Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Borough Boundaries

Origins: Laid out as Rockville after construction of the Meadville & Erie Turnpike, possibly in 1819, by Henry Minium, who began selling lots by 1825.  Also known as Gravel Run and possibly Keplertown.  Woodcock P.O. established 1830.  Called Rockville on the 1839 county map, Woodcock on 1848 county map.1
27 April 1844 Incorporated from Woodcock Twp. 2
Be it enacted ... that the territory lying in the township of Woodcock, in the county of Crawford, included within the following boundaries, viz: Bounded on the north by the south line of Venango township, on the east by land of David Humes, William Griffith, Elias Wicoff and Daniel Shaffer, on the south by land of Henry Rust to the Waterford and Susquehanna turnpike; thence from the south-east corner of land of Jacob Rust, westerly by land of Henry Rust to the east line of land of John M. Humes; and thence northerly by land of John M. Humes and Thomas M. Humes, to the south line of Venango township, containing 640 acres, is hereby erected into a borough, to be called the borough of Woodcock.
18 April 1852 Made subject to the 1851 Act re: boroughs.3

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