Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: Said to have been platted about 1825 by surveyor Amos Line.  Line Mills P.O. established 1827. Shown as Line Mills on the 1839 county map, Linesville on the 1848 county map.1
22 March 1862 Incorporated from Pine Twp. 2
Be it enacted ... that the village of Linesville, in the county of Crawford ... is hereby erected into a borough, under the name and title of the borough of Linesville, and shall be comprised within the following boundaries, to wit: beginning at a stake, in the edge of the public road, leading from said village of Linesville, to Penn Line; also, in the line of land of Joseph Line and Jacob B. Hillman; thence south, along their line, and line between land formerly owned by Smith Line and Susan M'Kinney, 224 perches to a stake, the n.w. corner of land of R. P. Miller; thence east, along said Miller's north line, and others, and through land formerly owned by John Allen, 315 perches, or thereabouts, to a stake, in the west line of land of Benjamin Madison; thence north, along said line, about 63 perches, to the s.w. corner of land of Simeon Lisk; thence east, along his line, 12 perches, to a stake, said Lisk's s.e. corner; thence along said Lisk's east line, and east line of L. D. Prouty, A. Miller and James Ladner, to said Ladner's n.e. corner; thence west, to a public road; thence north, along said road to south line of land of John Ladner; thence west, about 315 perches, to the place of beginning.
Note:A "merger" with Pine Twp. has been proposed.3

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