Crawford County, Pennsylvania


Origins: Laid out in 1832 by John Keck, Esq., and named in honor of James Campbell, its first settler.  Called Jamestown on the 1839 county map.  Locally referred to as Jimtown, perhaps to distinguish it from Jamestown, New York.1
20 April 1853 Incorporated from Green Twp., Mercer Co., and South Shenango Twp. 2
Be it enacted ... [that five citizens of Greene Twp. are appointed] to survey and mark boundaries to a territory lying in the township of South Shenango, Crawford county, and Green township, Mercer county, to include the village of Jamestown, to commence at the centre of the Jamestown and Green ville road, between the lands of Thomas Moorland and heirs of William Dowling; thence east along the south line of lands of said Dowling heirs, James Campbell and James M'Kinley; thence north from the s.e. corner of James M'Kinley, along the tract line to the Crawford and Mercer county line; and from thence due north in a direct line to a point due east from the centre of a road leading from William Dowthett's; thence west along the centre of said east and west road, in a direct line to a point due north from the point of starting; due [sic] from thence due south to the place of beginning ... [the survey to be recorded in Mercer Co.] and the same is hereby erected into a borough, to be called the borough of Jamestown.
4 April 1854 Included wholly within Mercer County.
Be it enacted ... that the territory within the boundaries of the borough of Jamestown, be a separate election district, an integrated portion of, and under the jurisdiction of the county of Mercer.

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