Crawford County, Pennsylvania

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*Titusville Seminary and Soldiers’ Orphans’ School.


    This Institution was opened under State patronage in December, 1867, by Gurdon S. Berry, Esq., a practising attorney of Titusville.  Prof. J. N. Beistle, of Cumberland County, has had personal supervision from the beginning.  The School has about 170 State and some private pupils.  Boys and girls between the ages of ten and sixteen yeas, orphans of soldiers who served in Pennsylvania Regiments during the Rebellion, or who, being citizens of Pennsylvania, served in the regiments of other States, or in the Navy, and who died in service, or of disease contracted or wounds received in the service of the United States, may be admitted upon application to Col. George F. McFarland, State Superintendent of Soldiers’ Orphans, at Harrisburg, Pa.
    Only a limited number of private pupils are received.
    The School is conducted on the Industrial plan, affording the pupils an opportunity for six hours’ manual labor per day.

    * The above was received too late for insertion in the Introductory.
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