Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Historical Township Boundaries

ca. March 1829 Created from parts of Conneaut Twp. and Shenango Twp. 1
Boundaries:  Beginning at the south west corner of [Conneaut Twp.], on the Ohio line; thence S. about six miles to a post; thence E. by tract returned to C. Shearer on the north and M. Shearman on the south to the S. E. corner of tract returned to McKurby; thence north to N. E. corner of tract in name of Owen Jones; thence west by north line of said tract to the [place of] beginning.
22 Jan. 1846 Northern part lost to creation of Pine Twp. [q.v.]
25 April 1850 Territory gained from Pine Twp. 2
Be it enacted ... that hereafter all that part of Pine township, Crawford county, laying west of a straight line, commencing at the south east corner of a tract of land in Conneaut township, formerly owned by Enoch D. Thomas, and in which the said Thomas now resides; thence running south until it intersects the line of N. Shenango township, shall be attached to, and be a part of North Shenango township, in Crawford county, for all township and county purposes.
17 Feb. 1860 Southeastern part lost to West Fallowfield Twp. [q.v.]

1 Crawford Co. Court of Quarter Sessions.  The court papers have been lost, and the information presented here is from a condensed report of the commission appointed to determine the new boundaries, printed in the Crawford Messenger of 26 Feb. 1829.   RETURN

2 1850 Pa. Laws 632, 632 (Act No. 371 § 3).   RETURN