Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: Named Evansburg by Abner Evans, who settled here prior to 1800, and was selling lots by 1811.  Evansburg P.O. established 1819 (changed to Evansburgh or possibly Evensburgh in 1827).  Called Conniautt by Adam Stewart in the 1820s.  Shown, but not named, on the 1816 county map.1
9 Aug. 1858 Incorporated as Evansburgh from Sadsbury Twp. 2
Court ... decrees in favor and in conformity with the prayer of the Petitioners [for incorporation of the village of Evansburgh] being the territory included within the following boundaries to wit: beginning at a point on the embankments of Conneaut Lake [thence] s. 2—° w. 52.8 perches; thence s. 85° w. 132.8 p[erches to a?] post [at the?] western margin of the state road; hence by same s. 51—° w. 74 perches, n. 35° w. 34.7 perches, n. 52° e. 25 perches, n. 9—° e. 68 perches to south margin of Main street, s. 87—° e. 9.4 perches, thence w. [sic; n.?] 1—° e. 29 perches, s. 87—° e. 96 perches, n. 18—° w. 18 perches, w. [s.?] 74—° e. 11.8 [perches,] n. 18—° w. 84 perches to Tow path of Lake, thence s. 81° e. 26 perches, s. 57—° e. 18.4 perches, s. 25° e. 23.5 perches, s. 9—° e. 50.4 perches, s. 20° e. 12.8 perches, s. 31—° e. 14 perches, s. 51—° e. 17.6 perches, s. 69° e. 10 perches to the place beginning.
28 Nov. 1892 Name changed to Conneaut Lake.3
Petition of Taxable inhabitants of the Borough of Evansburg, for Amendment and Alteration of Borough Charter, filed in open Court 14 Sept. 1892 by leave of Court.  “Nov. 28, 1892, Being next Court of Quarter Sessions, & no exceptions or objectins having been filed, it is ordered that Borough Charter be amended so as to make name of Borough, the Borough of Conneaut Lake.  Per Cur.”

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