30 Aug. Sessions 1875 Henry Ellis Iowa Waid
#51 Nov. Sessions 1875 Francis E. Williams Sadsbury Twp.? Mina Hanna
#14 April Sessions 1876 Isaac Chaney Lydia Cole Atlantic F indicted
#16 April Sessions 1876 Brazilla Bortner Greenwood Twp.? E. Alice Anderson
#17 April Sessions 1876 Earl King Sarah E. Anderson F indicted
#36 April Sessions 1876 William Quirk Emma Frantz
#3 Aug. Sessions 1876 Fredrick Cooper Sophia Nelson
#40 Aug. Sessions 1876 Leslie Barnes Jane Martin [Hydetown?] indicted; settled
#14 Jan. Sessions 1877 John Hannah Alice Jackson
#19 Jan. Sessions 1877 Elijah Torry Helen Spearhouse M indicted
#23 Jan. Sessions 1877 Anson Taylor settled
#36 Jan. Sessions 1877 Peter Swaney Spring Twp. Johannah Gallagher F indicted; guilty
#38 Jan. Sessions &
#39 Jan. Sessions 1877
William McMichael Elizabeth Ambry Meadville? M Not indicted
#53 Jan. Sessions 1877 James Sterrick E J Morris M indicted
#66 Jan. Sessions 1877 &
#40 April Sessions 1877
A L Sherman Vernie M Sherred indicted
#7 April Sessions 1877 T B Sproul Tillie Stedman F indicted
#8 April Sessions 1877 Albert Shoffstall Cochranton Fyette Shoemaker Wayne Twp. F indicted
#22 Aug. Sessions 1877 &
#14 Aug. Sessions 1878
Peter Bakley/Bakeley Alferetta Williams Sadsbury Twp. M indicted
#23 Aug. Sessions 1877 George W. Birch Dora W. Shellito F indicted; guilty
#43 Aug. Sessions 1877 Power Pyle Athens [Twp.?] Loisa E. Baird F indicted; guilty
#12 Nov. Sessions 1877 Charles Dewey Mary Ann Peterson Fairfield Twp.? M indicted; escaped
#21 April Sessions 1878 Ralph Waid Steuben Twp. Betsey F Watson indicted
#78 April Sessions 1878 M. C. Moe Nettie L. Harman M indicted
#18 Nov. Sessions 1878 George Smith Louisa Kebort M indicted
#24 Nov. Sessions 1878 George A. Austin Rachel Amanda Kingsley F indicted
#6 Feb. Sessions 1879 Frank Rouche Florence Gilbert M indicted
#7 Feb. Sessions 1879 &
#39 Feb. Sessions 1879
Josiah Higley Lydia Fleek (child died)
#25 Feb. Sessions 1879 D. W. Moffet Zeller M
#33 Feb. Sessions 1879 Keller Rhodes Mary Smock F
#34 Feb. Sessions 1879
#1 May Sessions 1879
James Kinney Mary Strock indicted
#37 May Sessions 1879 William Senett Susan Waid M withdrawn
#9 Sept. Sessions 1879 Ernest Judd Mary Smith F indicted
#1 Nov. Sessions 1879 Augustus Davidson Jennie Peterson F indicted
#11 Nov. Sessions 1879 Harmon S Waid Florence O’Neal indicted
#18 Feb. Sessions 1880 Thomas Keppler Katie Bernhardy
#29 Feb. Sessions 1880 Abram Wheeler Emerette Thomas F indicted
#6 May Sessions 1880 Henry Shadley Josephine Schwab F indicted
#2 Sept. Sessions 1880 Andrew McElhaney Johanna McGregor F indicted
#14 Sept. Sessions 1880 Jacob Dites Sophia Smith
#3 Feb. Sessions 1881 Aaron S Carman Sarah Jane Frey indicted; guilty
#6 Feb. Sessions 1881 Lorenzo Wheeler Rose Cook M indicted
#32 Feb. Sessions 1881 Edward McMullen Anna Worley
#4 Feb. Sessions 1882 Samuel Randolph Ella Williams M indicted
#5,6 Feb. Sessions 1882 Dwight Edwards Mary Regan M indicted
#18 Feb. Sessions 1882 William A Gilson Elizabeth Decker true ill
#25 Feb. Sessions 1882 Delbert Clark Mary Baugher Not indicted
#1 Sept. Sessions 1882 Charles E. Seley Sarah A Ackerman Greenwood Twp. married
#2 Sept. Sessions 1882 David Maays Berdie Howe M settled
#6 Sept. Sessions 1882 Frank A. Welch Etta Buchanan F indicted
#7 Sept. Sessions 1882 Thomas White Mary Keating F indicted
#53 Sept. Sessions 1882 William Cheney Mary Richert Titusville? M indicted
#19 Nov. Sessions 1882 Kellar Rhodes Emma Rice M indicted
#1 Feb. Sessions 1883 Monroe K. Ray Annie T. Holeman settled
#8 Feb. Sessions 1883 Albert Hotchkiss Louella Hotchkiss M indicted
#21 May Sessions 1883 Cassius Sheopard Nancy A. Seley F indicted
#50 May Sessions 1883 Jacob Detrick Sarah Shoemaker F settled
#51 May Sessions 1883 Howard Williams Edith Christ/Crist M settled
#8 Sept. Sessions 1883 Frank Starkey Lucinda Lean/Lane F pled guilty; settled
#9 Sept. Sessions 1883 Ambros Kee Eliza Peterson F found not guilty
#25 Sept. Sessions 1883 John Stainbrook indicted
#7 Feb. Sessions 1884 William A Pierce Maggie Fleming F indicted
#21 Feb. Sessions 1884 James F. Shellito Hattie Graff M indicted
#13 May Sessions 1884 Charles Leary Clara Brown F indicted
#18 Sept. Sessions 1884 M. H. Luce Eva Barber M indicted
#21 Sept. Sessions 1884 Gaylord Kendall Emma Locher M indicted
#15 Nov. Sessions 1884 John Coughlin Emily N. McBride F indicted
#5 Feb. Sessions 1885 James O Stevens Sarah Boyles F
#21 May Sessions 1885 William B Hill Amanda Rhodes F indicted
#39 May Sessions 1885 Henry L Cain Mary B. Smith M Not indicted
J.P. Dk. 21 July 1888 Frank P. Muckinhoupt Elvie Seaey M
#11 Sept. Sessions 1885 James Beardsley Ella Sanders M indicted
#33 Sept. Sessions 1885 Harrison C Taylor Emma E. Looper M indicted
#62 Sept. Sessions 1885 Michael Conners Alice Braden M Not indicted
#6 May Sessions 1886 Geo A. Jewell Lizzie Bunce M indicted
#8 May Sessions 1886 Samuel Longood Etta Ross F indicted
#10 May Sessions 1886 Peter Goodwell Lizzie M. Allen M indicted
#11 Sept. Sessions 1886 Samuel Eaton Hulda Roswell M indicted
#15 Sept. Sessions 1886 Ernest Holz Sophia Foss M
#27 Sept. Sessions 1886 George Howard Hattie Jones F indicted
#9 Nov. Sessions 1886 George Lee Maggie Yocum F indicted
#25 Feb. Sessions 1887 Benjamin Tyler Maggie Lynch F indicted
J.P. Dk. 21 March 1887 Hiram Gable Trissie Galmish [Wayne Twp.] M [married 7 April 1887]
#15 May Sessions 1887 Patsey Emmington Mary Martin M indicted
#59 Sept. Sessions 1887 Frederick W. Middaugh Ann E. Middaugh M indicted (incest)
#14 Feb. Sessions 1888 Michael O’Laughlin Annie Heilman M indicted
#12 May Sessions 1888 Harrison Taylor Emma L Loper M (twins) Not indicted
J.P. Dk. 21 July 1888 Henry Conrad Meadville Mary Bahle
#42 Sept. Sessions 1888 George A Armour Jennie Woodworth M Not indicted
#34 Nov. Sessions 1888 Eugene Bidwell Anna Woodward M settled
#18 Feb. Sessions 1889 Arthur D. Frisbie Mary Lench[?] guilty
#36 Feb. Sessions 1889 Charles Bearse a/k/a Losee indicted
J.P. Dk. 17 July 1889 Alvin Ridle Anna Theuret M (born 4 Sept. 1888)
J.P. Dk. 30 Sept. 1889 Jacob Stemil Ester Carey Co. Poor House
J.P. Dk. 8 Oct. 1889 Frederick McLain Blanche Perkins Meadville?
J.P. Dk. 18 Nov. 1889 William A. Cutshall Edna Fairbanks
J.P. Dk. 9 June 1890 Harry Warner Marie/Mary Deiter settled by marrying
J.P. Dk. 15 Sept. 1890 Burr J. Phillips Mamie Searls Rome Twp. (case settled)
#21 May Sessions 1891 William J Burns [absconded] Gloria Gehr Hayfield Twp. F (born 9 Dec. 1890)
#27 May Sessions 1891 William W. Derickson Hattie P Wood Meadville? not guilty
#18 May Sessions 1892 Chas. H. Rockwell Amelia Kiser guilty
#13 Feb. Sessions 1893 Alfred W. Morrison Flora Morton no indictment
#31 Sept. Sessions 1893 George Bell [absconded] Sylvia E Mosley Meadville? (born 14 Oct. 1892)
#3 May Sessions 1894
#14 Sept. Sessions 1894
Henry Rung Anna Belle Davis/David guilty
#26 Sept. Sessions 1894 Samuel Abbott indicted
#14 Nov. Sessions 1894 Raymond A. Stewart indicted
#5 May Sessions 1895 Charles Quinley indicted
#18 May Sessions 1895 William Campbell indicted; guilty
#19 Feb. Sessions 1896 James Burch indicted; not guilty
#24 Sept. Sessions 1896 Flavel Jackson nol prossed
#20 Feb. Sessions 1897 Harry Bortner indicted
#5 Nov. Sessions 1897 S. S. Davenport Dora Blystone no indictment; settled
#10 Nov. Sessions 1897 Arthur Fuller indicted; guilty
#33 Nov. Sessions 1897 Grant McLenahan indicted; nolle prossed
#19 Feb. Sessions 1898 Paul Richards Mary Warden not indicted
#10 May Sessions 1898 Homer Baird indicted
#17 Nov. Sessions 1898 Victor Laurent [Louise Countess] indicted; guilty
#11 Feb. Sessions 1899 William Pettis indicted
#2 May Sessions 1899 Floyd Snapp indicted
#11 May Sessions 1899 Alfred Merritt indicted
#14 May Sessions 1899
#7 May Sessions 1900
Manly/Manley Taylor Maud Holland indicted; pleads no contest
#17 May Sessions 1899 William Battes not indicted
#19 Sept. Sessions 1899 Albert Harvey indicted; nolle prossed
#20 Sept. Sessions 1899 Dennis Clark indicted
#21 Sept. Sessions 1899 Major William indicted
#35 Nov. Sessions 1899 John Rushin not indicted
#36 Nov. Sessions 1899 George Lafferty not indicted
#17 Feb. Sessions 1900 Roscoe Morton indicted
#27 Feb. Sessions 1900 James Hubbard indicted; found not guilty
#7 May Sessions 1900 Manley Taylor Maud Holland indicted; pleads no contest
#12 Sept. Sessions 1900 Glenn Thompson indicted; pleads no contest
#3 Nov. Sessions 1900 Catherine Ruffenberger indicted; guilty
#4 Nov. Sessions 1900 Robert McMullen nolle prossed
#29 Nov. Sessions 1900 John Schultz, Sr. nolle prossed
#30 Nov. Sessions 1900 Paul P. Myers nolle prossed
#3 May Sessions 1901 Ernest Gray indicted; not guilty
#19 May Sessions 1901 Otis Nelson indicted
#21 May Sessions 1901 Henry Berton indicted; nolle prossed
#15 Sept. Sessions 1901 Elmer E. Spence indicted; guilty of rape
#22 Sept. Sessions 1901 Fred. Nichols indicted; nolle prossed
#40 Sept. Sessions 1901 E. V. Kelly
#20 Nov. Sessions 1901 Wm. P. Maxwell nolle prossed
#6 Feb. Sessions 1902 Gerald Moses Anna Drake indicted; guilty
#38 Feb. Sessions 1902 Winton L. Barton nolle prossed
#39 Feb. Sessions 1902 Harry O. Putnam
#40 Feb. Sessions 1902 Lewis W. Rhodes nolle prossed
#32 Sept. Sessions 1902 Thomas L. Cooper indicted; nolle prossed
#5 May Sessions 1903 Charles Rice indicted; pleads no contest