Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography
Part V: Biographical Sketches
Meadville · Titusville
Athens · Beaver · Bloomfield · Cambridge · Conneaut · Cussewago · East Fairfield · East Fallowfield · Fairfield · Greenwood · Hayfield · Mead · North Shenango · Oil Creek · Pine · Randolph · Richmond · Rockdale · Rome · Sadsbury · South Shenango · Sparta · Spring · Steuben · Summerhill · Summit · Troy · Union · Venango · Vernon · Wayne · West Fallowfield · West Shenango · Woodcock

Bemus, Dr. Daniel of Meadville
Brawley, Francis of Mead Township
Britton, A. T. of Randolph Township
Brown, Gideon of Vernon Township
Birchard, D. D. of Cambridge Township
Chamberlain, E. of Richmond Township
Culbertson, J. H. of Cambridge Township
Cutshall, G. W. of Randolph Township
Davis, William, Jr., of Meadville
Davis, James H. of Mead Township
Dick, John of Meadville
Doane, I. S. of Mead Township
Gamble, W. J. of Cussewago Township
Gamble, Mrs. Esther Jane of Cussewago Township
Gamble, H. M. of South Shenango Township
Gibson, Dr. William of Jamestown, Mercer County
Herrington, Edward of Union Township
Hotchkiss, Mrs. Elizabeth of Cussewago Township
Humes, John M. of Woodcock Township
Johnson, Dr. Wm. M. of Venango Township
Johnson, R. C. of Fairfield Township
Kean, John S. of Sadsbury Township
Kepler, S. W. of Meadville
McKay, Neal of Randolph Township
Miller, Robert P. of Pine Township
Morse, William of Richmond Township
Pettis, S. Newton of Meadville
Reitz, C. of Union Township
Richmond, H. L. of Meadville
Richmond, A. B. of Meadville
Ross, A. B. of Cambridge Township
Ryan, George P. of Woodcock Township
Sperry, Isaac of Spring Township
Virtue, J. C. of Randolph Township
Waid, John of Steuben Township
Waid, Ira C. of Woodcock Township
Waid, Mrs. Elizabeth P. of Woodcock Township
Waid, Francis C. of Woodcock Township
Waid, Mrs. Eliza C. of Woodcock Township
Waid, Robert L. of Woodcock Township
Waid, George N. of Woodcock Township
Waid, Franklin I. of Woodcock Township
Waid, Mrs. Maggie E. of Woodcock Township
Waid, Guinnip P. of Woodcock Township
Waid, Mrs. Anna M. of Woodcock Township
Waid, Fred F. of Woodcock Township
Warner, William of Randolph Township
Wilcox, George of Rockdale Township
Wilcox, Mrs. Sarah of Rockdale Township
Williams, F. of Spring Township
Wilson, Jacob of Randolph Township
Wing, D. O. of Rockdale Township