Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: Said to have been settled about 1831 by Samuel Rice.  Shown as Riceville on the 1839 county map [not named on the 1848 map].  Riceville P.O. established 1848.1
18 Nov. 1859 Incorporated from Bloomfield Twp. 2
[Petition to incorporate the village of Riceville as the borough of Riceville, with the following boundaries, approved and confirmed:]  Commencing at the s.e. corner of lot no 1680; thence west along the township line of Bloomfield to the s.w. corner lot no 1685; thence [north] along lots no1685 & 1686 to the n.w. corner of Lot no 1686; thence along the line of lots no 1686 & 1679 east to the n.e. corner of lot no 1679; [thence south along lots no 1679 & 1680?] to the point of beginning.  The lots of land aforesaid being according to the plan of the 8th donation district lands.
6 June 1927 Charter anulled.3
[Effective upon payment of court costs,] land within said corporate limits shall revert to and become part of Bloomfield Township.

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