Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: Spring P.O. established 1832.  Shown as Spring on the 1839 county map [not shown on 1848 county map].  Called Springs Corners on the 1865 county map, and in the petition to incorporate.1
17 Feb. 1866 Incorporated as Spring from Spring Twp.2
Order[ed] that the said Village of Spring be incorporated into ... the Borough of Spring; that the boundaries shall be as set forth in the accompanying diagram.  [Boundaries, as per petition:]  Commencing at a point in the road running from Spring Corners to Albion; thence east on the line between lands of Dempsey and Asa Sturdevants (H[ei]rs) 190 rods to a point; thence south 245 rods to a point on the east and west line of land between J B Bradley and Mrs. Clarrissa Green; thence west along line of Tracts 385 rods to a point on the line between lands of Henry Pond and Levi Potters (Hrs); thence north through lands of Levi Potters (Hrs) Orin Baldwin and Hawley Daucheys (Hrs); thence on line between lands of O. A. Chapman and Isaac Hurd and through land of J. B. Bradley to a point on the line between lands of J. B. Bradley and Asa Sturdevant (Hrs) 245 rods; thence along said line east 195 rods to the point of beginning.

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