Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

Part I:  Directory
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Was formed in 1804, and is one of the southern border townships, and has an area of 16,616 acres.  The first settlement of which there is any record was made in 1792, by Thos. Frame and Daniel Miller.  In 1798 came Thos. Smith, Thos. McMichael and Abraham Jackson, and in 1801 John McEntire came from Scotland.  The inhabitants by the last census numbered 1,167.  The first school was taught in 1807, by James McEntire.  There are now eight schools, with an average attendance of 360 scholars, conducted at an expense of about $1,400.
    ATLANTIC is the only town in East Fallowfield.  It contains one church (Old School Presbyterian denomination), Rev. O. V. Stewart, pastor; one school, one hotel, two stores, one shoe shop, two blacksmith shops and one carriage shop; a shovel-handle factory and a stave mill.  The Atlantic Grange, Atlantic Lodge, No. 78, A. O. U. W., and Atlantic Lodge, No. 12, Royal Templars of Temperance meet here.