Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography
1874 1

    SUMMERHILL was formed in 1830.  It is an interior township, lying west of the center of the country and contains 14,603 square acres.  It is watered in the western part by Conneaut Creek, and numerous small streams tributary to it, and in the eastern part by a small stream which empties into Little Cussewago Creek, in the western part of Cussewago township, and by the head waters of Pine Run, which discharges into Conneaut Lake.  The old Beaver & Erie Canal extends through the township, along the valley of Conneaut Creek.
    Among the more important manufacturing establishments are McMullin's and J.  Close's steam saw mills, the former situated about three miles south of Conneautville, and the latter in the south-eastern part of the township, each giving employment to three persons and being capable of sawing 4,000 feet of lumber per day; McDowell & Hammond's cheese factory, situated at Dicksonburg, which was erected in 1873, gives employment to two persons, and manufactures the first quality of Cheddar cheese, in quantity about ten cheeses per day, each weighing fifty-seven pounds; and J. & R. Wormald's woolen factory, located in the eastern part of Conneautville, (which is partially in this township,) which occupies a large three-story building, erected in 1843 for a carding and fulling mill, and which was adapted to its present uses in 1849.  It is operated by water, and has recently been repaired and furnished throughout with new and improved machinery.  Six to eight persons are employed and 15,000 to 18,000 pounds of wool annually consumed in the manufacture of cloths, cassimeres, flannels, blankets, yarn, &c.

    DICKSONBURG (p. o.) (formerly known as McDowell,) is situated on Conneaut Creek, in the south-west part of the township.

    NORRISVILLE (p. o.) is situated a little north of the center of the township.
    Settlement was commenced as early as 1803, by Valentine P. Gwin, of French descent, who is still living in the township at the age of seventy-seven years.  His father accompanied Lafayette to this country and served under him in the Federal army till the close of the Revolutionary war.  He then settled in Berks county and worked at his trade—that of a blacksmith—until 1803.  He died in 1821.

    The Evangelical Church of Summerhill was organized with twenty-five members, in 1863, by Rev. James Crossman, the first pastor, and their church edifice, which will seat 300 persons, was erected in 1871, at a cost of $1,800, the present value of Church property.  There are thirty-four members. The pastor is Rev. — Myers.­[Information furnished by Mr. Minor Walton.

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    The M. E. Church, at Dicksonburg, erected their first house of worship in 1835, and the present one, which will seat 300 persons, in 1851, at a cost of $975.  The Society numbers eighty and its property is valued at $4,000.  The pastor is Rev. A. R. Rich.­[Information furnished by Mr. John F. McDowell.

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