Crawford County, Pennsylvania



The following is a chronological listing of names changed by act of the Pennsylvania Legislature
or by decree of the Crawford County Court of Common Pleas,
with links to the relevant statute or court proceedings;
for additional name changes, see Adoptions and Legitimations:

Year City or County Parent(s) Name(s) New Name(s)
1808 Philadelphia Robert Hare John Powel Hare John Hare Powel
1808 Philadelphia Col. Christian Febiger
by adoption
Christian Febiger Carson Christian Carson Febiger
1808 Philadelphia Lewis Dorleans Lewis Emery
1810 Cambria Co.? Augustine Smith Augustine Demetrius Gallitzen
1810 Bensalem Twp.
Bucks Co.
Charles Swift Charles Swift, Jr. Charles Riche
1810 Philadelphia? John Harris Pugsley John Levett Harris
1812 Voltaire Goldsmith Jones Thomas Watkin Jones
1812 Philadelphia Jesse Homer Jesse Henderson Jones
1815 York Thomas Chronemiller Thomas Baumgardner
1820 Philadelphia Mary Josephine Sige Mary Josephine Soullier
1826 John Keith Slack John Slack Keith
1827 Philadelphia Co. John Stephens Smith Kenderton Smith
1828 Philadelphia Daniel Stroud Macdowel Stroud George M. Stroud
1829 Philadelphia Charles Colladay Charles Jackson Colladay
1831 John & Esther (Wood) Abbott Thomas Wood Abbott Thomas Abbott Wood
1831 Luzerne Co. Samuel Woodcock Samuel L. Wood
1832 York Co. Philip William Burgholthous
Anthony Daniel Burgholthous
Barnard Henry Burgholthous
Philip William Burg
Anthony Daniel Burg
Barnard Henry Burg
1833 Northampton Co. Sebastian Gundt
George Henry Gundt
Benjamin Gundt
John George Gundt
Sebastian Goundie
George Henry Goundie
Benjamin Goundie
John George Goundie
1833 Marquis William Twitchell Marquis William Wilmot
1835 Philadelphia John Hitchcock John Ives
1835 John Hamer Nelson Somerville
1835 John Lindsay Furguson Pizant John Lindsay Furguson
1835 Mary Ann Floyd Mary Ann Stanley
1839 Westmoreland Co. Mary Donald Mary Connelly
1839 Jefferson Co. Mary McCormick Mary Temple
1840 Philadelphia Co. Elie A. F. Vallette Elie Augustus F. Lavallette
1840 Philadelphia William Patch William P. Homer
1840 Maryland/
Isaac P. Smith Edward Smith
Isaac Handy Smith
Edward Smith Handy
Isaac Smith Handy
1842 William Duck
Jacob Duck
Philip Duck
Amelia Duck
William Dock
Jacob Dock
Philip Dock
Amelia Dock
1842 Cumberland Co. Peter Duck his children [unnamed] (surname) Dock
1842 Philadelphia Co. Elias Hicks Parker Morris S. Parker
1842 Philadelphia Isaac Otis James Smith Otis Isaac Otis
1842 Perry Co. George & Mary Tharp George Cary Tharp Schnauffer George Cary Tharp
1843 Westmoreland Co. John Young John Young Forrester
1843 Philadelphia Co. Lloyd Wharton Lloyd Wharton Bickley
1843 Philadelphia Co. T. N. McMichael George W. Mitchell
1843 Philadelphia Jonathan Leonard Eastman Joseph Leonard Eastman
1843 Allegheny Co. John Blair John Washington Blair
1843 Philadelphia Co. Samuel Thomas Samuel Adam Thomas
1843 Philadelphia Manuel Moses Manuel W. Phipps
1843 Juniata Co. Evread Otes [Oles] Everard Otes
1843 Francis S. Corbin Francis Sims
1844 Franklin Clarissa Taylor Clarissa Taylor Howe
1844 Juniata Co. Evread Oles Everard Oles
1844 Allegheny Co. Oliver J. Jarvis
and adopted daughter of
James & Hannah Miles
Eliza Jane Jarvis Eliza Jane Miles
1844 Philadelphia Co. John A. Mervin James A. Scloussher
1844 Pittsburgh Thomas & Emily Backhouse James E. Backhouse James E. King
1844 Crawford Co. Esther Green Thomas Green Thomas Shephard Wait
1844 Philadelphia John C. & Hannah R. Evans Thomas Evans Thomas L. Evans
1844 Philadelphia David Wesley Hazzard Wesley Hazzard
1845 Butler,
Butler Co.
John Newton Graham John Newton Pollock
1845 Lehigh Co. Frederick Nase
Jesse B. Nase
Charles Nase
Frederick Nehs
Jesse B. Nehs
Charles Nehs
1845 Philadelphia William Robinson William Robertson
1845 Williamsport,
Lycoming Co.
Lewis Gudkin Lewis Gudkin Titus
1845 Philadelphia Samuel Tash Samuel Tash Powell
1845 Wilkesbarre,
Luzerne Co.
Martin Long [second] Marx Long
1845 Wilkins Twp.,
Allegheny Co.
Joseph Mires Hearbert Joseph Mired Kuhns
1845 Philadelphia Co. Peter Malony Peter Lamb
1846 Philadelphia Mary Schaper Mary Simmons
1847 Lancaster John M’Gloughlin John M’Gloughlin Swartz
1847 Columbia Twp.,
Bradford Co.
Raiment Sherman Raiment Garnet
1847 Philadelphia Hunking Winkley Henry Winkley
1848 Philadelphia Co. Nathan Zachariah Charles Johnson
1848 Lancaster Co. Adaline Beidler Adaline Shelly
1848 Westmoreland Co. Thompson Richardson
by adoption
David Richardson Bair David Richardson
1848 Maiden Creek Twp.,
Berks Co.
Jacob Forney Jacob Howard Forney
1848 Philadephia Co. Alexander & Susan L. Smith Charles Mitchell Smith Charles Mitchell Smith Leslie
1848 Philadelphia Christopher List Charles List
1848 Mifflin Co. John Boartsenhart John B. Hart
1848 Allegheny,
Allegheny Co.
William Black, Jr. William Krebs
1848 Lancaster Co. Franklin Bear Swar Franklin Swar Bryan
1848 Pottsville,
Schuylkill Co.
Andrew Jackson Glarfke Andrew G. Jackson
1849 Philadelphia Co. Mary Ann Loudenslager
George G. Loudenslager
Bartholomew G. Loudenslager
Mary Ann Louden
George G. Louden
Bartholomew G. Louden
1849 Philadelphia Co. Frederick Kuntz [Frederick] Koons
1849 Cumberland Co. Thomas Urie Chambers Thomas Davidson Urie
1850 Philadelphia David Gemmill Bordley James Bordley Gemmill
1850 Washington Co. James & Elizabeth Dorsey James Elder
George Elder
James Dorsey
George Dorsey
1850 Philadlephia Co. Robert Jones Robert Clarenden Jones
1850 Mauch Chunk,
Carbon Co.
Jonathan Cooper Steel Jonathan Cooper Fincher
1850 Worth Twp.,
Mercer Co.
Thomas Kirkpatrick Thomas Kirk
1850 Lehigh Co. Jacob Lindecoogel Joseph Lind
1850 Honesdale,
Wayne Co.
George Nutting George Lagrande
1850 Philadelphia Mary Anna H. Hindman Mary Anna H. Hoskins
1851 Greene Co. Moses Ellsworth Robert Robinson
1851 Northern Liberties,
Philadelphia Co.
Andrew Jackson Green Harry Green Williams
1851 Philadelphia James Young James Thompson Young
1851 Philadelphia William Harrington Moss William Harrington
1851 Philadelphia Wirtz McMicken Johnson Wirtz McMicken
1851 Philadelphia Co. Charles Orrick Barton Campbell Charles Barton Campbell
1851 Columbia,
Lancaster Co.
Patrick Gannon Francis Patrick Gannon
1851 John & Mary Haviland John Von Sountag Haviland John Von Sountag De Havilland
1851 Bradford Co. Daniel S. Bliven
by adoption
Francis S. R. Power Frances S. R. Bliven
1851 Columbia Co. William Richey William Mann
1852 Lancaster John Sheaff Tidd John Henry Sheaff
1852 Huntingdon Co. Daniel Huyett Hogmire Daniel Hogmire Huyett
1852 Lancaster Co. Daniel Brubaker &
Catharine Ann Myers
Margaret Amelia Myers Margaret Amelia Brubaker
1852 Erie Albert Borden Albert Schneider
1852 Mifflin Co. James Sommerville
by adoption
Mary Ann Vanzandt Mary Ann Sommerville
1852 Carlisle
Cumberland Co.
Charles Bryson Worrell Charles Dilworth Bryson
1852 Philadelphia Robert A. Parrish Joseph Parrish Joseph Austin Parrish
1853 Philadelphia Co. Edward C. Wayne
by adoption
Harriet Newell Weaver Harriet Newell Wayne
1853 Erie Co. Charles C. & Louisa M. Boyd
by adoption
Stella M. Reynolds Stella M. Boyd
1853 Marietta,
Lancaster Co.
Samuel Peck Samuel Stence
1854 Berks Co. James McNamee
and by adoption,
Morgan Daniel Medlar
Alvin Gernant McNamee Alvin Gernant Medlar
1854 Philadelphia Sam & Esther Byram Ben Lees Ben Lees Byram
1859 Philadelphia Washington Carroll Tevis Charles Carroll de Taillevis
1861 Philadelphia Benjamin Welch Ben Garretson Welch
1861 Philadelphia Ben Welch Benjamin Garrettson Welch
1861 Lydia Price
1861 Lawrence Co. William D. Clark
by adoption
William Augustus Clark Zerman William Augustus Clark