Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: Platted as Powerstown by surveyor Alexander Power, who began selling lots by 1816.  Called Conniotville on the 1816 county map, and Conneautville on the 1839 and 1848 county maps.  "'Conniattville" P.O. established by 1823.1
25 April 1844 Incorporated from Spring Twp. and Summerhill Twp. 2
Be it enacted ... that the territory lying in the townships of Spring and Summerhill, in the county of Crawford, included within the following boundaries: Beginning at a stake on the north side of Main street, the s.w. corner of lot #35, of Alexander Powers' survey of village lots; thence along the west side of said survey, n. 29° 30' e. 43  perches to a post; thence s. 60° 30' e. 142 perches to a post; thence s. 25° 30' e. 129— perches to a post; thence s. 19° and 40' w. 80 perches to a post; thence n. 64° and 30' w. 110 perches to a post; thence west 50 perches to a post; thence north 60 perches to line between the townships of Spring and Summerhill; thence n. 56° w. 86 perches to a post; thence n. 35° 40' e. 81— perches to the place of beginning, is hereby erected into a borough, to be called the "the [sic] borough of Conneautville."
5 April 1848 Boundaries redefined.3

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