Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: Village platted in the 1820s by Joseph T. Cummings.  Rockdale P.O. established 1822, name changed to Cambridge in 1829.  Called Cambridge on the 1839, 1848 and 1865 county maps.1
3 April 1866 Incorporated as Cambridge from Cambridge Twp.2
It is declared & decreed that the village shall be a body corporate and politic and known by the name of "Cambridge" [boundaries as per petition:] Beginning in the Turnpike Road at the s.e. corner of land of A. Long; thence n. 88° w. 66 perches; thence on the west line of land of said Lang [sic], J. W. McFadden and Jackson across French Creek and through land of George Thomas, n. 3° e. 357 perches; thence through lands of G. Thomas, A. Hoag, [blank] Hicks and others s. 64° e. 228 perches to the turnpike; thence along said turnpike s. 32° w. 8 perches; thence through lands of Dr. Gray and others s. 48° e. 138 perches; thence on the east line of land of G. Thomas s. 2° and 30' w. 46 perches; thence through land of G. Thomas and A. O. Rockwell s. 42° and 30' e. [sic; west] 176 perches; thence through lands of William Sitler s. [north?] 82° w. 128 perches to the place of beginning: Containing 505 Acres.
8 Feb. 1897 Name changed to Cambridge Springs.3

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