Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Published Sources
on local and family history

CCH         Crawford County History, 1973—present (newsletter of the Crawford Co. Historical Soc.) [not indexed, but see Index to Articles]
CCG         Crawford County Genealogy, 1977—2010 (journal of the Crawford Co. Genealogical Soc.) [every-name index in each volume; see also Topical Index]

Chronological Listing
1839 Map O. Spafford, “A Map of the County of Crawford, Pennsylvania” (Erie, Pa., 1839)
1848 Map C. E. Weaver, “Map of Crawford County, Pennsylvania” (New York, 1848; rpt. CCo. Hist. Soc., 1982; rpt. CCG 18[1995]:108-9)
1848 History William H. Davis, Esq., “Crawford County, A Brief History, [being] A Lecture Delivered Before the Meadville Literary Union, Feb’y. 18, 1848.”  Reprinted CCG 31(Spring/Summer 2008):24
1850 Memoirs Alfred Huidekoper, “Incidents in the Early History of Crawford County, Pennsylvania” [dated at Meadville 1 Aug. 1846], Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Vol. 4 (Philadelphia: Henry C. Baird, 1850), pp. 113-163 [no index; every name linked index on this site]
1865 Map F. W. Beers, “Map of Crawford Co., Pennsylvania” (Philadelphia, 1865)
1869-70 Directory Joseph Wiggins, comp., Directory of Meadville and the Oil Regions, For 1869-70, with Historical Sketches and Statistical Tables (Pittsburgh: By the comp., 1869) [no index; partially indexed on this site].  Note:  This source covers only Meadville (pp. 5-70) and Titusville (pp. 125-59) in Crawford County (also Allegheny Valley, Corry, Etna, Franklin, Freeport, Jamestown, N.Y., Kittaning, Oil City, Petroleum Centre, Sharpsburg, and Venango City).
1871-72 Directory Jno. M. Arters, comp., Directory of Crawford County, Pa. for 1871-1872, Comprising a List of All Residents, Together with Historical Sketches of the County, ... (Meadville, Pa.: By the comp., 1871) [no index; partially indexed on this site]
1874 Gazetteer Hamilton Child, comp., Gazetteer and Business Directory of Crawford County, Pa., for 1874 (Syracuse, N.Y.: By the comp., 1874; rpr. Nabu Press, 2010) [no index, other than what is available on this site]  Archived
1876 Atlas Combination Atlas Map of Crawford County, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia: Everts, Ensign & Evert, 1876; rpt. n.p., [Crawford Co. Hist. Soc.], n.d. [1987], landowner index added) [no (complete) index; see Biography for index to subjects of biographical sketches].
1879 Directory A Complete Directory of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 1879-80 (Meadville: Crawford Journal, 1879; rpt. Apollo, Pa.: Closson Press, 1998 [with every name index]), [index to biographies; see Biography for index to subjects of biographical sketches).
1885 History History of Crawford County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: Warner, Beers, & Co., 1885; rpt. Evansville, Ill.: Unigraphic, Inc., 1975 [index added]; rpt. Salem, Mass.: Higginson Book Co., 1990 [without index]; see Biography for index to biographical sketches, Part V.)  Archived
1888 Tribune-Rep. Centennial Edition of the Daily Tribune-Republican of Saturday Morning, May 12th, 1888 (Meadville: Tribune Publ. Co., 1888; rpt. Meadville: Crawford Co. Hist. Soc., 1983) [index to biographies]
Pioneer Sketches M.P. Sargent, Pioneer Sketches: Scenes and Incidents of Former Days (Erie: Herald Pub. Co., 1891; rpt. Evansville, Ill.: Unigraphic, 1976 [index added]; rpt. Salem, Mass.: Higginson Book Co., 1993)  Archived
1899 History Samuel P. Bates, Our County and Its People, A Historical and Memorial Record of Crawford County Pennsylvania (n.p. [Boston]: W. A. Ferguson & Co., 1899; rpt. Cochranton Heritage Soc., 1986 [every name index added]; rpt. Salem, Mass.: Higginson Book Co., 1993 [without index?]; see Biography for index to subjects of biographical sketches.)  Archived
  Joshua Douglass, “Crawford County,” The Twentieth Century Bench and Bar of Pennsylvania, 2 vols. (Chicago: H. C. Cooper, Jr., Bro. & Co., 1903), pp. 240-57.  Archived
1912 Mdvl. Illustrated D. P. Robbins, comp., Historical and Industrial Review of Meadville, Pa. (Meadville: Tribune Publishing Co., 1912) [partial index; see Biography for index to subjects of (brief) biographical sketches]  on-line
Jordan’s Allegheny Valley John W. Jordan, Ed., Genealogical and Personal History of the Allegheny Valley, 3 vols. (New York: Lewis Hist. Publ. Co., 1913).  Note:  This source covers much of western Pennsylvania.  Archived:  Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3
Jordan’s Western Pa. or 1915 John W. Jordan, Ed., Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania, 3 vols. (New York: Lewis Hist. Publ. Co., 1915) [index to biographies].  Note:  This source covers all of western Pennsylvania.  Archived:  Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3
  Ernest Ashton Smith, Allegheny [College] - A Century of Education, 1815-1915 (Meadville: The Allegheny College History Co., 1916) [no index]   Archived
Higby’s Townville Mary Ann Bigwell Higby, The First Hundred Years of Townville and Vicinity (Rutland, Vt.: The Tuttle Co., 1924; rpt. Titusville, 1976) [no index; see Biography for index to families.  on-line
Reynolds, In French ... John Earle Reynolds, In French Creek Valley (Meadville: CCo. Hist. Soc., 1938; rpt. Meadville: Crawford Co. Hist. Soc., 1981) [index]
  Mary Chapin Weaver White, Annals of Lyons Hollow (Indiana, Pa., 1962; rpt. Titusville, 1976) [surname index]
Reynolds Diary Robert D. Ilisevich, ed., The Diary of William Reynolds, 1861 (Meadville: Crawford Co. Historical Soc., 1981)
CCo. Cem. Crawford County Pa. Cemetery Inscriptions (Decorah, Iowa: Crawford Co. Genealogical and Hist. Societies, 1982-1989), 4 vols. [indexes]
Ilisevich, Pioneers Robert D. Ilisevich, ed., Pioneers of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 1788-1800 (Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, Inc., 1985) [index]
  Jonathan E. Helmrich, Stories from French Creek Valley (Meadville: Crawford Co. Historical Soc., 1987)
  Jonathan E. Helmrich, The First 100 Years, Settlement and Growth in Crawford County, Pennsylvania (Meadville: Crawford Co. Historical Soc., 1987)
Seth Waid Diaries Robert Ilisevich & Jonathan Helmreich, eds., The Civil War Diaries of Seth Waid III (Meadville: Crawford Co. Historical Soc., 1993) [no index]
Stewart, Meadville History Anne W Stewart, A Concise History of the City of Meadville (Meadville: Crawford Co. Historical Soc., 1993) [no index]
  A Pictorial History of Crawford County (Meadville: Meadville Tribune, 1994) [no index]
  Bronson B. Luty, The Lake as it Was, An Informal History and Memoir of Conneaut Lake (Meadville, Crawford Co. Historical Soc., 1994)
Place Names Frederick F. Seely [decd.] & Jonathan E. Helmreich, Place Names of Crawford County (Meadville: Crawford Co. Historical Soc., 2nd ed. 1996) [no index, but arranged alphabetically]
  Annette L. Lynch, abstractor, Naturalization Abstracts, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1906 (Meadville: Crawford Co. Historical Soc., 2003) [indexed]
  Annette L. Lynch & William B. Moore, eds., African-American Heritage, People of Color in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 1797-1917 (Meadville: Crawford Co. Historical Soc., 2011) [every name index]
  Images of America pictorial series published by Arcadia Publishing [without indexes], including:
          Anne W. Stewart & William B. Moore, Meadville (2001)
          Sharon Smith Crisman & Cambridge Springs Heritage Soc., Around Cambridge Springs (2003)
          William B. Moore & Joshua F. Sherretts, Oil Boom Architecture - Titusville, Pithole, and Petrleum Center (2008)
Postcard History pictorial series published by Arcadia Publishing:
          William B. Moore & Elizabeth H. Rekas, Meadville (2012)

Other Published Pennsylvania Sources
1832 Gazetteer Thomas F. Gordon, A Gazetteer of the State of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia: T. Belknap, 1832; reprinted Apollo, Pa.: Closson Press, 1999)
Egle’s Notes W. H. Egle, Notes and Queries Historical and Genealogical ... (Harrisburg, 1894-1900; rpt. Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1970), 12 vols. [indexed]
Pa. Arch. [Published] Pennsylvania Archives, 112 vols. in 9 series [partially indexed], plus Colonial Records series, 16 vols. [indexed in Mary Dunn, comp., Index to Pennsylvania’s Colonial Record Series (Baltimore, 1992)]
Pa. Families Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography [and from] the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine (Baltimore, 1981 and 1982), 1 + 3 vols. [indexed]
Pa. VR Pennsylvania Vital Records from the Pennsylvania Magazine ... and the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine (Baltimore, 1983), 3 vols. [indexed]