Crawford County, Pennsylvania

1876 ATLAS 1

         David McKee and Anthony Bennett, from Susquehanna County, located in 1798 in this township, the former near Espyville, the latter farther north.  In 1799, Sidney Herriott and Henry Bennett moved in; the one settled to the northward, the other near the centre of the township.  Samuel Barackman came in April, 1800, originally from Susquehanna.  During the same year, Hannah Linn moved to the western section with her family, and cleared the farm on which the descendants are living.  William Reed was a third settler during 1800.  The Collins brothers—Henry, Elijah, and Isaac—were from Mifflin County, and came West with a four-horse team in 1801.  The latter was a solider of 1812, and cleared a farm at Espyville, where he passed his days.  The others settled near the central part.  In 1803, Patrick Davis located and cleared a farm in the eastern part; and James Pollock, about the same time, settled in the northwestern corner of the township.
         Espyville is located in the western part of North Shenango.  The Espys were the first settlers, and originated its name.  George Espy was from Bedford County, and moved to Espyville in 1802.  Anthony Bennett erected the first grist- and saw-mills in the township, on Bennett's Run.  The first framed barn was built in 1818, by Samuel Barackman.  James Reed, son of William, is considered to have been the first white child born in the township.  Patrick Espy kept the first store, just south of Espyville.  The first school was taught in a private log house at Elliott's Corners, by Joseph Wright.  The first school-house was built at Espyville.  The pioneer church organization took place in 1825, at Elliott's Corners.  Thomas Carr was the first minister.  The first house of worship was erected in 1827.  The township was formed in 1811.  Its area is fifteen thousand eight hundred and sixty-five acres.  It is drained by the waters of Shenango Creek.  The surface is level and the soil of good quality.  The population is about one thousand.  The Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad passes southward through the centre of the township.

1 Combination Atlas Map of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, Compiled, Drawn and Published From Personal Examinations and Surveys (Philadephia: Everts, Ensign & Everts, 1876), 25-26.