Crawford County, Pennsylvania

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Adoptions Includes the following related matters (see Adoption Matrix):
    Pennsylvania statutory legitimizations 1800-1872 (list)
        Note:  Such private Acts were prohibited after the state Constitution of 1872.
    Crawford County adoption petitions 1855-1925 (list)
        Note:  Adoption proceedings after 1925 are closed.
    Crawford County baseborn children 1800-1902 (list)
    Pennsylvania statutory adoptions 1855-1872 (list)
        Note:  Adoption was only legally recognized in Pennsylvania in 1855, and unavailable by statute after 1872.
    Pennsylvania statutory name changes 1800-1872 (list)
    Pennsylvania escheated estates 1800-1872 (list)
Biography Includes the Crawford County sources listed in the key
Census Includes the following:
    at “ffrench creek” in 1790
    Crawford County 1800 Septennial Census
    Crawford County 1800, 1810, and 1820 U.S. censuses
    Crawford County 1835 & 1840 U.S. censuses of pensioners
Census Mortality Schedules Includes the Crawford County 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 U.S. census mortality schedules
Deaths Reported by Crawford County 1852-1854
Divorces Includes the following:
    all Pennsylvania divorces and annulments granted by statute (prohibited after 1872)
    all divorce petitions filed with Pennsylvania Supreme Court (1785-1815; no jurisdiction after 1805)
Divorces Crawford County, nineteenth century (alphabetized listing) – searched free of charge upon request to
Feme Sole Traders and
Petitions of Married Women
Crawford County 1865-1901 (feme sole trader list; married women list)
Habitual Drunkards Crawford County, nineteenth century
Inquests Crawford County, nineteenth century (list)
Places Crawford County townships, cities, boroughs, and villages, with links to formation, census returns, etc.
Renunciations Crawford County (Register of Wills’ Office) 1800-1900
Revolutionary War veterans Crawford County residents

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