Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: Said to have been settled as early as 1805, with the first house built by John Adams  (both "Adams" and "Cochrans" appear on the 1816 county map.)  Sugar Creek P.O. estab lished 1828, possibly just outside borough limits; Cochranton P.O. established 1852.  Platted as Cochranton by Joseph Cochran in 1831.  Called Concord in an 1835 deed, and "Cochranton formerly called Greenfield" in 1845.  Shown as Cochranston on the 1839 county map, Cochranton on the 1848 county map.1
5 April 1855 Incorporated from Fairfield Twp. 2
[The court] decree the incorporation of ... the Borough of Cochranton, Embracing the ter[r]itory within the following boundaries: Commencing at a White Oak Stump the n.w. corner, situate at the corner of lands of John Bell and Robert H Cochran; thence s. 1—° w. 108 perches to a Walnut Tree; thence s. 45° e. 166 perches by the East bank of French Creek to a post; thence s. 89—° e. 130 perches to the corner of lands owned by William Adams and William K Cochran; thence n. 1—° e. 274 perches to land of Joseph Adams; thence n. 89—° w. 130 perches to the place of beginning.
8 Nov. 1858 Territory annexed from East Fairfield Twp. and (probably) Wayne Twp. 3
Ordered that the Borough of Cochranton ... be enlarged [to include the farms of H. H. Thompson and Thomas K. Cochran;] The following are the courses and distances of the borough of Cochranton where French creek is the boundary[:] Beginning on the west line of land of Joseph Cochrans heirs; thence s. 45 e. 160 perches; thence s. 31—° e. 22 perches; [thence] s. 22° e. 20 perches; thence s. 18° n. 68 perches to a sick sycamore; thence s. 20° e. 22 perches; thence s. 57—° e. 30 perches; [thence s.?] 65° e. 20 perches; thence s. 80° e. 20 perches; thence n. 41° e. 46 perches to sycamore; thence n. 85° e. 14 perches; thence s. 82° e. 18 perches; thence s. 36° e. 20 perches; [thence] s. 13° e. 20 [perches;] then s. 3° w. 28 perches to the east line of land of Thomas Cochran.

1 Crawford Messenger 15 Sept. 1831, p. 3, col. 4.  Crawford Co. Deeds P-1:491; A-2:111.  1871 Crawford Co. Dir., 222.  1879-80 Crawford Co. Dir., 21.  A plan of "Cochrantown" dated 17 May 1838 was recorded at Crawford Co. Deeds T-1:511.  I am indebted to William B. Moore, Esq., of Cochranton, for directing me to these deed references regarding the early history of Cochranton, and for information on the 1858 annexation.  Mr. Moore also reports that additional territory was annexed from East Fairfield Twp. between about 1934 and 1936.   RETURN

2 Crawford Co. Court of Quarter Sessions, April? Session 1855 [the papers were already lost by 1884], as recorded 5 April 1855 at Crawford Co. Deed Bk. K-2:63.   RETURN

3 Crawford Co. Court of Quarter Sessions, Aug. Session 1858 [papers lost], as recorded 9 Nov. 1858 at Crawford Co. Agreement Bk. A:11.  The annexation was contested at Crawford Co. Court of Common Pleas Equity #1884-2, and affirmed on appeal at McFate's Appeal, 105 Pa. 323 (1884).   RETURN