Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: “About 1800 a saw mill was built by Major [Roger] Alden, from which the place was known as Alden’s Mill.”  Possibly next called McGill’s Settlement.  Village of Saeger’s Town platted in 1824 by Daniel Saeger.  P.O. established 1833.  Called Seagerstown on the 1839 county map, Saegertown on 1848 county map, Saegertown on 1865 county map.1
10 April 1849 Incorporated as Saegerstown from Woodcock Twp. 2
Be it enacted ... that the town of Saegerstown, in the county of Crawford, shall be and the same is hereby erected into a borough, which shall be called the borough of Saegerstown, and shall be comprised within the following boundaries: Beginning at French creek at the west end of the private road running between the lots of Charles D. M’Gill and William P. M’Gill’s heirs; thence east along said road one mile, more or less, to the north-east corner of a lot now in the possession of Isaac Saeger; thence south one mile, more or less, to the south-east corner of the land now in the possession of Peter Biege; thence west by said Biege, Henry Strause and James Goes' lands to French creek; thence up said creeek [sic] by its various windings to the place of beginning; containing an area of one square mile more or less.
Feb. 1854 Petition to make Saegertown subject to the 1851 Act refused.3
23 Feb. 1867 Charter amended to make Saegertown [sic] subject to the 1851 Act.4
2 March 1870 “All of the poor house farm” annexed from Woodcock Twp. 5
Enacted ... that all of the poor house farm, situated in the township of Woodcock, in the county of Crawford, be and the same is hereby annexed to the borough of Saegertown.
Nov. 1955 Name “changed” to Saegertown by resolution of the Borough Council.6

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