Crawford County, Pennsylvania


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Bench and Bar
1885 county history, pp. 295-311
1888 Centennial Tribune-Republican, pp. 135-38
1899 Samuel P. Bates’ Our County and Its History, pp. 193-205
1903 Joshua Douglass’ Bench and Bar of Pennsylvania, pp. 240-57 [on-line]
1904 William Reynolds’ Fifty Years of the Bench and Bar
1912 Meadville Illustrated, pp. 58-61
See also subject index to articles on the Bench & Bar published in
Crawford County History
See also Biographical sketches of early members of the bar compiled by
William B. Moore and published in the Crawford County Legal Journal,
        beginning with an introduction in Vol. 30, #388 (27 Nov. 2019), pp. 3-4.

County home:  1874 county gazetteer
     1832 state gazetteer
  (also same source)
     1874 county gazetteer
Spencer Hospital:  1874 county gazetteer

Allegheny College
     1832 state gazetteer
     1871-72 county directory
     1874 county gazetteer
     1869-70 Directory of the Oil Regions
Meadville Academy
     1850 Huidekoper’s “Incidents”
     1874 county gazetteer
Meadville Theological School
     1874 county gazetteer
     1869-70 Directory of the Oil Regions
Public schools (Meadville)
     1871-72 county directory

Legal Records
Adoptions, legitimations, and name changes
Feme sole traders
Statutory divorces
list of nineteenth century divorce petitions
early sessions of Court:
     In 1800, from 1874 county gazetteer
     1800-1801, from 1850 Huidekoper’s “
     In 1805, from 1871-72 county directory
For a list of courhouse records published in Crawford County Genealogy, see subject index.
     (References are to the volume and page in "CCG," the journal of the Crawford Co. Genealogical Soc.)
See also Courthouse

1850 Huidekoper’s “Incidents”
1871-72 county directory — Titusville
1874 county gazetteer
See also Alleghany Magazine

1871-72 county directory; also
1871-72 county directory (Titusville)
1874 county gazetteer

Political Subdivisionssee also PLACES
Historical Township Boundaries
Historical Borough Boundaries (includes cities)
1832 county, borough, and Post Office sketches from a Pennsylvania gazetteer
1850 county sketch published in Huidekoper’s “Incidents”
1869-70 Meadville and Titusville sketches from a directory of the oil regions
1871-72 city and borough sketches from a county directory [in progress Feb. 2014]
1874 county, township, city, borough and some village sketches from a county gazetteer
1876 township and city sketches from a county atlas
1879-80 township and borough sketches from a county directory
1885 township and borough sketches from a county history
1912 account of Meadville and the county

Religion (churches)
See 1871-2, 1874, 1876, and 1885 city, borough, and township sketches.
For Meadville, see 1871-72 county directory
1876 county atlas, p. 22
1888 Centennial Tribune-Republican, pp. 69-81
Methodist:  1969 history of Methodism in Western PA
Presbyterian:  1868 history of the Presbytery of Erie

1871-72 mention in a county directory
1874 county gazetteer
French Creek