Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Vital & Court Records
 DEATHS 1852-1854

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          The Pennsylvania Registration Act of 1852 provided "that from and after the first day of July next, each register of wills in the several counties of the State shall be supplied with separate books, in which he shall register, in the manner hereinafter directed, the marriages which may have been contracted, and the births and deaths which may have occurred within his county."1 The law was repealed three years later, perhaps for lack of compliance.2

          Presented below in alphabetical order are the fifty-seven deaths registered in Crawford County between 5 November 1852 and 23 October 1854. All but three of the deceased were men, and only one a minor; two died in California, and a third at the Harrisburg insane asylum. The twenty parts of the registration form have been rearranged as follows (the numbers in parenthesis indicate original order):
(1) Full name of deceased, (2) Color, (3) Sex, (7) Occupation, born (8) Place of birth, (12) Date of birth, son/daughter of (5) (6) Name of father [and] mother of deceased, died (14) Name of place, town or township and county in which the person died, (12) date of death, aged (4) Age, from (13) Cause of death, buried (15) Name and location of burial ground in which interred, husband/wife of (9)/(10) Name of wife/husband of deceased, father/mother of (11) Name of issue living.  Returned by (16) Name of person returning certificate, of (17) Residence of such person, certified (18) Date of certificate, registered (19) Date of registration. [Part (20), Signature of register, has been omitted].
          This transcript was prepared from photostatic copies placed in the library of the Crawford County Historical Society by Eugene F. Throop; the original volume is reportedly in courthouse storage. Names of persons have been spelled verbatim, but dates have been standardized. Crawford County, Pennsylvania, has been abbreviated "CCo."

James Adsit, white, male, son of Richard and Deborah Adsit, died Greenwood [Twp.] CCo., 22 Nov. 1853, aged 25y, from typhoid fever, husband of Elizabeth Maria Adsit, father of Abram & Welcome Adsit.  Returned by John Adsit of Sadsbury Twp., certified 30 Nov. 1853, registered same day.

John L. Andrews, white, male, died Turnersville CCo., 30 April 1853, aged about Thirty, from disease of the lungs, buried Salem Twp. Mercer Co. PA, husband of Martha Andrews, no issue returned.  Returned by John Carr, of Jamestown Mercer Co. PA, certified 9 May 1853, registered same

J. Windslow Beedy, born Erie Co. PA, son of Samuel Beedy, died Spanish Flats CA, aged 23y, from small pox.  Returned by Samuel Beedy, of Rockdale Twp., certified 6 Aug. 1853, registered same.

John Blair, white, male, died North Shenango [Twp.], 8 Oct. 1853, from palpitation of the heart, father of Elizabeth, Hugh, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Henry, William, Robert and A-- [copy defective].  Returned by William M. Blair, certified 5 Nov. 1853, registered same.

Robert Blair, white, male, died South Shenango [Twp.], 4 March 1854, aged 65y, from Billius Pneumonia.  Returned by Win Gibson M.D., of Jamestown Mercer Co. PA, certified 18 March 1854, registered same.

Robert P. Boyl, white, male, born State of New York, died Vernon Twp., 15 Dec. 1853, aged 28y, from consumption, husband of Roxa Boyl, father of none.  Returned by John Boyl, certified 28 Dec. 1853, registered same.

John Bunting, white, male, died Richmond Twp., aged 28, from inflamation of the lungs, husband of Lucy M. Bunting, father of (three) Oscur U. Leroy & -- not named.  Returned by Benjamin F. Low, certified 2 April 1853, registered same.

David Burnett, male, died Oil Creek Twp. CCo., 9 July 1852, aged 68y, from consumption, husband of Elizabeth, father of Josiah, Silas, Lucinda, Susan, John, Squire, Rodney  William, Rebecca  Daniel and Thomas.  Returned by Wm Burnett, of Oil Creek, certified 4 July 1853, registered same.

William Cathcart, white, male, born Ireland, died West Fallowfield [Twp.], 27 Jan.1853, aged 85y, from palsy, husband of Jane Cathcart, father of William, Andrew  James  Hugh  Thomas and Mary.  Returned by Wm Cathcart, of West Fallowfield, certified 14 Feb. 1853, registered same.

Joseph Champaigne, white, male, farmer, born France, son of John C and Mary Champaigne, died Fairfield Twp. CCo., 4 Dec. 1852, aged 61y, from inflamation of the bowels, buried Catholic graveyard Fairfield Twp. [SS. Peter & Paul Cem.], father of Polie, Mary, Ernuel[?], Francis.  Returned by J. C. Champaigne, registered 18 Dec. 1852.

Daniel F. Christ, white, male, born Pennsylvania, died Greenwood Twp., 28 Dec.1853, aged 52y, from pleurisy, husband of Polly Christ, father of J. D. - D. J. - Sarah Ann - Mary Ann - Serany[?] - Eliza A, Tryphena, and Julietta Christ.  Returned by J. D. Christ, of Greenwood Twp., certified 31 Dec. 1853, registered same.

Orren Clark, white, male, lumber dealer, born State of New York, died Oil Creek Twp., [date "not returned"], aged 45y, from fractured limb, buried Titusville Borough, husband of Eliza Clark.  Returned by F. B. Brewer M.D., of Titusville, certified 7 March 1854, registered 8 March 1854.

Conrad Cole, white, male, born Lehi, County of Northumberland PA, died Hayfield Twp., 26 Sept. 1854, aged 79y, from bleeding of the lungs, husband of Mary Cole.  Returned by H. C. Terrill, of Hayfield Twp., certified 23 Oct. 1854, registered same.

Nicholas Coons, male, died Conneaut Twp. CCo., aged 62y, from consumption, father of Elizabeth, Alvira, A. N. Coons, Charles, Emily, C.  Mary F.  Adelia and --.  Returned by A. N. Coons, of Evansburgh [now Conneaut Lake], certified 9 June 1853, registered same.

Samuel Davenport, white, male, born State of Connecticut, died Rome Twp., 28 Aug. 1853, aged 34y, from consumption, husband of Arvilla Davenport, father of James & Caroline Davenport.  Returned by Hiram Southworth, of Rome Twp., certified 7 Oct. 1853, registered same.

Thomas Elliott, white, male, died South Shenango Twp., 25 March [1853], aged 80y, father of Mary. John. James, Thomas Jane Nancy Matthew & Hannah.  Returned by Jeremiah McArthur, certified 4 April 1853, registered same.

Solomon Englehopt, white, male, died Summit Twp., 24 April 1853, aged 60y, from congestive chill, buried McClure, father of Hannah, Catharine, Leah, Samuel  Wm  Eliza  Rebecca  Lucinda & David.  Returned by C. V. H. Sloan, of Summit Twp., certified 2 May 1853, registered same.

Joseph Finney, white, male, died Meadville PA, 6 Dec. 1853, aged 42y, from Dry mortification, buried Greendale Cemetery [Meadville], husband of Sarah Finney, father of David, Joseph, Horace and --.  Returned by Win S. Drew, of Meadville, certified 12 Dec. 1853, registered same.

Charles N. Ford, white, male, born Ashtabula Co. OH, son of Shaderic and Margaret Ford, died Cambridge Twp., 11 March 1853, buried Cambridge Grave Yard, husband of Diantha, father of Chester C., Riza D.  Olivia M. and Ellen L.  Returned by Ephraim S. Rockwell, of Cambridge, certified 2 May 1853, registered same.

William Forsythe, male, died Spring Twp. CCo., 19 March 1853, aged 67, from paralysis, husband of Rebecca.  Returned by Jesse E. Church, registered 30 June 1853.

Jacob Fulbon, white, male, farmer, born Germany, died Vernon Twp., 10 Dec. 1852, aged 42y 10m, from inflamation of the lungs, buried Catholic graveyard, Vernon Twp. [original St. Agathas Cem.], husband of Modelena, father of Elizabeth Mary, Francis, Christopher, Caroline, John & Christiana.  Returned by John Shreiber, of Vernon Twp., certified 18 Dec. 1852, registered same.

John Gaugh, white, male, farmer, born Redstone Fayette Co. PA, 1779, son of John and Jane Gaugh, died North Shenango Twp., 4 Nov. 1852, aged 73, from consumption, buried Wilsons Burying Ground, husband of Esther Gaugh, father of James P.  Boyed [sic]  Jane, A.M.  I[J?].G.  C.J.  Returned by J. A. M. Gaugh, of North Shenango Twp., certified 14 Feb. 1853, registered same.

John Gehr Jr., male, died Summit Twp. CCo., 2 July 1853, aged 68, from cancer, husband of Susarma, father of Benjamin, Polly, Jacob, Rachel, Catharine, Ruth, Elizabeth, Harriet, Maria, Phidilia, Amos, & Paul.  Returned by Samuel Gehr, of Summit, certified 8 July 1853, registered same.

Leroy Henry, white, male, died Rockdale Twp. CCo., 1 Sept. 1853, aged 52y, from consumption, husband of Jerusha Henry, father of Lydia, Nancy Ann, Josiah, Eunice, Harrison, James, Sally Ann, Clarinza, and Jonas.  Returned by Lewis Larkins, of Bloomfield Twp., certified 19 Sept. 1853, registered same.

James M. Humes, white, died Woodcock Twp., aged 71y 10m, husband of Elizabeth.  Returned by Daniel Burge Jr., certified 20 Dec. 1852, registered same.

James H. Jackson, white, male, farmer, son of John and Mary Jackson, died Sadsbury Twp., 18 Jan. 1853, aged 33y, from consumption, buried Garwoods Grave Yard, husband of Calista Jackson, father of Isaac C.  Amanda  Ann  Abner  Clellan.  Returned by Calista Jackson, of Sadsbury Twp., certified 28 Jan. 1853, registered same.

Lancelot Johnson, white, male, born Ireland, died Vernon Twp., 7 May 1854, aged 82y, from pleurisy, buried Meadville, husband of Elizabeth Johnson, father of Arthur, James S.[?] and Mary.  Returned by Arthur Johnson, of Vernon Twp., certified 11 May 1854, registered same.

John Lasher, white, male, farmer, born Westmoreland Co. PA, died Venango Borough, aged 62y, from inflamation of the lungs, buried Klecknerville, husband of Mary Lasher, father of Solomon D, Samuel, Martin, Henry, Michael, Mary E, G. Lasher  B. F. Lasher.  Returned by John G. Lasher, of Venango Borough, certified 22 Jan. 1853, registered same.

Jasper Lyon, white, male, farmer, born White Hall Washington Co. NY, 21 April 1791, son of Thomas Lyon [mother "not known"], died Richmond Twp., 6 Jan. 1854, aged 63y, from typhoid fever, buried on his farm, husband of Fanny Lyon, formerly Bishop, father of Sarah, Lonson, Levi, Polly, Thomas, Orren, Rachel, John, Elizabeth, and Fanny.  Returned by Lonson Lyon, of Richmond Twp., certified 10 Jan. 1854, registered same.

Thomas McCray, white, male, born Pennsylvania, died Summit Twp., 3 Oct. 1853, aged 62y, from flux, husband of Mary McCray, father of Jesse, Joseph, Ira, Hannah, Polly, Sylvania, Sylvester & J F McCray.  Returned by J. F. McKray, of Summit Twp., certified 19 Oct. 1853, registered same.

John McCutchen, white, male, born Pittsburgh PA, son of James McCutcheon, died East Fallowfield Twp., 11 Oct. 1853, aged 40y, from flux, husband of Eliza Jane McCutchon, father of Win R, James, Arthur J, Jane, Thomas, John D, Margaret E.  Returned by E. S. Mathews, of East Fallowfield, certified 26 Oct. 1853, registered same.

William R. McDonald, male, born State of New Jersey, died Beaver Twp. CCo., 21 May 1853, aged 92y, from old age and fever, father of William, Abigail, Richard, Philo. F. and Benjamin.  Returned by P. F. McDonald, of Beaver, certified 28 June 1853, registered same.

Robert McQueen, white, male, farmer, born Lancaster Co. PA, 1783, son of Robert and Mary McQueen, died E. Fallowfield [Twp.], 9 Jan. 1853, aged 70y, from dropsy of the heart, buried Hartford [now Hartstown], husband of Sally McQueen, father of John, Mary, Jonah  Thomas  Martha  Hugh and Sarah.  Returned by Thomas McQueen, of East Fallowfield, certified 1 Feb. 1853, registered same.

Henry Marley, white, male, born Ireland, died Fairfield Twp., 19 April 1854, aged 92, from old age, buried Conneaut Burying Ground, father of James J Marley.  Returned by James J. Marley, of Fairfield Twp., certified 22 April 1854, registered same.

Obed. G. Mason, male, born Crawford Co. PA, died Greenwood Twp. CCo., aged 42y, from erysipelas, husband of Sarah, father of John, Sylvester, Enos, and Franklin Pierce Mason.  Returned by John W. McEntire, of East Fallowfield, certified 15 Aug. 1853, registered same.

Thomas Mifflin, white, male, son of Jonathan Mifflin, died 4 April 1853, aged 56y, No issue.  Returned by John Reynolds, of Meadville, certified 27 April 1853.

Jacob Moyer, white, male, died Greenwood Twp. CCo., 15 Oct. 1852, aged 68y, from disease of the heart, husband of Catherine, father of John Jacob Henry, Sarah Eli, David, Elizabeth  Daniel, George, Jonathan & Catherine.  Returned by David Moyer, registered 13 Nov. 1852.

James Pierce, white, male, died Summit Twp. CCo., 10 Nov. 1853, aged 29y, from conjestion of the Brain, husband of Nancy Pierce, father of Martha Eliza & Mary Jane.  Returned by Nancy Pierce, of Summit Twp., certified 18 Nov. 1853, registered same.

T. A. Power, white, male, born Beaver Co. PA, died Pine Twp., 22 Jan. 1854, aged 37y, from typhoid fever, husband of Jane Power, father of James H. and Frank H.  Returned by Jane S. Powers, certified 1 Feb. 1854, registered same.

George I Prime, born Lower Cannada [sic], died Greenwood Twp. CCo., 9 July 1853, aged 37y, buried Meadville, husband of Lydia, father of Allis Harper and Georgianna.  Returned by James Hamilton, of Greenwood Twp., certified 14 July 1853, registered same.

Stephen Rodgers, white, male, born State of New York, died Spring Twp., 23 June 1853, aged 78y, from old age, husband of Hannah Rodgers, father of Platt Rodgers.  Returned by Platt Rodgers, of Spring Twp., certified 9 Sept. 1853, registered same.

Margaret Ross, white, female, born Greenwood Twp., daughter of Thomas Ross, died Harrisburgh [sic] Insane Asylum, 31 Jan. 1854, aged 29y, from inflamation of the tonsils, husband none, issue none.  Returned by Thomas Ross Jr., certified 24 Feb. 1854, registered same.

David Rundel, white, male, born State of New York, died Spring Twp. CCo., 18 June 1853, aged 80y, father of Austin, Lewis, William, Truman, Harriet, and Caroline.  Returned by Gamaliel Head, of Spring Twp., certified 9 July 1853, registered same.

John Sammel, white, male, died Sadsbury Twp., 18 Sept. 1853, aged 57y, from dropsey of the heart, husband of Sarah Saniznel, father of Eliza, Polly, Edward, Fietta, Alfred, Sarah and Caroline.  Returned by Alfred Sammel, of Sadsbury Twp., certified 4 Jan. 1954, registered same.

William Scroggs, white, male, son of Allen Scroggs, died Meadville 30 Jan. 1854, aged 58y, from consumption.  Returned by Harvey Heath, certified 16 Feb. 1854, registered same.

Mary E. Skelton, white, female, died Venango Twp. CCo., 17 Sept. 1853, aged 56y, from flux, wife of John Skelton, mother of Jane & Elisabeth Skelton.  Returned by John C. Siverling, of Cambridge, certified 22 Oct. 1853, registered same.

Thomas Smith Jr., white, male, born East Fallowfield [Twp.], son of Thomas and Margret Smith, died East Fallowfield Twp., 23 July 1852, aged 39y, from consumption, husband of Catharine, father of John, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Margaret.  Returned by Catharine Smith (widow), of East Fallowfield, certified 21 April 1853, registered same.

Edwin Stevens, white, male, joiner, born W. Haven CT, died Steuben Twp., aged 42, from inflamatory, buried Bakers or Kingsley, husband of Philura[?] Stevens, father of James Franklin, Edwin Newton, Lucius W. & Sherman M.  Returned by Levi S. Beardsley, of Steuben Twp., certified 11 April 1853, registered same.

Adam Stewart, white, male, born Ireland, died East Fallowfield [Twp.] CCo., aged 90y, buried Presbyterian [Cem.] at Evansburg [now Conneaut Lake] PA, father of Eliza, Aaron, Robert, John, Charles, Adam, Maria Jane, & Henry.  Returned by Charles Stewart, certified 5 Nov. 1852, registered same.

Josiah Terrill, white, male, died Rockdale Twp., 25 Jan. 1854, aged 48y, from consumption, husband of Sila Terrill, father of Lucien B, George C, Hellen M, Betsey Ann, Joseph B, Harriet L & Sally[?] Ann H.  Returned by C. Terrill, certified 14 Feb. 1854, registered same.

S. L. Van Marter, white, male, son of J. D. and Sarah Van Marter, died Mead Twp., 5 Sept. 1853, aged 25y, from dropsy of the heart, husband of Cordelia VanMarter, father of Sillestria & Maryetta.  Returned by J. D. Van Marter, of Mead Twp., certified 3 Jan. 1854, registered same.

Andrew T. Waters, white, male, died Fairfield Twp., 17 March 1854, aged 63y, supposed to be Frozen, husband of Sarah Waters, father of Nancy, David, Mary Ann, John, Daniel, Napolion, Jackson, Jeremiah, William and Jonathan.  Returned by Sarah Waters, of Fairfield Twp., certified 28 March 1854, registered same.

Thomas Bradley Watson, white, male, died Oil Creek Twp. CCo., 29 April 1854, aged 36y, from consumption.  Returned by John S Shugart M.D., certified 10 July 1854, rag. same.

Orson Williams, white, male, born Massachusetts, son of Eliphalet and Hannah Williams, died San Francisco CA, husband of Mary Williams.  Returned by E. B. R. Sacket, of Mead Twp., certified 1 March 1853, registered same.

Christianne [Wotring], white, female, born 26 Sept. 1849, daughter of Paul and Mary A. Wotring, died Woodcock Twp., 19 Oct. 1852, aged 3y 23d, [cause "not given"].  Returned by Paul Wotring, of Woodcock Twp., certified 19 Feb. 1853, registered same.

Martin P. Young, white, male, son of Isaac Young, died Troy Twp., aged 40y, from typhoid fever, buried Titus burial ground, husband of Catharine Young, father of Isaac, Viun[?], Ira, Rachel James & Charlotte E. [occupation, date and place of birth, name of mother, and date of death "not given"].  Returned by James Van Wagenen[?], of Troy Twp., certified 14 Feb. 1853, registered same.

Michael Zimmerman, white, male, born Germany, died Vernon Twp., 28 April 1853, aged 38y, from a fall from a horse, buried Catholic Burying Ground, Vernon Twp. [original St. Agathas Cem.], husband of Catharine, father of Jacob, Elizabeth and John.  Returned by Jacob Hershelman, of Vernon Twp., certified 30 April 1853, registered same.

1. "An act to provide for a registration of marriages, births, and deaths," Laws of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Passed at the Session of 1852 (Harrisburg 1852), 2-7.

2. "An act to repeal the Registration Act," Laws of ... the Session of 1855 (Harrisburg 1855), 4.