Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: Said to have been platted about 1835 by Jeremiah Smith.  Called “B. Valley” on the 1839 county map, “Blooming Valley” on the 1865 county map [not shown on the 1848 county map].1
17 May 1867 Incorporated as Blooming valley from Woodcock Twp.2
The Court ... grant the incorporation prayed for by the name and style of "the Borough of Blooming valley."

1 1885 Crawford Co. Hist., 700.  Crawford Co. Deeds K-2:627.  F. W. Beers, "Map of Crawford Co., Pa." (Philadelphia, 1865).

2 Crawford Co. Court of Quarter Sessions Dk. 10:124, #88 Feb. Session 1867 [borough boundaries are presumably found in the petition, which was not copied into the docket, but is possibly among Quarter Sessions Court papers sent to the State Archives].