Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography
1876 1

Copied for this site by Beverly Hopkins

Meadville - Titusville
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The sketches are arranged geographically, beginning in the northwest at Beaver Township,
with the following introduction

         A few old men, with willing spirit but defective memory, supply the meagre outlines of early settlement and pioneer privations.  A third generation has well-nigh passed away since those memorable days, when the adventurous pioneer ventured into the forests of Western Pennsylvania, and choosing a tract near river, creek, or spring, reared an humble dwelling; and, going east, returned again with family, sometimes with company, often alone, and incurred hardships, privations, and danger.  Traveling a trackless forest, little could be carried with them to insure home comforts.  Arrived at the chosen site, how did it appear?  Water convenient of access, the log cabin built, and a patch of land cleared of trees, but thick with stumps and charred logs.  Where are the neighbors for help in sickness and for friendly intercourse?  The echo of a distant axe, and the occasional far-off thunder of a falling tree, tell of some other brave-hearted borderer.  Brief mention of a few of the old frontiersmen and initial efforts, looking to a future civilization, are all that can be gained, and these but fragments.  Following on the track of a previous compiler, his record is found true in most particulars, and is reproduced with omissions and additions.

1 Combination Atlas Map of Crawford County, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia: Everts, Ensign, & Evert, 1876), pp. 24, 24¼, 24½, 25, and 26.