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Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Latest Additions

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All divorce petitions filed in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (1785-1815) have been abstracted, with every name Index, complementing all divorces granted by the Pennsylvania Legislature (1785-1874). See also the listing of all nineteenth century Crawford County divorce petitions, which will be searched upon request (without charge) for any specific name(s), until the abstracts and transcriptions can be made generally available.

Courthouse & Judicial Center
All nineteenth century Court of Quarter Sessions dockets have been abstracted or transcribed; early dockets are being revisited to add details and, e.g., juror lists previously omitted.  These will be searched for any specific name(s) upon request, until the abstracts can be made generally available. All nineteenth century coroners inquests currently available have been added, along with an index to decedents.
An Indexes page has been added to highlight the various indexes and alphabetical listings available at this site.
History & Biography
Earliest lawyers in Northwestern Pennsylvania (William B. Moore, compiler)
Links to additional maps added, including Sanborn fire insurance maps for cities and some boroughs.
All adoptions granted by statute in Pennsylvania have been added,
along with legitimations, escheated estates released, and name changes;
an Adoption Matrix groups these with county adoptions, name changes, and baseborn children.

Preliminary listings of the earliest tax duplicates (1800 to 1805) were added.

All public adoption petitions (1859 to 1925) have been abstracted and indexed.
Topical Index to Articles in Crawford County History
Topical Index to Crawford County Genealogy (updated to include all volumes)
Baseborn Children  [abstracts to be added]
Feme Sole Traders petitions (indexed)
Petitions of Married Women (indexed)
All city and township sketches appearing in the 1871-72 county directory (indexed)
County and all township sketches appearing in the 1874 county gazetteer (indexed)
Sketches from an 1832 state gazetteer (a composite index is being prepared)
Meadville Militia 1793-1795 (indexed)
1835 Census of Pensioners (indexed)