Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: Settled about 1797 by Jonathan Titus and Samuel Kerr.  Platted in 1809 by Jonathan Titus as Edinburg, but known as Titus's.  Called Titusville on the 1839 county map.1
6 March 1847 Incorporated as a borough from Oil Creek Twp. 2
Be it enacted ... that [William Robinson, John M. Titus, and Salmon P. Chase are appointed commissioners] to survey, define and mark boundaries of a territory lying in the township of Oil Creek, the county of Crawford; said territory to be sur veyed or laid out within tracts number 27, 28, 29, 33 and 34, or from such part or parts of the said tracts, including the village of Titusville, as to them shall appear the most proper and convenient, for the purposes hereinafter mentioned; ... and said commissioners shall make return of said survey to the recorder of Crawford county, who shall record the same as evidence of said boundaries; and the territory so designated, is hereby erected into a borough, to be called the borough of Titusville.
18 March 1847 Survey made of the borough boundaries.3
Beginning at the n.e. corner of Tract No. 27 at a stone; thence south along the line of lands of H. J. Huidekoper and Thomas H. Sill now J. L. Chase & Co. 418 perches to a hemlock or maple; thence west along the line of Venango Co. or lands of Allen & Co., John Irwin and the heirs of A. Robinson, 640 perches to a post and stone; thence north by lands of Robert Lewis and the heirs of James Kerr, 415.5 perches to a post and stone; thence east by lands of Wm Kelly & Woods 640 perches to a stone and place of beginning, containing Tract Nos. 27, 28, 33, and 34 entire
15 Aug. 1861 Charter partially annulled.4
And Now To Wit April 2d 1861, Application having been made by the Burgess and Town Council and a large number of the Citizens of the Borough of Titusville to become subject to the restrictions and to possess the powers and privaleges [sic] Confered by the Act of Assembly passed April 3d 1851 relative to Boroughs, it is hereby ordered by this Court that said application and petition be filed, and a rule entered to show Cause why the same should not be granted returnable and for hearing on the third Monday of May next, and that a copy of this order be published in the Titusville Gazette for three weeks prior to said day[.] By the Court

And Now To Wit August 15" 1861, the within application is confirmed and it is further decreed that the provisions of the former Charter of Said Borough be and is hereby Annulled so far as they are in conflict with the provisions of the Act of Assembly of April 3d 1851. By the Court
28 Feb. 1866 Incorporated as a city.5
Be it enacted ... that the inhabitants of the borough of Titusville, in the county of Crawford, as the said borough now extends, and is incorporated, and hereby constituted a corporation, and body politic, by the name and style of the city of Titusville.  The city of Titusville shall be divided into four wards [with Pine and Franklin Streets as the dividing line].
10 June 1948 Sunset Heights annexed from Oil Creek Twp. as the Fifth Ward.6
3 April 1963 16¼ acres contiguous to Fourth Ward annexed from Oil Creek Twp. 7
9 Dec. 1969 Woodlawn Cemetery and former fairgrounds annexed from Oil Creek Twp. 8
9 April 1970 Territory east of the city annexed from Oil Creek Twp. 9

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